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An Innovator And More

    Greta Schneider is an internationally recognized economist. For the past twenty-five years she has developed and conducted research and shared her knowledge and experience in keynote speeches, workshops and seminars enthusiastically appreciated by companies, associations and participants around the world. Her commanding presence and electrifying style reaches audiences as few speakers can. When GRETAspeaks, audiences listen She's inspired, entertained, educated and motivated with a charismatic ability to connect with each audience. She's earned consistent high praise and numerous return visits for her powerhouse presentations.

Innovative Economist And Consultant Extraordinaire

    Greta is the creator of WORKPLACE PRODUCT DuTY CONSULTING and she continues to research and promote competitive workplaces internationally. She also developed HOLISTIC ECONOMIC ANALYSIS for use by corporations, governments and individuals to enhance economic growth. Greta's extraordinary ability to use both her stunning intellectual power AND her amazing creative artistry continually leaves audiences spellbound.


    Greta has written three books on personal finance. ~'The Bankruptcy Mystique," "Exploding The Bankruptcy Mystique," and "Holistic Bankruptcy." She is currently completing "Financial Health," and "Eleanor and Me: Private Reflections of a Public Woman."


    Every topic can be customized to meet your personal or corporate program needs.

    "Eleanor Roosevelt And Me: A Model For Living"

      What was Eleanor really like? In this presentation, Greta shares her family connection to Eleanor and how it touched her life. She uses it as a foundation to inspire a new generation of women with techniques and wisdom to build leadership, self-esteem and self-confidence to successfully navigate today's changing attitudes and create a better world. Rekindle your memories of a Model First Lady.

    "Achieving Financial Health"

      Do you know your worth or, how much money you owe? Do you budget for financial independence or are you enslaved by credit? What about your investments? Do you plan your needs decade by decade? Do you set an annual fiscal year? In this presentation, Greta teaches healthy financial habits and techniques to pcople~ businesses, governments, nonprofits and families. Secure, long-term financial health can now be yours. Hear GRETAspeak and learn how.

    "The Power Of Holistic Thinking"

      Have you ever realized that neither change nor life occurs ma vacuum? Do you understand that your life, family, work, health and finances are all interconnected? In this presentation, Greta teaches how to use holistic analysis to broaden your perspective and make extraordinary changes in your life, work, health, business and finances. From the boardroom to the kitchen sink, learn to exert your power!

    "Productivity Is More Than Just People"

      W-O-R-K shouldn't be a four-letter word. Are you burnt out at the office or overburdened at home? If so, then you're not being productive. In this presentation, Greta shares her proven groundbreaking techniques that significantly improve the internal operations of any workplace, organization or household.

    "Recharging Batteries: Reaching Markets In The Twenty-First Century"

      Are you still operating by last century's rules? Does a hum-drum global economy make you sigh? Then wake up and discover that problems are possibilities disguised as challenges. In this presentation, Greta teaches her economic marketing strategies honed by years of business experience. Reaching markets is just the beginning. Whether you emarket or not, this vital knowledge will put you in the driver's seat for years to come.

    "American Satire"

      Using Greta's stand up comedy routine, she provides her original thinking on everything from business, society, family, trends, entertainment, government, advertising, culture and cuffent events. Humor with an attitude.

Every Program Can Be Fully Customized To Meet Your Audience Needs

  • Trained economist, researcher and analyst
  • Successful consultant with a track record of proven business programs
  • Skilled speaker and lecturer with extensive experience
  • Blends her achievements as an economist with her ability as a performer

Greta's Education:

    Undergraduate through Postdoctoral Programs-City University of New York
    International Political Economy
    International Finance
    Public Finance
    Honors Program


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