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  • Bachelor of ArtsóBusiness Administration, BaldwinóWallace College
  • Master of EducationóInstructional Design-Human Performance Technology, Wayne State University

Georgean Vorwerk draws on over 25 years of experience as a speaker, singer and actor to create dynamic, down-to-earth motivational programs that are tailored specifically for your needs.  Reaching audiences with custom-designed presentations Georgean delivers her message with a passion to inspire, motivate, and educate others.

Her Masters Degree in Instructional Design has provided Georgean with unique expertise in adult educational theory and message design.  She understands her message, and more importantly, she understands how to deliver it effectively.  She has worked for and facilitated corporate training for companies such as Chrysler, and Henry Ford Hospital. Her training seminars have helped people grow in areas such as "Dealing with Difficult People," "Conflict Resolution," and "Customer-focused Telephone Skills."  Georgean is also a member of the National Speakers Association.

In her extra-curricular moments Georgean enjoys performing in various venues.  She developed an entertaining and educational presentation on Colonial Williamsburg that has been popular with schools and civic organizations.  She has had two years of voice lessons and has been a featured soloist.

Georgean brings all of these skills together into a unique and inspiring package as a speaker and presenter for a wide variety of audiences.  Most recently she has invested her passion for people and professionalism into her presentations titled Keeping the Promise Caring for Your Partner Through Chronic Illness and Freedom True Liberty in an Age of License.

Program Topics

    Dealing with Difficult People Making Relationships Better

      We all have difficult people in our lives at work, and within our personal friendships and relationships.  Knowing how to deal with those who challenge us from time to time requires real skill.  Georgean offers concrete methods to building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships with difficult people.


      • The Importance of Body Language When Dealing with Others
      • Avoiding Manipulative Behaviors
      • Developing Positive and Lasting Rapport
      • Maintaining Appropriate Personal Behavior

    Conflict Resolution Finding the Way to Negotiating Conflicts

      This presentation addresses the child-like and adult view of conflict and the elements of understanding positive and negative aspects of conflict.  Georgean takes the participants through those skills necessary to positively negotiate and resolve conflicts.


      • Child vs. Adult View of Conflict
      • Understanding Positive and Negative Aspects of Conflict
      • Behavior Characteristics that Affect Conflict
      • Active Listening Skills Needed to Resolve Conflict
      • Negotiating Conflicts

    Presentation Skills Savvy Speaking

      It is important to have developed and established skills to enhance your delivery when speaking to any audience.  Georgean has developed definite delivery skills that have established her as a professional and held her audience's attention when she speaks.

      She shares unique insights to her delivery technique.


      • You Have Ninety Seconds to Make a First Impression
      • Your Topic Memory Joggers
      • Your Voice Reflects Your Passion
      • Your Body Language Strengthens Your Delivery
      • Your Dynamic Ending Determines a Memorable Message

    Customer Service Developing Customer Focused Skills

      This presentation focuses upon innovative techniques to handle the variety of communication dynamics that take place when servicing customers.  Good customer service demands an ability to develop good listening skills to determine what the customer really needs as well as what he wants.  At the end of this presentation the participant will have developed solid active listening skills, know how to develop and maintain rapport with the customer, be able to diffuse anger, and be able to create a solution to a given problem and understand how to develop meaningful follow-up steps to satisfy the customer.


      • Prepare to Listen
      • Adopt Active Listening Skills
      • Develop and Maintain Rapport
      • Create a Solution
      • Confirm the Solution
      • Follow-up Steps

    Keeping the Promise Caring for Your Partner Through Chronic Illness

      Drawing upon 30 years of marriage, Georgean shares her insights to partnering successfully with one who has a chronic illness.  Her presentation is designed for those living with chronic illness who seek to improve their interpersonal relationships and for those who are a partner or caregiver to a person with chronic illness.  Through her energy and down-to-earth approach to living with chronic illness, Georgean motivates others to live a richer relationship maintaining the daily disciplines that long-term illness demands.  Georgean has delivered her message to numerous support groups in the health care community and appeared at the Gladys Knight Town Hall meeting titled "Doing Something About Diabetes."


      • Self-Discipline An Important Factor
      • Responsibility Whose Job Is It?
      • Creating Effective Partnerships
      • Maintaining Effective Relationships
      • When Nothing Seems to Work
      • Maintaining a Positive Attitude

    Freedom True Liberty in an Age of License

      This presentation is purely inspirational and patriotic.  Georgean has been interested in American history for many years.  She has been a guest speaker portraying an American colonial woman in full costume for public schools, for the Daughters of American Colonists, and the Daughters of the American Revolution as well as many civic groups.  She has presented American culture and history through music in little theater and through the year of the Bicentennial Celebration of the American Constitution.

      In recent years her interest has turned to the impact of American history and the essence of American freedom in our modern society.  Georgean gives a passionate delivery of what the word Freedom really means, how it is misused, and how it should be applied in today's world.  Georgean's professional style, emotional impact, and dynamic delivery leave her audiences greatly moved and appreciative of what it means to be an American today, and what it really means to be free.



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