Dr. James Fantauzzo, Ph.D

Empowering Organizations Through Their People

Dr. James Fantauzzo, President of Creative Training Solutions, is one of America's most dynamic human resources experts. For the past 25 years he has impacted organizations in the health care, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. As a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Dr. Fantauzzo helps companies overcome obstacles and improve bottom-line performance in areas like training and development, management team building, total quality management, customer service, guest relations, interviewing techniques, employee attitude surveys, employee relations, and employee recognition programs. Dr. Fantauzzo is versed on Health Care Joint Commission Standards for Accreditation as they relate to human resource management, training, and leadership issues. Jim has received national recognition as a speaker and presenter of seminars and workshops to long-term care providers, health care conferences, and other industries. In addition to serving various industries, he has taught at the undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate levels at several universities. Companies and organizations that are serious about solving problems and managing change know they can count on Dr. James Fantauzzo.


Dynamic Workshops by Dr. James Fantauzzo!

• Team-Based Performance Measurement
• Communicating Mission, Vision, and Leadership
• Blueprint for Planning Workshop: Addressing Critical Issues
• A Blueprint for Managing Change Within Your Organization
• Total Quality Management: Effective How To's
• Team Building Workshop for Supervisors, Managers, and Senior Management
• The Art of Building and Exceeding Customer Satisfaction
• Coping Strategies in the Aftermath of a Merger or Acquisition
• Embracing and Managing Cultural Diversity
• Replacing Managers with Leaders


Accolades for Dr. Fantauzzo

"I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication that you have shown to the educational program here at Heritage Christian Home. Your sincerity and wisdom is felt immediately by the participants. You speak from the heart with passion and commitment that is irreplaceable."
Marisa E. Geitner, Organizational Development Heritage Christian Home

"I would like to thank you for the excellent training. The Art of Exceeding Customer Expectations in Healthcare. The participants found the training to be interesting, informative and very useful for their performances as marketing and customer service executives."
Nanette M. Dumont, Executive Assistant
Triple-S, Inc Blue Cross and Blue Shield Of Puerto Rico

"Thank you very much for speaking at the FLAILM Annual Educational Conference. I have received very positive responses and recommendation that you be asked back."
James R. Stine, Conference Co-chair, Tingue, Brown & Co.


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