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Change2, Inc.

Jim is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert and leader in the fields of organizational change, leadership, coaching, and performance improvement. He is a businessman, keynote speaker, workshop and seminar leader, and consultant with 20 plus years experience. He was an executive in labor relations, safety and health, and human resources for a Fortune 500 company for 10 years. He served in Washington as a White House appointee and 2 terms in the Indiana House of Representatives.   

His consulting and speaking work in S.E. Asia has taken him to Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. He has also consulted and presented in France, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and the Caribbean. His research and work has focused on the impact of globalization, technology, restructuring, and team management in organizations.

Jim is often cited and quoted in publications. He co-authored a book, "Software Engineering and C.A.S.E., Bridging the Culture Gap," by McGraw-Hill, on how to effectively implement technology related change. He works in many leading organizations including Marriott, Kodak, Motorola, Carrier, Lutheran Health Care Systems, Raytheon, Manufacturers Hanover, Dial, Xerox, EDS, Banc One, AT&T, IBM, Ciba-Vision, Georgia-Pacific, Texas Instruments, Deutsche-Babcock, Sprint, Boeing, Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, Bank Administration Institute, State Bank Associations and many others.

He has recognized expertise in the implementation of TQM programs, changes resulting from technology, re-organizations, downsizing, globalization, process re-engineering, team management and other significant transformational issues. His organizational change process, "Change2", helps organizations design effective implementation plans for dealing with the psychology and mechanics of organizational change. Jim's consulting with today's company leaders has resulted in a dynamic new program called "Leadership 2000, Out of the Tower, Into the Trenches", which "benchmarks" the new paradigm for leading.

He also presents a personal development program entitled "Winning, 7 Keys to Personal Success and Personal Empowerment". This dynamic program teaches people how to take control of their lives and architect their future. Jim's own life story is the amazing foundation for this inspiring program. His performance development program called "10 Conditions for Peak Performance", provides new insights into evaluating and increasing organizational performance. His change keynote "Chameleons and Dinosaurs, Secrets of the Masters and Victims of Change" shares what he has learned over 21 years of experience.

He is a member of the National Human Resource Planning Society, the American Seminar Leaders Association, President of the Georgia Chapter or the National Speakers Association, American Society for Quality Control ASQC, Institute of Management Consultants, American Bankers Association and the American Society of Association Executives. Jim is President and CEO of Change2, Inc. an Atlanta based consulting firm.

He is a speed walker, cyclist, hot air balloon enthusiast, Sunday school teacher, husband, father, and world class consultant and speaker.


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