Ida Greene, Ph.D.


International Business/Life Coach, RN, NLP practitioner and author of 15 life-changing books shows how to harness the powerful Law of Attraction to make any dream a reality.

Say goodbye to your smallness ... say hello to your greatness! Dr. Greene's philosophy about life is "if it can be done, I can do it." She feels there is nothing we can't do if we put our hearts and minds to it. "I can, and so can you, through faith and belief in ourselves and a belief in a POWER greater than ourselves.

Dr. Greene gives motivational seminars for businesses and church groups, and also hold private seminars for individual groups. Seminars are available nationwide. Dr. Greene has been doing this since 1980. Dr. Greene is a member of the National Speakers Association and a leader in the industry.

The author of 15 life-changing books, Dr. Greene holds a Ph.D., RN and LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Child Therapist) degree, and she’s a business coach who specializes in strategic planning. Her talks are ideal for corporate and human resource audiences who want sales to rocket off the charts while creating a happy, healthy workplace. Dr. Greene motivates employers and staff alike, as she shows how to create the life of your dreams. Her motivational presentations help you build a game plan for success based upon the Laws of the Universe – the “secret” known to movers and shakers throughout history.


Master the Law of Attraction
Master the effortless skill of manifestation – a skill anyone can learn – and program your mind to attract money, success and unlimited prosperity. Some people struggle forever, and never get ahead. Why? They don’t understand the little-known secrets that make things happen and turn you into a Master Manifestor. Learn how to use your natural skills to get what you want.

Unleash the Greatness Within You
Do you believe you have a divine purpose for being alive? Are you into your smallness or your greatness? Find out the secret that, when learned and practiced, can unlock your potential and cause miracles to show up in your daily life. You’ll gain the tools you need to tap into your intuition and inner greatness and discover what’s unique about you and what gifts you have to share with mankind. Will you die never knowing why you were created and what you were destined to do?
Mastering Conflict Resolution Skills
Understand the dynamics of conflict, your needs and the needs of others, and the role that power and control play in any disagreement. Examine how you manage frustration and anger and see if you have a tendency to over or under react when confronted or under attack. There are many factors that cause us to become frustrated, confused or angry, but you need not lose your cool.

Communication in Difficult Situations
Often what we communicate is received differently than intended. You’ll learn how to send powerful messages that have clarity and impact and how to express your ideas in a clear, caring manner so that you’re heard and understood. Plus, you’ll learn effective listening skills, too!

Light the Fire Within You to Maximize Effectiveness
Become aware of the many ways we sabotage our best interests and the welfare of others. Turn self-defeating behavioral patterns into respect, love and appreciation for yourself and those around you.

Soft Power Negotiation Skills

To become a skilled negotiator, you need the ability to look beyond the words you and others use to find the hidden meaning of what’s being said. Learn how to meet your needs and those of others through the give and take of negotiation.

Cultural Diversity

Improve your effectiveness in communicating with others of a different culture to help people work in harmony and cohesion without friction. You’ll learn how to make the most of differences and how they can add richness to your work force.


Dr. Ida Greene of People Skills International is past Executive Director of Our Place Center of Self-Esteem, an organization dedicated to ending violence in children. She has designed personality trait tests, taught as a college professor and makes presentations to corporate and human resource audiences on a variety of topics. Her books include: How to Be a Success in Business; Self-Esteem, the Essence of You; Soft Power Negotiation Skills; Are You Ready for Success?; Success Now; Money: How to Get It, How to Keep It; Light the Fire Within You, Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Say Hello to Your Greatness, and Anger Management Skills for Women, Men and Children. You’ll leave her enlightening talk with the confidence that you can create the life that reflects who you really are.


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