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Communicate and succeed!

Communicate and prosper!

"The Hidden Profit Center" tells the story of Richard Pemberton, CEO of a company that's in trouble. A couple of unlikely teachers take just a week to show him how the company is losing money through lost time, lost business and lost people.

Helen Wilkie, Canadian keynote speaker on communication is:

* A dynamic, enthralling keynote speaker. Whether your event is a small conference with 50 people in the audience or a convention for thousands, Helen Wilkie will deliver a message that makes them think, sets the tone or sends them off on a high note. Helen loves the big platform—and audiences love her!

* A lively, engaging workshop leader. Whether she's leading a concurrent session at your conference or an in-house workshop at your company, Helen rolls up her sleeves and dives right in! With her encouragement and friendly prodding, her session attendees work hard, learn a lot, and have fun in the process.

* An insightful consultant. Unlike the traditional "communication consultant", Helen doesn't focus on media releases, newsletters, annual reports, internal or external messages for the masses. She doesn't create communication strategies. Instead, she finds places in your workplace where poor applied communication among executive, management and staff at all levels is costing your organization money, and then she shows you and your people how to plug the leaks and stop this dollar drain. Helen calls this "The Hidden Profit Center", and it's the focus of her consulting practice.

* A prolific author: Besides her books, "Message Received and Understood!" and "The Hidden Profit Center", her booklets and audio programs, Helen has had hundreds of articles published in a wide range of publications across North America (not to mention on the Internet, where she is constantly surprised at where her articles turn up!).

Helen is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), a sister organization to the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. Her clients include a broad range of organizations, from major multinational corporations to professional and trade associations, professional service firms and government.

Helen is a seasoned professional keynote speaker on communication, and is equally comfortable addressing business leaders, middle managers and support staff. As Helen says, "Communication is the lifeblood of your organization, and if it stops flowing freely and efficiently, your organization will die."


The Hidden Profit Center

* Did you know that one employee earning $40,000 a year and spending two hours a day reading, writing and managing e-mail is costing your organization $9,000 a year—just to manage e-mail?
* Did you know that an average mid-size corporation anywhere in North America easily spends $2.5 million on internal meetings every year—and many of them accomplish little or nothing?
* Did you know clients who are subjected to sales presentations for professional services often don't buy simply because they are baffled by the jargon and don't know what is being sold to them? How much is the cost of one lost sale?

These are just three sample situations where applied communication, poorly undertaken, costs organizations money: real, hard cash. There are many more. Ineffective communication costs organizations millions of dollars every year. But this money usually disappears without anyone realizing it, because there is no line on the financial statements to account for it.

What if you could stop this money from draining away? What if you could redirect it back to the bottom line? Isn't that a better, less painful method of improving profitability than layoffs and other tired old cutbacks?

Well, that's exactly what audiences learn when Helen Wilkie addresses them on "The Hidden Profit Center". They understand the secrets of profitable applied communication, and they have a roadmap of exactly how to apply Helen's exciting new principles to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The return on this investment can be massive!

Message Received and Understood

The most common complaint in the workplace today is "There's no communication around here!". That's strange, given that we live in an age when the technology of communication is growing at a rate faster than we can imagine. We have cellphones, e-mail, voicemail, beepers, pagers phones that do everything but make coffee. So why are we still not communicating?

Helen Wilkie believes it's because despite all the technology, or even perhaps because of it, we continue to confuse information and communication—and they are not the same thing at all.

In this insightful keynote or workshop presentation, Helen takes audiences through her own original concept, " The Communication Contract™" and shows how we breach it all the time, with predictable consequences. Using real life examples to which specific audiences can relate, Helen then provides techniques and guidelines for better, more effective communication to help people do a better job, and have more fun in the process.

Sowing and Growing Your Network

Networking: the 'N' word! We all know it's important and that we need to do it. We sign up for conferences, association luncheons and other events, but when we get there we are so uptight about meeting people that we never enjoy ourselves—and we don't network very effectively either! In this lively presentation, Helen offers tips and techniques on how to network at conferences and still have a good time.

The other aspect of networking, the one too often neglected, is nurturing your network. Helen will also tell you how to keep it warm, alive and working for you for as long as you want it—even all your life.

A few of the things the audience will learn:

* The two fundamental aspects of networking
* How to relax and enjoy networking at conferences
* The most important communication skill for networkers
* The one thing that will surely kill your networking opportunity
* The one post-conferencee networking technique that will cement your name in people's minds
* Ideas to keep in touch with your network
* How to help your network expand itself
* How to so and grow a network that will serve you all your life

If your organization spends money to send your people to networking events, get a higher return on your investment by showing them how to do it right, with "Sowing and Growing Your Network".

Now go Do It

Delegates probably leave your conferences with

* dozens of innovative ideas from marvellous speakers• new friends among fellow delegates—and a ton of business cards • new ways of doing things that could change their lives or revolutionalize the way they do their jobs

Remember your last coference attendees, and their great plans to take action on what they learned? But did they Do anything?

Fast forward to their first day back at work:

* 147 e-mail messages!
* Twenty minutes of voicemail messages!
* A crisis that couldn't be handled by anyone else—or so they say!
* Colleagues who weren't at the conference and want no part of any newfangled ideas!

Typical response:

* Put the file of great stuff on the shelf, promising to get to it first thing tomorrow—oh sure!
* Feel a little let down and frustrated at their lack of enthusiasm
* Get used to it and get on with the job—business as usual
* One day—weeks, months or even years later – find the file and wonder, "What the heck is this stuff?

What a waste of time, money and—worst of all—opportunity! But this doesn't have to happen to your next conference delegates.

Let Helen Wilkie close your conference on an upbeat! Let her remind delegates of what they might have done in the past, and give them a set of simple tools to help them beat the odds this time—and at every conference they attend in future. This presentation is a combination of inspiration and practicality. Helen will tailor her talk to what has taken place at the rest of the conference,reiterating key messages from the other speakers. She'll raise your delegates' enthusiasm to an even higher level. She'll make them laugh. But most of all, she'll help them continue to benefit from the conference long after it's over. That's a promise!



A graduate of the University of Strathclyde and Jordanhill College of Education, both in Glasgow, Helen taught commerce and economics in Scotland for two years. When she came to Canada, she moved away from education and into the world of business, where her career has encompassed marketing, human resources, international, shareholder relations and corporate development.
Blending her teaching skills with her business knowledge and communication talents, Helen speaks on all aspects of communication. Her content-rich programs are presented with humor and knowledge, offering a lively, enjoyable learning experience. Her unique Communication Contract™ is the core from which all her messages spring.

Kudos from clients and audience members

“If the measure of success in your profession is to deliver an enjoyable and enlightening session, followed by real results through improved communication—then thanks for being successful with us.” L.L., Marriott Hotels of Canada

“You delivered. We had great feedback that you delivered crisp messages, on a variety of topic perspectives, in a manner that was relevant to our day-to-day work environment.” B. R., IBM Canada

“Helen was an overwhelming success. Her presentation style and her ability to pick up quickly comments made by our group made for a very interesting and entertaining afternoon. She was well received by our U.S. counterparts. They all felt it was a very clever and informative group session. We had a lot of fun (which is what we wanted) and the key thing is they learned how to look at something we do every day in a simple and factual manner.” J.B., Gillette Canada

"Thank you so very much for last night's class. I had a wonderful time with the three hours just flying by. It was a joy to watch you at work. As you say, you have some wonderful students, but the dynamic apparent in the room was very much of your making. The sense of mutual respect and of trust you have nurtured was readily apparent. Your quick thinking, engaging good humour, and confident common sense buoyed us along. there was a splendid mix of activities—lecture, small group work, individual activities—all neatly paced so as to look effortless (and, therefore, by implication, indicative of extraordinarily detailed advance preparation). I reveled most in your articulate, sparkling use of language. You are what you teach. We at SCS are so privileged to have you with us." Gillian Bartlett, Ph.D., Consultant, Communication for Professionals, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

A partial list of Helen's clients

This partial list will give you some idea of the breadth and depth of the organizations whose people have benefited from Helen's wisdom.


Aetna Canada
Alcon Canada
Algorithmics Inc.
Altamira Investment Services Inc.
AMJ Campbell Van Lines
AON Reed Stenhouse Inc.
Bata Limited
Bayer Inc.
Buttcon Limited Contractors & Engineers
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.
Citigroup Private Bank
Deloitte & Touche
Gillette Canada
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
General Growth Properties, Chicago
Guardian Capital Group


Association of Accounting Marketing
Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
Canadian Conference Centre of the American Management Association
Canadian Anaesthetists’ Society
Canadian Association of Movers
Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
Canadian Circulations Audit Board

Law Firms

Aird & Berlis
Bell, Temple
Blake, Cassels & Graydon
Blaney, McMurtry
Borden & Elliot
Cassels, Brock & Blackwell
Fraser Milner Casgrain
Goodman and Carr
Gowling, Strathy & Henderson
Heenan, Blaikie
Keyser, Mason, Ball & Lewis
Lang Michener
Lerner & Associates
Minden Gross Grafstein & Greenstein
McMillan Binch
Ogilvy Renault
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt
Shibley Righton


Canada Post Corporation
Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board
Department of National Defence
Government of Prince Edward Island
Ministry of the Attorney General
Workplace Safety Insurance Board




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