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There is a lot right within the conventional medical community, and there is a lot wrong too. One has only to look at how we doctors are trained, and that should be enough to raise eyebrows about our ultimate wisdom. During our medical and ensuing intern and resident years, we are deprived of the sleep required to adequately carry out our complex duties. And what does the medical establishment do about it? Nothing. It takes the legislature to pass a law requiring residents not to work over a certain number of hours without rest, so that the patients they serve will be protected from our mishaps, misdiagnoses, and mistreatments.

We are taught nothing about healthy foods, subsist on empty nutrition, high caffeine, and sugar diets that ultimately burn out our adrenal glands and lower our immune states. We go from those long hours in the trenches home to study and then to bed, so that we rarely exercise, relax, have fun or smell the roses. Then we are expected to be sensitive, loving and caring with our patients when we have taken no time at all to nurture ourselves. Who has all the wisdom?

I have finally seen the light and now I am shining it like a beacon to my soul sisters who need nurturing, healing and reminders that they are indeed magnificent. My belief is that our birthright is perfect health. My teachers:

* Deepak Chopra
* David Winston, and fellow herbalists
* Doctors from the American Holistic Medical Association
* Dr. Richard Schultze, ND
* And most of all, my patients


A Healthier You
Featuring Dr. Helene B. Leonetti
A Life Enhancement Book From Insight Publishing
It's been said that information is power! When it comes to your health, information is life! What you know really can save your live, extend you life, and improve your quality of life. Helene explains The Elusive Self-Esteem Gene: The Paradigm Shift from Self-Loathing to Self-Love.

Menopause: A Spiritual Renaissance
As a registered nurse, Dr. Helene Leonetti recalls having to stand and offer her chair to the doctor when he entered the room. Her journey from that day to this has been a long one and not without almost overwhelming trials. During her transition from RN to Physician to holistic and herbal healer, Dr Leonetti was brought to her knees by a life-threatening depression, which occurred synchronistically during menopause.
Struggling out of the darkness, DR Leonetti turned her time of menopause into a hallowed, precious phase of spiritual growth. She now offers others the lighted pathway to their own healing and self-empowerment. DR Leonette has a way of loving unconditionally and leading her patients toward practical control of their own body-mind-spirit health.

Women's Wisdom and Wellness
An interactive program co-facilitated by Dr. Helene B. Leonetti with Tahya.
This program is designed to remember and celebrate our body's wisdom, elevate our self esteem, liberate new dimensions of self-expression and journey toward relaxation, healing, joy and vitality.
Dr. Helene and Tahya believe "Self-esteem is the source of feminine evolution," and so they have co-created this inter-active program designed to provide women truths about well being. Dr. Helene Leonetti invites attendees to tap into their wisdom and personal power and to gain insights into achieving perfect health of mind/body/spirit. Tahya guides participants in techniques actively rekindling each woman's unique spark of femininity, love, and creativity as we journey toward an elegant, elevated sense of self. This program is appropriate and suitable for adolescent girls to adult women, including women in their menopausal transition years (ages 40+); women seeking complimentary, healing therapy (e.g., surgery recovery); Mother-Daughter Day Event Planners; Art, Music, and Dance Therapists. This program is a meaningful experience women want to share in with their friends, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.



I went to college, medical school, and served a residency for twelve years, and no one ever taught me how to keep my patients healthy. I was also never taught that menopause is a natural life transition, one that signals entry into a magnificent state of wisdom and power. As a nurse in training in the sixties I was taught that doctors are gods and that we are to believe in their absolute authority. Through those years and the ones that followed when I was studying to become a doctor, I came to realize how disempowering that attitude was. It did not give room for the individual to rely on his/her own knowledge, understanding, and experience.

My Education

If you notice that there are no conventional MDs as my teachers, you are a keen observer. The board certification for OB-GYN gave me such teaching: how to safely deliver a baby and do surgery; that is a practical and necessary training.

What was glaringly absent, however, is what I am now learning from all my other precious teachers: that the paradigm, or accepted belief system, needs to be changed from that of DISEASE to that of HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

Mind you, this is not for the faint hearted: it is for the courageous few who know that to be healthy; it requires synchrony of our minds, bodies, and souls. That, in essence, means we must be responsible for what goes in our bodies, and what comes out.


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