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Experience one of the "PEOPLE - ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS" offered by Glenn Wallace!

Glenn Wallace has a National Reputation as an Educator, Speaker and Performer. He has done programs in almost every state in the country for Schools, Conferences,  Camps and  Conventions.

Glenn has degrees in Psychology and Sociology. He worked for many years with inner city youth and young  people in trouble. For the last 20 years, Glenn has been presenting assembly programs,  workshops, and keynotes for students and staff. He communicates his message in a unique style using humor, stories and songs for an experience that is enjoyable, educational and inspirational!

Program Topics


Stress - Busting and Self-Esteem Building!

This is a fun/activepresentation that promotes a more supportive environment to reduce stress and increase self-worth. Happiness  doesn't just happen. It takes positive practice to maintain a  positive attitude and outlook. Participants will learn practical ways to build community and achieve a positive lifestyle. Skills learned can be used  in the classroom.

Teaching Confidence in the Classroom!

The focus of this presentation (keynote or workshop) is to provide some new ideas and activities for teachers to use in the   classroom. Teaching confidence and self-assurance is a process that occurs over time. Participants will learn techniques that they can use every day and some activities that will give them useful tools for teaching  their students.

Keynotes - Glenn  is a speaker and a performer/humorist who imparts his message through through stories, humor and song. He draws on 20 years of experience with over 4000 presentations to schools and organizations giving practical   methods and techniques for building confidence and self-esteem. Audiences throughout the United States give rave reviews to a super presentation that is full of laughter, levity, information and inspiration!

Workshops / Staff Training - Informative fun  sessions that invite participation and  active learning. Programs are designed to improve personal and work relationships and provide some practical ways for building self-confidence and assurance. Participants will  practice skills and gain new insights  into more effective interaction. Stress and negativity can be overcome by creating a more positive and affirming school / work environment!

Family Program - An   evening program with students and parents full of stories, humor and songs. Glenn relates to young and old through song lyrics and music with positive messages and ideas to create a healthy home and school  environment. Very Popular!

1397 Orchard Park Road West Seneca New York 14224

Glenn Wallace  presented two assemblies and through singing and talking he did an excellent job. The students joined in by singing and clapping enthusiastically ! In a very short time, Glenn established a genuine rapport with the  students and the faculty. He literally had them "in the palm of his hand."

I encourage anyone to hire Mr. Wallace as a  fine entertainer and  storyteller. He was able to successfully promote student self-esteem! Student comments were positive and thoughtful. All in all, the day was very successful thanks to Mr. Wallace.

 PRINCIPAL - Joan D. Thomas

Lockport City School District

"Glenn Wallace has been in our schools before for a series of performances on "Self-Esteem". We have arranged for his return, this time for assemblies on the  theme "American  Heritage". All 8 of our Lockport schools benefited from the messages he conveyed to our students through his music and positive messages.

  Ted Hadky                                            716 439-6411

Lockport City Schools 131 Beattie Ave Lockport NY 14094

Chester Elementary School      Chester New York

I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to you for granting   permission to use your song "Crossroads" in our Video Production. It will be entered into GOVERNOR CUOMO's YOUTH DRUG PREVENTION CAMPAIGN.

914 469-2178
William W. Castellane


Dear Glenn, I would like to thank  you  for being with us on our Superintendent's Conference Day. Nearly 2000 educators took part and I received countless positive comments concerning the day. You offered our teachers and administrators an  opportunity for  growth.

Mike Ford
Director of Staff Development

Chautauqua New York

Thank you for sharing your talents with us.  Your  concert added a new dimension to our programming & was met with an enthusiastic response by everyone.
Jennifer Janson
- Program Director

"Your performance was excellent! Your message was not only heard but it was internalized by our students."
Forestville  School
Forestvile NY 14062
Charles Nebral
- Principal 
716 965-2711

"1 would like to express my thanks to you for a well done assembly on Self-Esteem!"
 Avon Central School                                   
161 Clinton St Avon NY
Thomas Wallon
- Principal
716 226-3836

North Tonawanda Public Schools

 I  wish to express my personal gratitude for your involvement in our "H~alth Awareness Day". You helped make this an important annual event. The theme song that you wrote was very inspirational! I look  forward to your  participation next year!
Zenon Deputat
District Health  Coordinator
N. Ton. New York

A HEALTH AND WELLNESS CELEBRATION was sponsored by the North Tonawanda Schools. Glenn Wallace, local author and singer / songwriter, headed the evening and introduced his new theme song.  The song was then  dedicated by the Mayor. Metro Area News

Fonda - Fultonville Central School
A Community Committed to Success
Fonda New York 518 853-4747

Your Keynote Address was  very well received by our students. Your music and message was right on the mark. You exposed the students to new ideas about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. And, your workshops added much to the day. I hope we can work together in the future.
Middle School Principal
518  853-4747 
 John West


Program Ideas


ASSEMBLY PROGRAM - No Ordinary Program - Educational AND Entertaining! Positive and affirming messages are communicated through Glenn's songs, stories and humor. This is not JUST a music program, it is just one  of the very BEST Programs offered anywhere!! It is always tailored to the age group and the situation. Receives "Excellent" reports nationwide!

KEYNOTE SPEAKING - You have heard lots of speakers and speeches. Glenn Wallace is both a speaker AND performer who imparts his message through stories, humor and song lyrics.  Glenn draws on 20 years of experiences with over 4000 schools and organizations to give practical methods and techniques to build confidence and self—esteem. Audiences everywhere give rave reviews to  a program  that's full of laughter, information and inspiration, all at the same time! Topics are tailored to your theme.

FAMILY CONCERT - An after school or evening program for Parents to enjoy with their Children. Can be a part of an all school event or meeting. Works well with a Self-Esteem   focus of positive and affirming messages. Participants gain new skills, insights, and better ways of interacting.

STAFF AND TEACHER TRAINING This Program is designed to improve personal and work relationships, and provides some practical ways to help others build self confidence and assurance. Creating a  positive and affirming school environment helps overcome all of the many negative influences.

WORKSHOP / RESIDENCY Informative fun sessions that hold the attention of students and invite participation. Can be used in conjunction with, or instead of an assembly. It offers more  opportunity for discussion and exploration. Tailored to your needs (from 30 minutes to several weeks).


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