Gene Mage


Caught in the trap of endless crises and activity?

From Fortune 500 boardrooms to overworked hospital emergency rooms, today's leaders are being stretched to the limit. Break free from the things that drain your time, energy, and enthusiasm. Gene Mage equips you with five powerful verbal keys that will set you Free to Lead!

Gene is the author of Managing for High Performance: A Concise Handbook for Managers Who Want to Create a Great Place to Work. His syndicated column. Making it Work®, reaches more than 350,000 readers each week. He has published over 150 articles on leadership in national publications including HR magazine. Health Care Registration, Front Line Supervisor,, and major wire services.


Helping Leaders Find Their Voices

Get out in front where you belong!
"When you master the words of leadership, you begin to master the work of leadership," says Gene. An insightful and captivating speaker, Gene shows you how to invest your valuable time and energy in the leadership work that really makes a difference for your co-workers, customers, company, and career. Best of all, by doing so you create an energizing "culture of excellence" that magnetically attracts and retains the best people with the highest standards.

Leading...and loving it!
Learn how to:
• Unleash the natural leadership talent you already possess
• Deal artfully with crises, chaos, and conflict
• Turn around those annoying non-performers
• Empower people to find their own solutions
• Motivate ordinary employees to become more committed, self-motivated performers
• Exercise your full potential and influence as a leader
• Take control of your leadership agenda

"You made our leadership development program an overwhelming success. Input from participants is very positive, and the measurable results are outstanding. There is no question that this program is world class." --Bill Robertson, President and CEO Adventist HealthCare

"Thank you for the professional work you delivered during our celebration of National Customer Service Week. Your closing keynote presentation did a great job of tying all the concepts of the week together. Great content and great fun!" —David Dudek, Manager Customer Relations, Corning Incorporated Shared Services Excellence Center

Audiences Include:

Corning Incorporated, The Adventist Health Care System, Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM); International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP); Meeting Professionals International (MPI).


Workshop Titles Include:

*FREE to LEAD: 5 Keys to Getting it Done Without Doing it All
*Managing for High Performance: What Managers Need to Do to Raise the Bar
*Customer Service in Times of Change: Power Relationship and Communication Skills that Get Results
*Time Management: 12 Core Time Management Competencies
*Keeping Cool with a Hot Customer: Emotional Intelligence for Professionals Who Deal With Conflict
*Strategic Planning for Faith-Based Organizations: A Straightforward, Practical Approach
*Strategic Planning for Not-For-Profit Organizations: Community-Driven Planning
*Winning Marketing Plans: Customer Driven Planning
*It's OK to say NO!: Assertiveness for Stressed Out Professionals
*Sales: The Professional Edge: 6 Critical Competencies for Superior Team-Based Selling
*Winning Together: Teamwork Skills and Negotiating Priorities



Maureen A. Kirchmyer, CAP, IAAP Seminar Chairman
I would like to thank you very much for your “Authentic Alternative” presentation at our annual seminar.  Based on the reaction of those in the audience, I’m certain that your message was extremely well received.
Kevin Keeley, President, Chemung County Chamber of Commerce
"Thanks largely to your professional participation, we can all consider this inaugural event a success.  I was really happy to hear from several folks that the professional insight you shared at your seminar was extremely valuable and well received.  We could never have done such a high caliber program without you."
Richard Suchan, Vice President & Manager, M&T Bank
"I am again awe struck by the message — simply said...yet frequently forgotten in today’s world.”
Bonnie Gestwicki, Director, Corning Community College Small Business Development Center
"Thank you for the informative, energetic presentation to the Roundtable this morning.  I received many positive comments from the participants.  I appreciate your professionalism, enthusiasm and sharing of expertise.  Looking forward to working with you again."
Barbette Weimer-Elder, Director, Education Institute, Adventist HealthCare
"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a leader in creating excellence here at Adventist HealthCare.  You are truly a leader and team player."
John Renz. CEO, Creative Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.
"Thank you for presenting “Managing for High Performance” at the April managers’ meeting.  This allows the high performing, independently motivated staff to understand the goals that are meaningful to the company and the individual.  It also allows the low performing staff the opportunity to discuss how to raise their performance.  I have found your services to be of great value to me and the company I lead."
Bill Willson, CEO, Little Optics
"Gene proved himself to be reliable, detail oriented and relentless in delivering his assigned objectives.  I can whole-heartedly recommend Gene for consulting work that gets results".
Phil D. Riehl, Owner, Oak Hill Farm Bulk Foods
"I love your views on customer service, dealing with employees, and other helpful ideas.  Keep up the great work!"
Marilyn Stone, After 5 Clubs
"Thank you so much for coming and speaking and singing for our After 5 Club guest night.  I know that you had an impact.  Your message really got some of them thinking.  Thanks again for sharing your time — your talent & your story with us."
Jim DeLaney, Owner, DeLaney Insurance
"I am pleased to say some of your topics have been good motivation and guides for me in building my client base.  You have provided a good service to OUR COMMUNITY."


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