Henk Botha


The Tough Negotiator - Never pay too much, settle too low, concede too quickly.

With a proven 38-year track record, Henk Botha is a recognized international authority on business and labor negotiations. After 11 years as the chief negotiator of major South African labor union, he became the Executive Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations. Since 1983, he has been an independent management consultant, advocate of the High Court of South Africa, trainer, speaker, and writer. He has presented seminars on negotiation skills in countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Henk has written four books on employment law. Also, he has produced several audio and video programs on negotiations, strike management, labor negotiation skills and sales negotiations. His topics include labor law, strike management, labor negotiation skills and sales negotiation.

Henk has taught negotiation skills to executives in many industries. Among these are companies in Mining, Steel and Engineering, Construction, Cement, Food Processing, Agriculture, Automobile Manufacturing, Tire Manufacturing, Public Service, Milling, Pharmaceutical, Wholesaling and Banking. He has a dynamic and entertaining speaking style. His Skills Shaping Seminars™ turn managers into leaders, sellers and buyers into stars.


Power Negotiations: How to pull your bargaining levers to gain a fair advantage

Imagine having the confidence to go after any sales or business deal you want, knowing that you'll WIN it. Think how calm you'll be facing any bargaining situation, secure that you can turn it to your advantage. Wow!

This awesome ability will be yours for the rest of your life ... to use in business — and even in your personal life and family situations — after two days of intensive and eye-opening training.

You will study and practice these proven techniques that have been field-tested by master negotiator Henk Botha. He'll answer every one of your questions in detail. And, you will leave with a detailed SUCCESS OPERATING PLAN you can immediately put to work to start making profitable deals immediately after this seminar.

Master 100+ Techniques to Help You Win Any Deal You Want !

*12 proven preparation steps to build profit into your negotiations
* How to “package” your opening offer for maximum impact and credibility
* 3 techniques to create a winning strategy
* 29 tactics that will add strength and credibility to YOUR case
* 8 steps that set the stage for a winning deal .... even if you're in a weak position
* 5-step plan to generate the action you want
* The #1 Secret Formula that will let you negotiate to win every time ....even when you make concessions
* 4 powerful negotiation tools to help you get what you want
* The art of listening so you can quickly size up your opposition

Negotiating with Unions

The better skilled negotiator wins the finest part of a deal. The less skilled person gains only a fraction of what he could have had if he had the necessary tools to negotiate. In these uncertain, often violent times, negotiating skills are critically important. You are facing the challenge to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with unions. The key to setting up winning deals is to make everyone win!

One critical mistake and you could have a strike. A few foolish mistakes and you might end up with a weaker deal than what the union would have accepted without any negotiations at all! The seminar offers unique and tested step-by-step instruction in labour negotiations. Nobody before has published or explained these ideas in this way. Learn how to fend off — even totally neutralize — your counterpart`s tactics. Confidently face the unions, knowing that you have the tools to negotiate win-win deals with them...firmly..boldly..fairly!

Henk`s awards and honors include:

B. Iuris (Bachelor of Law)
LL.B. (Juris Doctor)
Diploma: Institute of Administration and Commerce
Fellowship of the Institute of Administration and Commerce
Member: Institute of People Management
Specialist Practitioner: S.A. Board for Personnel Practice
Past Executive Director: Institute for Industrial Relations
Subject Matter Expert: Mediation Training Institute International
International Consultant: Bellstone Training (International) Limited

What Our Clients Say . . .

“The seminar was not only educational, you made the whole process fun. I conservatively estimate I was able to save the company $50,000 this year.”
James Gross, Director Special Projects, National Business Services, Inc.

“The delegates without exception have commented most favourably on the manner of presentation, the relevance of the material used and the increased confidence they now have in themselves.”
G.D.K. Barlow : Human Resources Manager, Dwangwa Sugar Corporation, Malawi

“Very good presentation and valuable material. The program definitely left me with a lot of insight to help me in future negotiation challenges.”
Steve Mynsberge, Vice President, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

“I enjoyed the presentation and thought the secrets and tools were presented in a way that was easy to understand. This information will be very valuable to me in my work.”
Carmen Y. Taylor, Personnel Management Specialist, Department of Transport, Federal Aviation Authority


Henk Botha has spoken for these groups and more:

* Anglo American Corporation
* Avery Dennison
* BP
* Caltex
* Caterpillar
* CertainTeed Corp
* Coca Cola
* Colgate-Palmolive
* Craft Industries
* De Beers Consolidated Mines
* Firestone
* Hoechst Pharmaceuticals
* Kentucky Fried Chicken
* Kellogg's

* Kohler Group
* Mazda North America
* McDonalds
* Mercedes Benz
* McCarthy Building Companies
* National Business Services
* Robert Bosch
* Sappi Fine Papers
* Shell
* Sulzer Switzerland
* Toyota
* Woolverine Technologies
* Yardley of London
* ....and perhaps some of your customers or competitors!


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