Gordon Jackson, J.D., CSP


Author of Coaches Encourage - Bosses Punish and ten other books on Positive Employee Relations and Trouble-Free Management Strategies.

About Gordon Jackson:

Gordon Jackson is a nationally renowned author and speaker on the subject of positive employee relations.

As an active practicing attorney, Mr. Jackson is the author of Unlawful Terminations and Employment-at-Will, the Law of Employer and Employee Rights Case Manual, the Labor and Employment Law Desk Book, a Prentice-Hall one-volume reference manual on federal and state labor laws, and is co-author of How to Defend and Win Labor and Employment Law Cases. He recently completed his latest book, COACHES ENCOURAGE - BOSSES PUNISH.

Mr. Jackson is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Who's Who in Professional Speaking. He was selected as one of the 31 Consummate Speakers for 1996 by Sharing Ideas, the international magazine for speakers, meeting planners, etc. He is one of fewer than 400 people worldwide to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. He is a frequent speaker at management meetings and seminars throughout the nation, averaging in excess of 100 speaking engagements annually.

He is the senior partner of the Jackson, Shields, Yeiser & Cantrell management oriented Law Firm. He is a member of the prestigious College of Labor and Employment Lawyers; the Labor and Employment Law Section of the American Bar Association; and the American Academy of Hospital Attorneys of the American Hospital Association.

Keynote& Banquet Addresses

Coaches Encourage - Bosses Punish
Four secrets to Perfect Coaching, Perfect Supervising, Perfect Parenting and Building Successful and Lasting Relationships

Profiles of Leadership
Ten Core Characteristics of All Great Leaders to Model for the New Millennium.

Teams Without Tears
Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing Empowered Work Teams

How To Motivate People
Magical Methods to Motivate People in the New Millennium

The Paradigm Golf Swing
How "Paradigm Flexibility" was used in Designing, Developing and Mastering the l.ocked-ln® Golf Swing


Seminars and Workshops

Management 2000
Six Steps to Maintaining a "Trouble-Free" Workplace

Leadership 2000
Transitional Leadership Strategies to manage in the 21st Century

Beyond Unions
Ten Master Keys to Transcend Beyond Conflict and Confrontation

Avoiding Workplace Litigation
Professional Management Skills and Positive Employee Programs to Prevent Labor and Employment Lawsuits

Maintaining A Hostile-Free Workplace
Procedural and Preventive Safeguards to Avoid Sexual Harassment and Other Hostile Behaviors in Today's Workplace

Gordon is the author of The Labor and Employment Law Desk Book, a Prentice-Hall one-volume reference manual on federal and state employment laws, When Labor Trouble Strikes and co-author of How to Defend and Win Labor and Employment Law Cases. As an avid golfer, Gordon also is the author of the Locked-ln® Golf Swing.


Coaches Encourage - Bosses Punish
An example Keynote Address

GORDON JACKSON'S most popular keynote and banquet address, this presentation reveals the essential steps necessary to mold the best of all types of relationships - whether in the home, in the workplace, in the classroom or in the sports arena. Gordon Jackson draws heavily in this presentation on the "secrets" revealed in his book by the same title and enhances the presentation with a discussion about his own positive relations' experiences as a management attorney, consultant, author, speaker, parent and grandparent. He discusses significant changes that have occurred in recent years that have revolutionized the American home and workplace: transitioning the mindset of the parent from that of a "punisher" to that of an "encourager" and the mindset of the manager from that of a "dictator" to that of a "resourcer."


* The real secret to motivating others
* Building an environment in which others motivate from within
* The transformation of the American mindset
* The revolution of the American workplace
* Characteristics of highly effective coaches
* Defining the consummate coach of the future
* The motivational dynamics of "defining expectations"
* Applying the "doctrine of assured response"
* Motivational aspects of "establishing consequences"
* The power of positive reinforcement
* When a child sees a parent approaching ...
* When an employee sees a manager approaching ...
* The impact of "encouragement"
* Distinguishing an "attitudinal" deficiency from a "training" deficiency
* The significance of separating the "behavior" from the "person"


What they say about Gordon Jackson

"I have to tell you Gordon Jackson was GREAT! I laughed so hard I hurt, and people were telling me at the end of our meeting that he was the best entertainment we'd ever had. I think what made him such a hit was the fact he remembered people's names along with the plants they represented and worked that info into his presentation, which made it personal."
Sandi Worsham, Program Coordinator Occidental Chemical

"On two occasions in the past year, we have been fortunate to have you come to Rhode Island to address employers on positive employee relations ... The way you blend simple profound truths with a dynamite delivery created the most engaging seminar experience we have ever seen in the Rhode Island area."
Paul E. Martineau Executive Director The Employer's Association of Rhode Island

"On behalf of all of us at the National Grain & Feed Association, I want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to present the Featured Business Address at out 99th annual convention. Yours was one of the most substantive and focused business addresses I have heard in my 18 years with NGFA."
Randall C. Gordon, VP, Communications & Government Relations National Grain & Feed Association


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