Helen Harkness, Ph.D.


Helen Harkness is a pioneer in career management who founded Career Design Associates Inc. in 1978. A superb strategist and a resourceful catalyst, she spurs others to act, while providing resources and realistic direction for the process of change. She is a visionary, intuitively synthesizing extensive research and developing viable ideas for the future, and resourcefully programming action to achieve that end. She is a devoted grower of people and ideas.

Helen Harkness is regularly quoted in major publications, including USA Today, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Good Housekeeping, and scores of others. The search engine for the Wall Street Journal records a total of 97 articles quoting her in the past four years.

A dynamic, witty and experienced presenter and teacher, Helen Harkness exhibits an uncanny ability to read and speak directly to the issues of each audience. She is equally highly effective with small groups and large assemblages. Dr. Harkness is available for workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations.

Author of The Career Chase (1997), Don't Stop the Career Clock (1999), and Capitalizing on Career Chaos (pub. pending 2002)

Keynote Address Topics:

  • Capitalizing on Career Chaos
  • Shattering the Mindless Myths of Aging
  • Re-Career: Redefining and Rethinking Retirement
  • Creating Career Options: Search for Meaning, Money, Creativity and Control
  • Turn the Page on Age

Workshop for Career Enhancement: Creating Career Options —the Search for Meaning, Money, Creativity & Control

    Who Should Attend:

      Those interested in career enhancement and understanding of their current career situation.

      Attendees will improve insights for managing and understanding their current careers as well as developing a career plan and direction for the future.

      This workshop will provide the tools for management programs,  participants to make better career decisions and formulate plans to creatively capitalize on change and chaos. Valid instruments to assess each participant's interests, skills, values, temperament, and personality will be taken online prior to the  course. Their explanation and interpreta tion will be the focus of the 7-hour course.


      As a result of this course, participants will:

      • Learn the 4 Steps for Career Planning
      • Determine the 5 P's for Career Success: Purpose with Passion, Place, People, and Plan for achieving these!
      • Improve insight, strategies, & resources for managing their careers more successfully now and in the future.
      • Receive a 100-page individualized Career Design ProfIleTM and an interpretation of all career assessment explanation.
      • Understand their career related individual values, skills, interests, personality, and motivation.
      • Receive a list of specific careers that best fit them based on assessment results.
      • Receive a workbook, Career Tools for the 21sf Century: Designing Your Future.
      • Develop a written list of their Success Criteria and major accomplishments.
      • Increase awareness of the best strategies for researching and gaining information and advice on targeted future careers.
      • Develop a career plan for capitalizing on chaos.

Audience Response

    "Dr Harkness is a dynamic, entertaining, provocative speaker. You will enjoy and learn from her research in career development, change, aging and futuristic trends in careers and life." — ASTD Perspective, 11/98, Dallas Chapter

    "The instructor was charming — had a great sense of humor, was empathetic and knew her stuff." —Re-careering class participant, SMU, May 2000

    "Wonderful, the old bat grabbed our attention, held it tight and inspired us all to get older — loved her and moved by her humor, insight and absolute resolve."

    "Thank you — such an important topic, best workshop of the conference, research-based, theoretical, social-cultural, multi-dimensional, interesting, provocative — presenter was fun, humorous, knowledgeable, and passionate — a sheer delight...."  

    "What can we say? It was unanimous! You are the "smash speaker of the year" at the downtown Rotary Club of Dallas. Truly, Helen, you were sensational. As a club, we do not recall a standing ovation for a presentation. You got it ... you deserved it! You are a real Dallas treasure. Thank you again for sharing your zest for life and attitude for living .... Good luck in all your future endeavors." — Bettye A. Rodgers, Program Committee Member, June 2000

    "Helen, I can't begin to thank you enough for all the wonderful advice and your encouragement - which meant the world to me! I so look forward to getting to know you better." — Nancy Smith, Fun Ed, 2001

    "Helen is one in a million. Her experience, wisdom, knowledge of her subject(s), got us moving — fast! And to the point. She's a wonderful advocate for change and helps us calm the waters of chaos." — Debby Cook. SMU Re-Careering Class, Spring 2000

    Helen opened my mind and expanded my brain by helping me change my paradigm from chronological age to functional age. — Linda Noblin, SMU, Fall 2001


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