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Gregg Fraley

"The Creative Choice"

"This was an engaging overview of creativity with the added value of personal and
respect for diversity of opinion — something we can truly apply."

-- Kelly Styring,
Consumer Strategy & Insight, Frito Lay USA


Gregg Fraley is a creativity expert. A proven innovator in entertainment and technology, he currently works as a marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies and does keynotes and workshops on the sub-topics of innovation, new product development, and problem solving. As a working improvisational actor, everything he does is infused with humor. He does speaking, training, consumer research and product ideation as part of the firm D.S. Fraley Associates.

A pioneer in interactive television, Gregg worked with Warner Cable's QUBE project in the early 80’s, where he won an Emmy award for writing and producing and a cable ACE award for Innovation. He’s founded software firms and has designed and implemented software applications in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and mobile field service.

Gregg is a certified administrator of the KAI (Kirton Adaptor Innovator inventory) which measures creative style. He’s a leader and speaker at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) where he teaches the CPS (Creative Problem Solving) methodology to an international audience. He performs improvisational comedy with Players Workshop of Second City in Chicago.

"The Creative Choice"

This is an upbeat presentation that's spiced with success stories, humor, cotorful visuals and group participation. The mood is buoyant, but "The Creative Choice" delivers tons of practical, valuable information for any person or group seeking greater innovation.

  • Shows you how to increase your natural problem solving ability and have more ideas all the time.
  • Reveals and explains how to use the 7 principles of creative behavior that are common to all creative problem solving models.
  • Elaborates on the concept of Creative Style. All people are creative, but creativity is expressed in different ways by Innovators and Adaptors. Participants will get a sense of which style they are, and how to better use that style within teams.
  • Entertains with an offbeat sense of humor, and has participants actively join in the insanity. It's humor that makes a point about creative behavior and cultural support for creativity and innovation.
  • Has participants discover and capitalize on "hidden" possibilities and never-before-seen opportunities.
  • Discard stale reasoning habits by replacing them with highly effective thinking habits — the same as those used by successful innovators in business, invention, education, and the creative arts.


"Imagination and Innovation in Trying Times"

'It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes this is true, but if you are part of a failing business, if you're losing market share, if you've been laid off— you know only to well that sometimes mother doesn't show up to rescue you! Necessity is often a bad parent. It's hard to be creative when you are stressed out. The good news is that invention and innovation can be rapid/n trying times because you are motivated. But motivation alone won't do it for you. What will do it for you — in good times or bad — is the methodical use of imagination — deliberate creative thinking.

Companies and individuals make the mistake of letting imagination happen hit or miss. Imagination must be planned and executed as regularly as issuing invoices. It's a business process. If you don't regularly invoke imaginative thought innovation might happen by accident, but probably you'll find yourself falling behind while you are waiting in vain for the" mother" of invention to rescue you."

-- Gregg Fraley

In this provocative keynote Gregg Fraley talks about what needs to be done to improve a business in trying times. An entrepreneur and marketing consultant, he'll share with the audience methods and examples for the successful use of applied imagination to solve business problems. If you're wondering about how to bring innovative thinking into an organization, this talk could prove inspirational. Here are the key points covered in the keynote:

  • Assess the use of imagination and creative thinking in your organization and your life
  • Discern the important difference between innovative thinking and critical thinking — and how to use them together
  • Learn and explore proven strategies that invite creative problem solving
  • Learn the basics of a process for continuous innovation
  • Learn how to stimulate new ideas and build them into solutions that solve business problems

The result? More imaginative thinking that brings continuous innovation into your organization — in good times or bad.

"Wacky, Edgy & Deliberate:
Creative Problem Solving With An Attitude"

"Your workshop was a smash hit. Most of our offices have reported that they have used the Creative Problem Solving techniques to solve business issues or generate ideas. Exactly what we were hoping for!" -- Carol Fry BBDO Advertising

If you already have a basic understanding of creative thinking skills, "Wacky, Edgy & Deliberate" takes you to the next level. You'll learn how to create more solutions from your creative thinking by using a deliberate problem solving model.

Gregg takes you through an absorbing, six-step approach that helps you improve your problem solving skills. As you explore the secrets behind structured innovation, you'll see how "serious" can be anything but solemn, and you'll hear how to make problem solving as fun as it is rewarding.

In this keynote you'll examine closely the principles behind the revolutionary methodology Creative Problem Solving (CPS), and learn about the creativity and problem solving experts who helped define it. CPS is a proven method used in many industries, non-profits, and educational institutions worldwide. Gregg has taught the method for over 10 years and has many success stories to share.

Gregg learned CPS at the Creative Education Foundation's Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) where he has led advanced training sessions and workshops since 1995.



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