Jim brings over 25 years of business experience dedicated to turning failing businesses and department into profitable, top-notch organizations by enhancing individual and system productivity. He conducts programs that focus on the How-To's:

  • How to be a more effective leader
  • How to be a first rate salesperson
  • How to make customers for life

Jim teaches the action points that will take you and your organization from where you are and where you want to be.

As an experienced facilitator, Jim empowers groups to realize and channel their synergistic energies. He enables individuals to work at heightened levels of awareness, increasing expectations of themselves and their careers. Working with individuals as well as small and large companies, he has an outstanding track record in orchestrating change and teamwork

Jim's unique talent lifts audiences to new heights of personal understanding and potential.  He is a firm advocate of sharing his knowledge and talents to help others find the balance needed to attain their maximum performance

What others are saying...

    "Extremely critical to my job...Outstanding attention to detail (and ) specifics...outstanding course -- should be offered periodically for honoring managers' skills..." Judy Lopes, AT & T

    "Provides proof that the person is the message... excellent course."   Steven Stein, Lucent

    "(The program) will change the way I communicate." Patrick Ashe, UFI/Microfibers



Gender: Myths About Communication

    Analyzes gender differences in communication. Illustrates strength of diversity and how to improve a communicator's skills and understanding.  

EXCEL: Customer Service

    Demonstrates how to exceed customer expectations for life. Facilities identifying customer needs and providing service that keeps customers coming back.             

Prospecting for Sales Results

    Blends prospecting techniques with powerful communication. Illustrates effective telephone techniques to increase sales.  Works through maintaining your prospecting database and creating a discussion guide vs. a script. Facilitates making your prospecting list yield ongoing results

Self-Leadership: The Cornerstone To Organizational Success

    Illustrates the principles of leadership that each individual must master for success. Facilitates the development of a personal strategic plan that synergizes the connection between building relationships and leading oneself and others to success.

Team Building

    Discusses elements of team success and role of team members. Analyzes continual shift in team dynamics and the six steps to creating a successful team.  Demonstrates the impact of clear communication on team synergy, productivity and cooperation.

Total Expression

           Emphasis is on experimental learning and interactive exercises.

Developing a Professional Presence

    Focuses on the process of creating professional presence and effectively communicating ideas. Refines participants'skills, builds a high-powered "communicator's tool kit" and speaker confidence for any situation.

Sales Professionals

    Hones the sales professional's skills to a fine edge.  Focuses on how to deliver the sales message with the greatest impact. Develops the sales professional's observation powers to understand the customer more completely.

Train the Trainer

    Develops the trainers' delivery and showmanship skills. Demonstrates audience rapport, use of visual aids and dealing with the unexpected as key elements to a trainers' success.


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