Dr. Grover Evans

sv Grover Evans, Ph.D., motivational speaker, educator, business consultant and life-long resident of Arkansas, uses his education and life experiences to enrich the lives of others. Through God, he attempts to show others there is hope in faith. His motto is "Believe in Yourself."

Grover Evans, Ph.D., motivational speaker, educator and business consultant, is a life-long resident of
Arkansas who has represented the State in many capacities. Dr. Evans holds a Bachelors Degree in Music
and Health Education from Arkansas State University (ASU) and is a graduate of ASU Regional Leaders
Program. He received his Doctorate in Nutrition Counseling from LaSalle University, cum laude. Dr Evans has served on a host of boards and committees; locally, state wide and nationally. His education and life experiences have afforded him the ability to speak on a wide variety of subjects. He has an unselfish commitment to enrich the lives of the people of Arkansas and the nation as a whole. Consequently, he has chosen to spend much of his time traveling throughout the state and country speaking to groups on nutrition, health education, goal setting, self-esteem, diversity and drug abuse.

Included in his experiences is the unfortunate accident that left Dr Evans a quadriplegic. On one Saturday many years ago while Dr. Evans was working for the Jonesboro Sun newspaper, he received a call notifying him that a close friend's mother had died. He had just finished a double shift but decided to drive to Newport, Arkansas immediately after work to be by his friend's side. Unfortunately, his shift did not end until midnight that night, so it was very late before he departed Jonesboro for the drive to Newport. He arrived in Newport and after spending several hours with his friend, Dr. Evans decided to return to Jonesboro. It was very early in the morning when he decided to leave but since he had an appointment for photo shoot scheduled for 10:00 a.m., he felt obligated to return to Jonesboro. Even though his friend urged him to stay in Newport, Dr. Evans decided to stick to his schedule. He thanked them for their concern and upon leaving, held their hands and said "I leave you in God's hands." Little did he know that he would be the one in God's hands early that fateful morning.

About 20 miles from Newport, he fell asleep at the wheel of his car. His vehicle went off the road and hit a culvert, causing it to flip over several times before landing nose first in a ditch. Although conscious, he did not
realize the severity of his injuries. A local farmer found him and called for help. From there, Dr. Evans was taken to St. Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro and then transported to Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Tragically, he was completely paralyzed from the neck down. His personal physician stayed at his side for two days, during which Dr. Evans legally died twice. During a third arrest. Dr. Evans had what is referred to as an
"out of body experience" and was fully aware of his death, his circumstances and his surroundings.

The journey to wellness was long and painful and continues to be a challenge for him even today. However, Faith and hope have sustained him through this awesome journey of recovery and have brought him to where he is today. There were many times when he asked himself, "Why did this happen? Why me?" But today Dr. Evans realizes that God had other plans for him. He has been blessed and doors have been opened for him which otherwise would never have been opened. He is thankful for each day and for the second chance he has been given. Through God, he attempts to show others there is hope in faith.

Since then he has accomplished many athletic goals and had many career achievements. In 1993, Dr. Evans was named "Swimmer of the Year at the 32nd National Wheelchair Championships in Barcelona, Spain. He was a member of the 1992 United States Disabled Swim Team for the Paralympic Games in Barcelona
Spain and became the first black American to swim on a World Championship Team in 1994 on the island of Malta. He was a member of two US International Teams in 1995. Presently, he holds three swimming world records and a paralympic record, as well as 15 American records.

On October 1, 1996, he was appointed by Governor Mike Huckabee as the Director of Disability Determination for the Social Security Administration for the State of Arkansas. He is currently serving as the Deputy Director of the same agency. He also once served as the Interim Director for the Capital Zoning Commission with State Building Services, a position that placed him on the Governor's Cabinet. Dr. Evans
has also served as a member of the Strategic Planning Board of Pulaski Technical College, he was a member of the City of Little Rock Workforce Investment Board, worked on the Olmstead Steering Committee and as a member of the City of Little Rock Workforce Investment Board Youth Council. He is also a council member for the Arkansas Injury Prevention Coalition under the Arkansas Department of Health. Dr. Evans holds the distinction of having helped Congress pass The Brady Bill, named after former White House Press Secretary, Jim Brady, as well as the passage of the 1990 Americans with Disability Act. He also serves in other capacities and has held many other offices over the past two decades. These distinctions, both past and present, include:

• Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Arkansas
• Advisory Council for Education of Children with Disabilities
• Board of Directors of the Central Arkansas Chapter of the American Red Cross Association
• Former Chairman of the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission and Arkansas Early Childhood Commission
• Co-chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission
• Former Secretary of the Arkansas Literary Board
• First African-American to be elected to the Jonesboro City Council, serving six terms
• Vice-Mayor of the City of Jonesboro, December 1984-1996

Dr. Evans has been recognized by former President Bill Clinton, the United States Congress, former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, the Arkansas House of Representatives and numerous other organizations for his many achievements as a Community Leader and a world champion swimmer. He has been featured on all the
major television networks, in numerous publications and radio talk shows. Dr Evans awards and recognitions also include:

• The social security Administration DisabilityLeadership Award, 1998
• The National Easter Seal Society's, Johanna Cooke Plaut Community Leadership Award
• Who's Who Among African-Americans, 1995-1999
• United States Wheelchair Association Swimmer of the Year, 1993-1995

Dr. Evans volunteers his time to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the Spinal Cord Commission, Easter Seals, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, as well as city and county schools. Through his tireless efforts he has made many great contributions to the state and the nation. It is Dr. Evans hope that he can continue these efforts and consequently provide motivation to others to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Dr. Evans is interested in providing a professional, insightful and motivational experience for the audience at your next upcoming event. Let him reinvigorate your spirit and inspire you to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.


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