Gregg M. Steinberg, Ph.D.


World Expert on peak performance in sport and business

Explaining what top athletes can teach you about winning the game of Business and Life

What makes Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, and Michael Jordan excel at their games?
They think their way to great performances. In his seminars, Dr. Steinberg illustrates how successful athletes think and then applies that to your life. But, it is not just about sport. It is about excellence. Dr. Steinberg shows you how to excel in your field using stories and analogies from sport. Based on his success principle "Think better performance", you will learn how to reduce your stress, enhance your concentration, and boost your self-esteem.

Recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of golf's great masterminds, Dr.Steinberg has consulted with some of the world greatest athletes from a variety of sports. He has worked with PGA and LPGA players, NBA stars as well as NFL stars. He has also consulted with the best in business as well such as Merrill Lynch, Primerica Financial Consultants and the Synaxis Group.


About Gregg M. Steinberg

World Class Speaker:
Dr. Steinberg has spoken on sport psychology and performance psychology throughout North America and Puerto Rico.

• Books: Slam-Dunk!: What top athletes can teach you about winning the business game, MentalRules for Golf
• Magazines; Golf Digest, Nashville Business Journal, Golf Monthly


• Businesses:First Command financial consultants, Primerica financial consultants, Synaxis group
• Professional athletes:PGA tour and Nation Wide Tour, professional football and professional baseball players, as well as members of the NBA

Recognized Expert:
Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the great masterminds in the world of golf (2004)

Dr. Steinberg is a tenured associate professor of sport psychology and human performance at Austin Peay State University for the past 7 years. He is the associate editor of the Journal of Sport Behavior. His passion is to help people find their performance potential.

Speaking Topics - Corporate Champion Series

Slam-Dunk Sales:
What top athletes can teach you about winning the sales game.
Some of these principles will include:

1) Failing Forward
2) Acting like a champion
3) Fearless Sales
4) Developing a concentration routine
5) Wearing an emotional suit of armor

Finding your flow at work:
The mental strategies of peak performers applied to the work setting.
Principles of finding your flow include:

1) Finding a calm state
2) Opening the gates of your concentration reservoir
3) Bullet-proof confidence
4) Reducing your fear
5) Finding your joy spot

The Mind of Great Leaders:
Top coaches teach you the secrets of leadership for the business world.
Some of the leadership topics covered in this seminar include:

1) Commitment is key
2) Great leaders are caring
3) Build great relationships with communication
4) Talent selection is essential
5) Building cohesion with your staff

The Secrets of the Greatest Teams:
The strategies of the world’s greatest sport teams and their team building secrets are revealed.

Stress for Excellence:
Strategies for changing stress into positive energy at work

Mental Rules for Golf:
Legends of the game show you how to excel at business

In Mental Rules for Golf, a Golf Sports Psychology book by Dr. Gregg Steinberg, Sports Psychologist, you will discover such interesting golf psychology topics as:

1) Tiger Woods and his red shirt on Sunday. How our actions influence our emotions
2) How to use both sides of your brain: The Einstein factor for golf
3) The benefits of going slow: The Gary Player Principle
4) Be like Mike: keeping confidence during a slumping pattern
5) Avoiding a good walk spoiled
6) Try easy: The Sam Snead Approach
7) "54 vision": Why Annika Sorenstam can go low


What People are saying about Gregg Steinberg’s work

"Dr.Steinberg has the creative and intellectual ability to transform the latest research in sport psychology to practical guidelines useful for those aspiring for success in the business world."
-Dr. Robert Singer, Former President of the American Psychological Association -Division 47 and former President of the international Society of Sport Psychology

"This is an excellent read with great information to be applied in any field in the workplace. I would highly recommend this book if you want to achieve at a higher level."
-Will Steih, Agent, Synaxis Group, Nashville, TN

"What an enjoyable read. I was not only entertained, but also learned a lot and that is what I seek when I buy a book."
Charlie Nickell, Vice President, The Mayo Group, Glendale CA

"Dr. Steinberg has greatly improved my thinking. He has given me the competitive edge I needed."
-Trenton Hassell, voted best player on Chicago Bulls 2002

"Dr. Steinberg applies his knowledge of athletes and peak athletic performance to the business world and provides information that is fun, pertinent and insightful."
-Pam Brown, Head of Human Resources, Vanderbilt University

"Dr. Steinberg’s beliefs concerning performance was the motivational tool that our staff needed to jolt them out of the winter doldrums. His work with athletes to enhance their performance can easily be applied to the work setting because most individuals can identify with sports icons and their own personal desires to compete and perform their best. He reinforced basic behavioral principles and put a twist on them so that they could be applied to almost every life situation in which individuals want to perform their best."
-Sue Ann Scott
Asst. Dean for Personnel, Vanderbilt University Law School

• "Dr. Gregg Steinberg is not just another expert in sport psychology. He is a creative thinker who incorporates his experiences, both as an athlete and as a psychologist. This makes his writing highly practical and very timely."
Parris R. Watts
Vice President, MacMurray College


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