Hoda Bagdady-Asal, Ph.D.


Problem Solving and Change Management

Solving the right problem


Dr. Hoda B. Asal earned her Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University, her M.Ed. in Education from Ball State University, and her BA in Applied Arts from Cairo University, Egypt. Hoda has a multinational, multicultural experience working with British, Dutch, Egyptian, and Kuwaiti corporations. Before she joined academia, she worked as state director and later as senior executive manager in service organizations and community based programs in multiple states. She has extensive work experience in problem-solving, strategic positioning to meet the demands of rapidly changing environment, how to sustain competitive advantage, culture change, group dynamics, building cohesive, energized, and high performing teams, and how to build and retain corporate talent workforce by customizing the workplace.

Dr. Asal teaches post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate courses in several universities. She has been doing her research in the field of behavioral science, which includes leadership, organizational culture, building human capital, and change and knowledge management.

Her broad and diverse background and understanding of dynamics of leadership and high performing teams at the top allows her to bring to audiences an in depth insight into the complexity of organizational life.

Dr. Asal focuses the impact of globalization on organizational life. She provides training in the following: effective communication, coaching, workforce diversity, change management, training of the trainers, leadership building, building energized performing teams, strategic management, and creative problem-solving.


The Dynamics of Culture Congruence and Organizational Change

Successful organizational change is a matter of how managers capitalize on the wealth that diverse subcultures provide. Understanding similarities and differences of different managerial perspectives can help develop strategies to identify and bridge gaps that may impede organizational change.

Who Should Attend Hoda’s Seminars
  • Executive leaders and managers
  • Those seeking to become global leaders
  • People who are interested to become leaders
  • People interested in learning about human behavior in a fast changing society.


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