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About Geraldine Markel, PhD

Geraldine Markel, PhD, coach, speaker, and author, helps enhance performance and profitability. She has served on the faculty of the University of Michigan School of Education and was seminar leader of the Strategic Design Seminar at the Executive Education Center at the School of Business. Her most recent papers include "The Uses and Abuses of 360 Degree Feedback" and "Balancing Professional and Personal Lives." An expert in the area of learning and attention, her most recent books are Helping Adolescents with ADHD & Learning Disabilities, Ready-to-Use Tips, Techniques, and Checklists for School Success and The ABCs of the SATs: A Parent Guide.

New Seminars from Managing Your Mind ™ Coaching and Seminars

    Managing Your Mind: Increasing Focus and Concentration

    Information now reaches us from many sources. This bombardment of data frequently produces problems such as information overload, distractibility, short attention span, and frustration. This seminar presents a systematic approach to these problems and provides easy-to-use techniques and checklists. These tools will increase one's focus and concentration and decrease distractibility.

    Managing Your Mind: Improving Memory

    As our brains are bombarded with information and we are forced to multitask, it seems that our minds shift into overdrive while our memories drop into low gear. It is no wonder that everybody seems to be more prone to forget names, numbers and facts, misplace keys, lose papers, forget chores, or miss appointments. Fortunately something can be done. Memory is a skill that can be improved with practice.

    Managing Your Mind: Fast Track Reading

Everyone is faced with a seemingly endless flood of reading material. A requirement for success in today's age of information means that technical reports, legal documents, correspondence, and e-mail are understood, recalled, and responded to quickly and with accuracy. Fast Track Reading provides strategies to process information faster, more easily, and with greater comprehension and retention. Participants learn the usefulness of being an active and flexible reader. Strategies are presented to increase rate, comprehension, retention, and concentration.

Managing Your Mind: Stopping The " I'll Do it Later" Cycle

The pressure is on for employees to do more with less—less time, fewer resources. Most people procrastinate at some time or in some situations. Excessive procrastination, however, can lead to loss of productivity and increased stress. This seminar provides a procrastination profile and easy-to-apply strategies to manage time and responsibilities. Discussions and hands-on activities help participants overcome common barriers and design an action to decrease procrastination.

Managing Your Mind; Improving Listening Skills for Greater Productivity

Listening is an often-overlooked skill and yet forty percent of all communication is spent listening. Good listening skills have an impact on relationships, professional development and productivity. Most people have not fully developed their listening skills and therefore, are not aware of their importance. This seminar will demonstrate how to overcome barriers to effective listening as overreacting to emotionally charged words, hearing what you want to hear and only processing partial information. This seminar focuses on listening to yourself listening to others and getting others to listen to you.

Surviving the Holidays During Tough Times

    The country is confronting demanding new challenges while the economy is contracting. How can we prepare ourselves for the added stresses of the holiday season? This seminar provides practical tools and techniques for dealing with the multiple challenges of work, family, and holiday.

    Balancing Work and Family

    Many in the workforce feel tired, overwhelmed, and guilty as they confront the challenges of work, children, and aging or sick parents. This seminar provides the means to assess one's values, deal with competing demands, and develop strategies to cope with pressures are work and at home

    How to Talk to Children About Tragedy and Current Events

    Attack on America. How do we deal with the fears and questions of children? This seminar discusses how to put these concerns in perspective and provides ways to help children cope and focus on learning.


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