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It's that time again to find the right speaker for your next event. You want a powerful message for your audience with a vibrant delivery and personality. Meet Giovanni Livera. Giovanni is an International Brotherhood of Magician's World Champion. More than a decade ago, Giovanni combined his extraordinary talents with a compelling message for corporate audiences. Today, Giovanni is one of America's most unique motivational speakers. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies have engaged Gio to create impact with their people and clients. Now, Giovanni is ready to help your organization achieve breakthrough results. Whether you need Gio as a speaker, entertainer or trainer you will find Anything Is Possible!



You need to inspire your people before you can inspire your customers. Achieve breakthrough results with the 4T's... Talent, Teamwork, Targets & Transformation


Giovanni imparts creativity, the power of belief and contagious energy to encourage your audience with his M.A.G.I.C. formula for success... Motivation, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, Care.


WOW your company's clients, employees and VIP's with an unforgettable evening of magic, comedy, and audience participation. Giovanni will astonish your people, leave-em with a smile and you can take all of the credit.

Speeches, Banquet Shows, Motivational, Emcee, Workshops

With his M.A.G.I.C. formula, Giovanni encourages your people to achieve their best by thinking like a magician:

Motivation - How do you stay motivated? Magicians stay motivated because they know they can do the impossible. Amazing accomplishments aren't just a stroke of luck. Your people learn that when they combine skills and knowledge with motivation, anything can happen.

Attitude - You may not be around people with the best attitude, but you do have a choice. Amazing people choose an A+ attitude. The difference between a professional and an amateur is that professionals never have a bad day. You're people will know the show -must go on,

Goal Setting - How do you know when you've done a great job? Magicians carefully plan, practice, and know every move before the performance. Decide what you need to accomplish and know that anything is possible.

Imagination - Your competitors may be able to steal your ideas, but they can't steal your ability to create ideas. Magicians create amazing magic because they know that anything is possible. Your people come up with world-changing ideas when they think without barriers.

Care - Unhappy customers leave because they feel that no one cares. Good magicians care about their audience and take care of their audience. When your people truly care, your customers think that you're amazing.


Giovanni redefines the concept of a motivational speaker Unlike any you have ever seen the or will ever see again, Giovanni is a motivational speaker for today's corporate audiences. As a member of the prestigious National Motivation Speakers Association he does more than just inspire excite and motivate your group. He challenges them to "Be Amazing" while tailoring his session to address your company's goals and objectives. His powerhouse presentation includes recollections of his personal experiences in business and an infectious enthusiasm. He inspires each member of your group to think like a magician in order to achieve their personal and professional bests. Giovanni interweaves magic throughout the presentation to reinforce his message as he outlines the "M.A.G.l.C." components for success: Motivation, Attitude, Goal Setting, Imagination and Care.


In addition to Giovanni's motivational programs, many companies utilize his unique talents throughout their general sessions and business meetings. Small doses of magic performed between speakers and executive presentations add life and continuity to the program. He will keep your audience refreshed and their attention focused on the message of your meeting. Giovanni's special illusions can incorporate your executives as the stars of the show. Make your company president or CEO appear from a puff of smoke, introduce a new incentive program, or teach your executives magic routines to enhance their message.


Attracting qualified leads to your trade show exhibit requires more than catchy graphics or elaborate takes Giovanni! He will perform a high-energy brand of magic and illusion, using high-tech sound and lighting effects geared to the size of your booth .and your competition won't know what you have up your sleeve! Whether you need to introduce a new product generate more leads gain corporate exposure, enhance your image or dramatically increase booth traffic, Giovanni will use a custom script to maximize your marketing   message. Working closely with you in advance to develops a thorough strategy to help your sales staff qualify leads and exceed your trade show goals Giovanni s energy talent and experience bring your trade show marketing to a  new level of excellence

Giovanni Will Make Your Next Event a Magical Success!

Here's What Applause Looks Like On Paper

What an encore!!! Thank you for the fantastic performance at our Dealer Awards Banquet. People are still talking about your performance. Kathy Thomas, Marketing Manager, StarMark

I was very impressed with the way you interacted with our participants while still imparting the right target message... But more importantly, you imparted critical success strategies that are the key to achieving our objectives in the coming year. Andrew D. Woodward, Jr., President NationsBanc Mortgage Corporation

Your new illusion was the hit of the Embedded Systems Conference. We were thrilled with the amount of product information you were able to communicate throughout your presentation. The results were unbelievable! Dean Parker, Product Manager, IBM

Your style, charisma and magic is captivating and inspirational; you kept our conference attendees on the edge of their seats during your entire performance. Mary C. McDaniel, Director of Marketing Systems & Computer Technology

I just want you to know that I hire about 150 speakers each year and this is my 17th year in the business. And you had the freshest, brightest  and most entertaining presentation I have seen in years!  Randy B. Schwager, Vice President, Membership Development Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Service

Your enthusiasm and love for what you do is contagious. I am sure our people will take that enthusiasm as well as your message to heart. Mark D'Annunzio, National Sales Manager Micro United Computer Products

YOU are a true talent and without your expertise the show would not have been the smashing success that it was. Your ability to captivate an audience and keep them in our booth while we demonstrated our product was key to the success of the tradeshow. Andrew C. Martin, Communications Specialist, Advertising & Employee Communications, Lord Corporation

I wanted to thank you for bringing pizzazz and flair to our... CMS Extravaganza. Once again you have proven to be an excellent source of entertainment for our conferences and trade shows! Cindy Dalecki, Marketing/Public Relations Computerized Monitoring Services

Your presentation "Be Amazing," was a perfect closing to our Conference and one of the real highlights of the whole program. We were captivated by your magic skills and inspired by your powerful message. Don Blythe, President and General Manager O.K. Tire Stores Inc.

Your performance at our banquet was without a doubt, the highlight of the entire convention and left a lasting impression on all our important customers. Thanks again for your "two thumbs up" performance and the opportunity to work with a real "pro." W.S. Smith, Ill, Manager, Marketing Communications, Westinghouse Electric Corporation


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