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Glenn Daughtridge is a professional speaker with over thirty years of leadership experience in the business community. This experience includes: chamber of commerce board member; co-founder and board member of a financial institution and various positions of management in the telecommunications industry. He is founder of HUMOR WITH A PURPOSE, INC. and is active in many civic and community organizations.
Glenn is a true southern country boy who was reared on a farm in eastern North Carolina. He uses a blend of his country heritage and business experience, freely sprinkled with humor, to keep an audience tuned to his presentations.



This seminar is designed to increase productivity and incorporates current business concepts. This is an interactive seminar. The participants determine their dominate leadership style and how to evaluate the self-reliance level of their individual work group. Then they learn how to use the various styles of leadership to increase the self-reliance level and productivity of their team. This seminar also explores conflict, the reasons for conflict and offers proven methods for managing or resolving conflict. Executives, managers and supervisors will gain valuable insight that they will use every business day. The length of this seminar is normally one day but it can be structured for half day to meet a client's schedule. Each participant in this seminar also receives a monthly follow-up (Secrets Of Leadership-"Update") for six (6) months following the seminar. The "Update" is designed to reinforce the concepts taught in the leadership seminar. These follow-ups provide a business the comfort of knowing that this is not another here today, gone tomorrow program but instead it is a here today, here tomorrow program; and it works. This approach insures added value for the participant and the company.


Here is a seminar that deals with downsizing, mergers, consolidations, and fierce competition in the business world of today. "SURVIVAL" shows an individual or a company the skills required to survive in today's market place. The participant will discover how to communicate more effectively with customers and how to keep customers coming back. Anticipating the future, quality and the importance of customer perception are also explored in this seminar. They will learn techniques that will increase their confidence level, how to improve their personal and company image and seven specific actions that will sabotage a career. This is a one day seminar but can be presented in modules of 1 or 2 hours each.


This is a seminar that will show participants how to obtain new customers and retain existing customers by focusing on the aspects of quality, service, deliverables, and expectations as the drivers to success for a business. Listening skills, as a key in communicating, along with the perception of you toward your customer and the perception the customer has of you are the basis of this presentation. Also included are skills required to improve both the image of the organization and the individual. Participants will discover the twelve (12) key essentials to outstanding customer service. This seminar is a one day program but can also be segmented and presented as a conference breakout session of one, two, three, or four hours.


Communications is not what is said but what is understood. The concepts taught in this seminar are critical to individual success in the business and social community. Participants will discover the various types of listeners; learn how to be an active listener, and how to eliminate barriers that create ineffective listening. The participants will learn Glenn's unique "bucket" approach to having their ideas accepted by others. You will learn how to be a more effective speaker and listener in face to face, group or telephone settings. This seminar is normally a half-day program but can be adapted for shorter break-out type sessions.


Participants learn the skills required to be an effective supervisor/manager in today's rapidly changing business arena. This seminar is interactive and fun. Objectives include identifying attitudes and behaviors which are appropriate to your job in management; improve the perception of how others see you as a management person; understand how you influence others in the work environment; identify your individual development needs; how to be a better listener and to communicate with others;
learn facilitation and effective meeting techniques; reducing stress; and much, much more. This seminar will prepare you to readily recognize and successfully meet the demands of your job. Training is designed to be completed in a four day session although it can be modularized or customized depending upon the client's desire. This is an investment of a short period of time that will pay dividends through out your career.


Meetings are essential for an organization to be effective in today's business world. There are certain procedures that will make meetings easier and more productive. Participants in this fast paced, fun, training seminar will learn how to apply these procedures to their business meetings. They will learn how to define the meeting purpose and write clear problem statements. Participants will learn how to clarify roles and responsibilities and the language of facilitation that will result in a more successful meeting. They will discover the skills necessary to deal with a problem participant. They will learn how to prepare an agenda and how to effectively evaluate a meeting. This training is a necessity for any business that expects to continue to be successful. Length of this seminar is normally one and a half days.


Conference Keynotes

Below are three humorous motivational keynote presentations that allow the client to choose the subject of emphasis (communications, teamwork, change, motivation, marketing, customer perception, quality, personal growth, etc.).

"FILLING THE GAP": A fun but motivational presentation that demonstrates
how the uniqueness of each of us can be used to fill the gaps that always occur in
the business world or any organization.

"F.A.C.E.S. OF SUCCESS": (Flexibility, Attitude, Commitment, Enthusiasm and
Self). Humor is used to help the participant to remember the points of emphasis
long after the presentation ends.

"THE BEST IS YET TO COME": This presentation will energize an audience
and help them anticipate a positive future. Audiences will leave this presentation
feeling good about themselves and the organization they represent.

These are excellent programs for conference keynotes or as an after dinner presentation. The length of each presentation can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending upon the requirements of the client.

What people say about Glenn

Glenn’s presentations are truly timely and appropriate for all audiences. His delivery and materials used during his presentations are both educational and humorous. I would recommend Glenn for any and all occasions.
Herb Henderson, V.P. HR
Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom

I don’t know where to start after hearing such a dynamic and entertaining speaker. Our Chamber of Commerce Awards night was a big success because of you.
Belhaven Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your perfect “10” score, “world class” performance at our N.C. Fall Council.
Mary Ann Ethridge
Pilot International

This was our most successful program to date and the reason for the success was you.
Andy Yakin

You are truly a born teacher and the presentation that you made was evident in its flawless execution.
Robert Beardsley
U.S. Power Squadrons, Yonkers, N.Y.

You demonstrated skills that go well beyond good public speaking. Your material was well organized and conveyed in a concise effective manner with a graceful flow that was eloquently presented. You are simply the greatest!
Ernest G. Marshburn
USPS Greenville, N.C.

An excellent speaker! You presented a message that was very entertaining, humorous, timely and meaningful. Everyone agreed you were the best speaker we have ever had.
Donald L. Stotesberry, Jr.
President. NCAAA

It was a pleasure listening to your performance. Never have I been in a room where the entire crowd was so captivated.
Mark A Siedlecki
President, InsideWorld Corporation


About Glenn

Glenn believes that when people laugh, their minds are clearer and better conditioned for learning. That is why he uses humor liberally in all his presentations to make the subject of emphasis easier to remember.

Glenn has keynoted conferences from Seattle to New York, from Toronto to Miami. In addition to speaking to businesses and associations as a humorous keynote speaker, Daughtridge conducts seminars on the "Secrets Of Leadership"; "Surviving In Today's Changing Business Environment"; "Success Through Service"; "Listening, The Key To Effective Communications"; "Stress/Humor In The Workplace"; and "Effective Management Skills For The 21st Century" for business organizations.

He is also a co-author of a book entitled "Sales and Marketing: Proven Techniques for the 21st Century".
Glenn has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a certified trainer for Kaset International and Zinger Miller. He is currently involved nationally in a leadership position of the United States Power Squadrons and is an active member of the National Speakers Association and the International Speakers Network.


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