Grant Engelmann, CPT, CSCS

Grant Engelmann

Attain The Body You've Always Wanted!

Better Body Boot Camp hosts workshops and training camps designed to help you get in the best shape of your entire life! Each workshop is facilitated by nationally certified personal trainers and strength training specialists who will help you re-charge your workouts and re-ignite your motivation to look and feel your very best!

In Every Workshop and Training Camp, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn How to Bum Fat Quickly and Effectively With Little or No Equipment.
  • Find Out How To Tone Your Muscles For That Long, Lean Look!
  • Obtain Nutritional Principles That Accelerate Your Progress.
  • Learn How To Train For Body Symmetry.
  • Learn How To Eat Right In Order To Fight Disease, Pain and Stress While Boosting Energy and Well-Being!
  • Sample The Latest "On-The-Go Foods" and Meal Replacement Products,
  • Enter Drawings For Fitness Apparel and Equipment.
  • Develop Confidence Building Skills That Will Take You To The Next Level in Life!


1. Training For Your Body Type (NEW) - In this fast paced and informative workshop, you will learn the three basic body types for all men and women while developing strategies for training your specific type. You will also learn how to burn fat quickly with little or no equipment and find nutritional secrets that accelerate progress toward your goals.

2. Body Makeover Sculpting Secrets (NEW) - Do you want to get toned like a magazine model? Would you like to see your abs again? If so, this workshop is for you. You will find ways to kick your workout program into high gear by incorporating circuits and interval training that will make your time in front of the mirror enjoyable again. Nutritional principles that are sure to put you on the fast track to success are also a part of this interactive camp.

3. Vast Acceleration (NEW) - If you would like to run faster, jump higher, lift more and out perform
your competition, then this is your workshop! You will learn specific plyometric, power lifting and PNF stretching techniques that can be used immediately to make a difference toward improving your sports performance and reducing your risk of injury. Don’t wait - start accelerating your progress today!

4 Coaches Camp! (NEW) - This is the ultimate boot camp for coaches of all sports. The information presented is highly practical and will cover safe and effective methods for strengthening athletes and cutting injuries by more than half. Some of the modalities presented are “Progressive Overload,” “Specificity,” “Periodization,” “Active Rest” and “Flexibility for Recovery.” Don’t miss this opportunity help your team finish in first place!

5. The General’s Workout (NEW) - If you like to workout hard and aren’t afraid of a good sweat, then you have found the right place! This advanced routine is full body and incorporates a number of fun and unique exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility. This boot camp can be tailored for individual ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced) but is not for the faint of heart. Come prepared to get into the best shape of your life!!!

6. Sport Specific Training - This integrative workshop will teach you the essentials of realistic goal setting, periodized training, carbo-loading and proper biomechanics in moving you to the next level in your sport. You will also learn the principles of forced reps, pyramids, super-set training, compound set training, high intensity training and continuous tension in order to give you that competitive edge.

7. Healthy Hips/New Knees: Attacking Arthritis! (NEW) - This program outlines easy, non-impact, at home exercises for people with osteoarthritis. Participants will learn how to reduce arthritis pain through easy-to-do exercises using resistance tubing and a $20.00 stability ball. (Participants will have an opportunity to come away with their own stability balls and bands by participating in a raffle for these items).

8. Successful Sciatica Solutions (NEW) - This is a workshop for anyone who has ever suffered from sciatica pain. The course gives students an opportunity to try different "pain free" exercises that can be done with little or no equipment. You don't have to suffer any longer!!!

9. Fighting Fibromyalgia (NEW) - Participants will learn how to exercise and eat to reduce the pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Simple recipes will be offered and students should come prepared to try, taste and cook new things.

10. Conquering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (NEW) - Specific exercises and nutrients will substantially reduce the symptoms of CFS (with no side effects except more energy and better health!).

11. Exercise For Osteoporosis (NEW) - In this fun and interactive workshop, participants will learn how to safely perform exercises at home or work with little or no equipment to rebuild strong, healthy bones.


1. Fitness On The Fly (NEW) - Do you ever feel that the commitments of work, home, family, relationships, education and fitness are all pulling you in different directions? Have fitness and fun become an all allusive dream? If so, this workshop will help you to learn easy and effective full-body workout routines that can be done in as little as 15 - 30 minutes. No sweating required!

2. BACK To Normal (NEW) - This is a “hands-on” workshop providing participants with simple, useful and easy-to-do at home exercise suggestions. This is a must see for anyone suffering from nagging back pain. You will also learn the latest techniques for reducing and eliminating sciatica discomfort. No expensive equipment or health club memberships are required!

3. That’s A Stretch (NEW) - Reduce muscle soreness, increase flexibility, improve posture, accelerate speed, power and strength as well as reduce low back pain in this fun and active workshop. Participants will have an opportunity to experiment with various types of stretching modes such as active, passive, dynamic and the new PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) You’ll never feel the same again!

4. More Bang For Your Buck On The Ball (NEW) - Have you ever wondered what those big, colorful “beach balls” are used for at your health club? Could you ever imagine yourself working out on one of them? Did you know that you can exercise every major muscle group in your body with these “body balls”??? Find out how and have a good belly laugh at the same time!

5. Beating Breast Cancer (NEW) - This workshop shows women who have had breast cancer or breast cancer surgery specific exercises to speed recovery and reduce the pain and discomfort of recovery.

6. Super Sports Nutrition - Have you ever wanted to train for an event like the Boston Marathon, a triathlon or even a body building competition but just not known quite what to eat in preparation for the main event? Participants will learn what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat in this fast paced workshop. How to safely cut calories and carbo-loading will also be discussed along with opportunities to sample some of the latest in sports nutrition as well.

7. Sport Specific Training - Learn how to train effectively in a fraction of the time by using such principles as "forced reps," proper biomechanics and "High Intensity Training."

8. Managing Migraines - Learn how to prevent migraines and substantially reduce their severity through specific nutritional tips and exercise.

9. Stress Strangling Strategies - Participants will learn to identify their own individual stress triggers along with nutritional tactics to prevent the serious health consequences of accumulated stress.

10. Compelling Communication! - Learn how to communicate with every personality type quickly and effectively in this fun and fast paced workshop!


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