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Hand Health Unlimited is dedicated to helping hands work and feel better. We maximize the physical capabilities of your hands!

The Beginning:

The idea of Finger Fitness was conceived in 1980, with our founder, Greg Irwin, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. While Greg was earning his bachelor’s degree in music education, he was tested on his ability to play every instrument - every instrument. Though Greg was naturally talented, he had difficulty operating the pieces that required a higher level of physical ability, like the piano and the xylophone.

Ever the competitive perfectionist, Greg knew there had to be a better way to physically train himself to perform at a higher level. Three special skills were needed in order to excel in music: auditory (the capability of the ear), mental (the ability to process rhythms, harmony, and melody), and physical (strength, dexterity, and coordination). The first two were adequately trained in formal coursework, but training the physical skill of playing an instrument was noticeably absent.

Logical deduction showed the primary contact with every instrument is the hand. Greg reasoned that in order to play his best, his hands had to function optimally. Initially, he did simple splitting and bending exercises with his fingers, and these simple activities noticeably enhanced the quality of performance.

Greg worked the next few years as a musician (this was the early 80’s) and a teacher. Though he developed his exercises into a full repertoire of hand and finger movements, besides improved personal performance, these exercises had no other creative purpose. That is, until Greg performed some of his exercises in front of a local doctor, who saw great rehabilitation potential in the movements.

With motivation behind him, Greg conducted his own market research. After talking to hand surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, as well as sports medicine professionals, Greg found that, although there were programs for rehabilitation for the hand, there were none for advancing the ordinary hand to a higher level of strength and coordination.

HandHealth Unlimited was born.

Products and Exercises

Hand Health Unlimited has designed a series of products and exercises to work within the individual's daily routine. They are safe and effective for people of all ages.*

Our goals in designing and marketing our products are:

PREVENTION: We believe the best medicine is prevention. Proper hand care is essential to healthy hand functioning, flexibility, and strength. We believe that the key to reducing injury, stress, and fatigue of the hands is to improve their strength, flexibility, and mobility.

IMPROVEMENT: Medical research continually confirms that exercise is essential to maintaining overall body health. The same is true of the hands. Our programs and products are designed to condition hands and fingers by increasing strength, coordination, flexibility, and finger independence‹all of which are extremely beneficial to those who would like to maintain or improve the overall skill level of their hands.

REHABILITATION: An increasing number of physical and occupational therapists include hand and finger exercise in the rehabilitation of certain hand conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion syndrome, tendonitis, and cumulative trauma. Our products and programs have been developed in conjunction with a certified hand therapist, and have been used to help prevent the recurrence of some hand injuries.

*It is important that those who have experienced any pain or health problems with their hands consult with their doctor or therapist before using any Hand Health Unlimited products or programs.



Read what certified hand therapists and others have to say about Hand Health Unlimited and the Finger
Fitness™ program.

Hand Therapy and Healthcare Professionals
" If our patients could perform the majority of the exercises in [the Finger Fitness™ program], they probably would not need our services."
Randi L. Schatz, OTR, CHT
Journal of Hand Therapy (Jan/Mar 1995)

" Finger Fitness™ enables an individual to control the intricate workings of a powerful tool‹the hand. By mastering Finger Fitness™ techniques, one can improve not only physical dexterity, but overall reflexive responses, enabling him to perform with peak skill and accuracy."
Meg Robinson, OTR/L
Certified Hand Therapist

" Another school of thought believes that exercises, like those used in rehabilitation of repetitive strain disorders, can also be preventative.... Greg Irwin [of Hand Health Unlimited] has developed such a program."
Margaret Varnell, RN, RRT
ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals (Oct. 21, 1996)

" I have just borrowed your book and video from a good friend of mine.... As I focus more on the care and healing of the hands in my personal reflexology practice, I see how important exercises such as these can be."
Lisa Chan

" The amount of finger control you gain through its Finger Fitness™ exercises is invaluable to any guitarist, bassist, or keyboardist."
Tom Mulhearn
Guitar Player (June, 1989)

" I began to notice a difference right away in my agility and finger control, which, as a drummer and an artist, are two very important qualities to poses."
Randy Schimpf
Percussionist/ Web Designer

" I've done the Finger Fitness™ exercises for three weeks and have improved my typing speed from 55 wpm to 70 wpm, and hope to get it up to 100 wpm."
Greg Yasko

" As a professional writer, my hands are very important to me. Only recently have I begun to notice limitations in their range of motion, and some stiffness when I've been sitting at the keyboard for a long stretch. Since I began doing Finger Fitness™, I've noticed an increased range of motion, and my fingers aren't so stiff after a long day of typing."
Kate Brauer


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