Greg Creech



Communicate, Educate and Motivate


Business Experience

  • Seventeen years in Fortune 100 technology and telecommunication organizations.
  • Management positions include: 
      Operations Manager, Customer Satisfaction Manager,
      Business Results Manager, and Information Manager.
  • Experience in government, education, and business environments.

Sample Results from the Programs

  • Increased productivity and morale.
  • Improved profits and associate satisfaction.
  • Education and efficiency in technology.
  • Learning to be more technical and  creative.
  • Appreciation of clients and solutions for rejections.
  • An entertaining and informative event.

Types of Programs and Speeches

  • Technology— Customized for your needs and IT departments.
  • Humor in the Workplace—Stress release and improve communication.
  • Diversity— The value and profitability of differences and uniqueness.
  • Business Productivity— Managing the "paperless environmen" in the Information Age.
  • Team Building—Fun and appropriate exercises, including musical sing-a-longs

Education. Certification. Awards

Political Science Bachelor of Arts Degree—Cum Laude.
Legislative Intern in South Carolina House of Representatives.
Continuing Education Certificates in Data Processing.
A+ Computer Technician Certification through CompTIA.
Microsoft® Office User Specialist—Expert.
Certified Technology Trainer.
Award Winning Actor.
Community Leadership Awards.
President of Professional and Civic Organizations.


G r e g  C r e e c h
Technically Speaking

Processing Humor and Data

Technology presentations from an A+- CompTiA® Certified computer technician, certified trainer, and a Microsoft® Office User Specialist Expert. Experience the reasons so many clients believe that this IT Professional really is "it" for your company or division's next recognition, technical or training event.

  • Experience— Information Manager and application support positions In technology and telecommunication industry.
  • Humor—Education through entertainment using the history of technology and customer support to relate appropriate and humorous stories.
  • Creativity — Applies the principles learned at the piano to programming and the processor and incorporates musical selections to technology.
  • Diversity—Creates and implements Access® relational database, builds web sites. writes technical manuals, trains beginner users to advanced IT profressionals, experienced in various operating systems.

Sample Programs and Speeches

Technology Bytes

A speech filled with humor, audience participation, and stories that only ii professionals can truly understand and relate. Review the history of the computer by someone who was there. We will examine the "paperless environment", contemplate certifications, and develop databases. Perfect presentation for motivating through relevant technology, humor, and music.

Technically Creating

This program teaches creative people to be more technical and technical people to be more creative through using the piano and ~ the personal computer as processors and creative devices.

Building Teams, Databases, and Our Future

A program designed for groups of 20 to 200 to build technology teams. Team building exercises include "So you want to be a Data Geek?!", "Name that Tune" (Piano included), "ACRONYMPHOBIA", and "People and Processors—Relating to customers and machines."

So Many Icons, So Little Time

A seminar designed to teach the Office suite from beginner to advanced levels using humor and actual applications to the Office® suite. Real world and real entertaining way to learn the Office® suite. Customized for your organization's needs. Courses include Access® the Possibilities, Excelling at Excel® , and the Power of PowerPoint®.


G r e g  C r e e c h
Humorously and Musically Inclined !

"The shortestdistance between two people is asense of humor." - Victor Borge
"The shortest distance between you and your success is in playing and having fun in your endeavors." - Greg Creech

M usic and humor engage associates at recognition events, annual meetings. and gatherings encouraging team building. Greg teaches creative people to be more technical and technical people to be more creative, and everyone how to be more productive and satisfied in business. He "edutains" people through a combination of educalion and entertainment for an original and memorable event.

  • Experience — Manager and administrator in Fortune 100 companies including including Compensation Manager, Information Manager, Business Results Manager, and Customer Satisfaction Manager.
  • Humor — Sold out shows at comedy clubs and more than 20 theatrical productions. Award winning actor in Atlanta area theatre.
  • Creativity — Applies the principles learned at the piano to business applications and relates musical selections to the office, technology, and customers. Two piano solo compact discs available.

Samples of Programs and Speeches

Life and Business in The Key of (Almost) Perfection

A speech filled with humor, audience participation, and stories that everyone can understand and relate. We will review how to practice, persist, be patient and play in our professional and personal worlds. Humorous stories and songs will be presented that ensures everyone will have fun and learn simultaneously. Emphasis on our resources and our results will also be presented in an extended speech or seminar.

Smiling All the Way to The Bottom Line

A humor in the workplace speech and seminar that demonstrates and teaches associates how to learn to love what they do and to develop good communication skills with fellow associates and clients.

A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Marketplace

Diversity in the workplace and marketplace speech that explores the differences in people and cultures. The importance of niche markeling and of understanding the unique characteristics that make each of us and our clients valuable and special will be learned through humor, relevant stories, song, and music.


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