Gabriela Corá, MD, MBA


My MISSION is to promote integrated Health, Performance and Productivity, thus advancing individual & organizational WELLBEING for the benefit of Society.

Dr. Gaby Corá has a unique "toolbox" in aligned synergy: she is a licensed medical doctor, corporate consultant, trained mediator, executive coach, expert speaker, published author, and she has a master's in business administration. Dr. Corá's forte is in assisting you - the successful executive, entrepreneur, professional, or road-warrior - align your individual plan with your organizational plan, improving and achieving each and every goal, both individually as well as within your organization. Her distinctive expertise is in providing interactive, dynamic, comprehensive, and integrative programs combining seminars and strategically planned executive coaching.

Dr. Gaby Corá offers integrated, intensive, and comprehensive programs assisting corporate executives, road warriors, professionals, and entrepreneurs. She combines business coaching and interactive seminars in Leading under Pressure® and Managing Work in Life™ to assist you maximize your individual and organizational performance and productivity while maximizing health and wellbeing. Dr. Corá offers consultations in person and via teleconferencing, nationally and globally.

Dr. Gaby Corá is an expert consultant and professional speaker in the following areas:


* Life-Work Management©
· The New Life Business Plan®

* Managing Work in Life™
: Maximize the Four Pillars of Biological Health©


*Leading under Pressure®
: Strategies to Maximize Peak Performance & Productivity while Maximizing Health & Wellbeing©
· Leading Women at Work!©

* Individual Health & Organizational Health©

*Critical Incidents, national and international consulting

* Violence in the Workplace, consulting


*Quantum Wellbeing©: Reveal Your Source of Energy:
Create a Strong Core to Enjoy Enduring Success©

* Health & Wellness programs in the Workplace


Read What Clients Have To Say about Dr. Gaby Corá . . .:

As a Speaker . . .

"Dr. Corá - Thank you, your presentation was lively and the concept easy to grasp; our group appreciated your talk on life-work management tremendously!
On a personal note the information was very timely as I’ve realized that the only way to approach life and work is to apply your concept of “AIM / IAM.” So I’m consciously making changes in my life that will allow me to maintain focused on what my goals are so that I can accomplish them and enjoy life!!!"
--Ana Alleguez, President & WPO Member, Alleguez Architecture, Inc.
Coral Gables, Florida

"Entrepreneurs rarely have the opportunity to openly discuss the unique stress they experience in their lives. I was very impressed by your ability to immediately resonate with a group of business owners from around the world. I truly believe you made a difference in each of our lives that day."
--Calvin Carter, Business Owner & EO Member, EO Regional Director, North America
Business Owner, Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for the GREAT information you shared with us. Because of your speech, we will be better and healthier Realtors. You are a beautiful person and an incredible Speaker!"
--Ana Ordonez, President, Women's Council of Realtors
Miami Chapter, Florida

As a Business Consultant . . .

"First and foremost it was comforting after our initial discussion knowing that we had someone competent to turn to in helping deal with sensitive issues that can arise from time to time. Since these issues can develop rather quickly, the sooner they can be dealt with the better. I was very impressed with Gaby’s response time and the cooperation to work around the schedule of all parties involved.
In addition, Gaby always made everyone feel very comfortable with expressing their feelings or concerns. All of her advice was always well thought out, and presented in a professional, non-demeaning manner. This could be very difficult to do if you are not an expert in knowing how to effectively communicate with people and have the experience in solving tough issues that can come about in businesses. We felt very fortunate to have met Gaby and made her be part of our team."
--Terry W. Claus, President, Home Financing Center
Miami, Florida


Partial Client List:

Abbott Pharmaceuticals
The Coca-Cola Company
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


Employee Assistance Programs
National Institutes of Health
US Public Health Service


Baptist Health
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Entrepreneurs' Organization
Inter-American Development Bank
University of Miami (Lecturer: Organizational Behavior & Issues in Healthcare)
World Bank


Professional Speakers Bureau International
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