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  • Innovative author, inspiring professional motivational speaker, challenging listening coach, victim, and survivor of a body-crushing and life changing near-death drunk driving crash welcomes you to discover the Energizing World of how to “Utilize the Power of Effective-Active-Listening.”©
    Greg’s “I Can Do It” attitude, enthusiasm for life, deep-down committed desire to help and serve others, developed internal and external effective-active listening skills, and ear opening techniques all permeate from the emotions and substance exuded from his latest book/audiobook: THE BREATHING BLANKET – HOW ATTITUDE AND LISTENING PREVAIL – As revealed in an ABC-TV documentary.
  • “The Breathing Blanket” – Ear-Opening Life Lessons: An inspirational keynote presentation that captures your attention and motivates you to confront the challenges of your tomorrows. In this sharing experience, greatly enhance your ability and desire to internally “Utilize the Power of Effective-Active-Listening”© through the insightful messages conveyed in Greg Bauer’s writings and crushing experiences. Discover your very own individual “I Can Do It Too” attitude transformations.
  • Discover Energizing Changes: Promoted by “The 12+ Step Method to Effective-Active-Listening.”© Discover, refine, and pursue your own life paths to serving others through the dynamics revealed in this ear-opening keynote address – customized to meet the demands of your group’s objectives. Capture how significant the “people element” becomes in every human accomplishment.
  • Energizing Workshops: Real-life Energizing Changes / Promoted by “The 12+ Step Method to Effective-Active-Listening.”©: Participants discover – strengthen – enhance – and recognize their inner ear-opening abilities while experiencing real-life energizing changes in these customized hands-on interactive life-transforming learning experiences. “Utilize the Power of Effective-Active-Listening” © in: Advancing your relationship building, discovering and activating your spiritual dimensions, elevating your leadership development potential, especially in the Internet technology, bio-tech (life sciences), and faith (ministers and priests) industries.


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