Dr. Jacqueline Sidman


Dr. Jacqueline Sidman

The Sidman Solution® Will Set You Free!

Become cool, confident and in control!

At Last: The answer to life’s inner struggles!

Learn to:

  • Be free from self-imposed restrictions

  • Take complete responsibility for your actions

  • Go beyond comfort zones and discover your personal power

  • Focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions

  • Use a new way of thinking to get what you want

The Sidman Solution® changes the efficiency landscape of a company and builds a more productive, globally competitive enterprise.

Dr. Jacqueline Sidman helps individuals controlled by their inner struggles solve these problems quickly and effectively through the revolutionary process called The Sidman Solution®. The Sidman Solution® traces the root cause of unwanted behaviors back to limiting choices made early in life. This process benefits people, teams and companies who look to improve their effectiveness.

Negative early choices limits self esteem and competence. Discovering how these early choices were created in a critical first step to the process. The Sidman Solution® enables positive behaviors to emerge from limiting choices and opens the way to success.

  • Get ready to: Let go of limiting behaviors and move forward - Make new choices to reshape your future - Define values and beliefs - Become your authentic self - Learn how to make positive change permanent.

Most requested programs:

Resolve and Eliminate Self-Imposed Restrictions

When individual choices negatively affect colleagues and team members, it is unlikely they originated from company policy or managerial direction. Why? Every person brings with them a specific set of beliefs and values that can limit their perception of company needs and direction. This program focuses on how to change these limiting perceptions to improve confidence, competence and overall job performance.

Increase Your Worth

Individual worth cannot be measured by financial statements. This program empowers employees to continually and consistently contribute their knowledge, experience and positive intention at a high-performance level. When the focus shifts, they will deliver maximum contribution to affect a better bottom line.

Stuck In A Rut

An experienced work force can confidently and competently run your company. You trust their ability to make decisions and provide a smooth operating environment. When business trends change, productivity can be challenged. Previous comfort zones can turn into limiting behavior and inappropriate excuses. This program is all about how these experienced employees can adapt to the challenges brought on by change.

Creating Company Cohesiveness

Does every employee know why they are important and how they contribute to your company? Are there too many people absent and too few available for advancement? Is there a reason, beyond money, for your employees to show up for work everyday. Creating Company Cohesiveness empowers your people to align their own set of values with that of your company. The outcome is that people will feel good about themselves and good about the job they perform for your company.


Dr. Jacqueline Sidman is the President of The Sidman Institute in Irvine, CA. Her successful practice has helped literally Thousands of people overcome catastrophic Illness and stubborn problems. Her trade- Mark system, The Sidman Solution® removes The emotional and physical blocks to success Without the use of medications or long-term Therapy.

Dr. Sidman received a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University. Dr. Sidman has been a speaker for UCI Medical Center, the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, many hospitals, corporations and associations. She is a recipient of numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to her profession, and has been featured in more than five hundred newspaper, magazine articles, hosted and appeared as a featured guest on numerous television and radio programs.

What others are saying:

You spoke to our hearts and made us think about our past programming in ways that made our light bulbs flash on. Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom with us. You kept us spellbound throughout. Everyone can learn so much from you. Truly you are gifted!”
Virginia Mort, AAUW

Your keynote address was thought-provoking, entertaining and insightful. Individuals and organizations could gain much insight on how the mind might be limiting their success and what can be done to break through mental barriers.”
Rose Riha, IAAP


Dr. Sidman has spoken for these groups and many more:

UCI College of Medicine
Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine Osher Life-Long Learning Institute, UCI
International Association of Administrative Professionals
City of Irvine

American Association of University Women
Mission Hospital
American Cancer Society
Arthritis Foundation
The British American Business Council Business Alliance, Center Club



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