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Freddie Cecchini Specializes in Coaching Business Leaders
To improve the Bottom Line &
Increase Profits
To be more Focused more Calm
To Reduce Stress

Creating Soul in Your Business

Freddie Cecchini, aka Friar Freddie, The Business Minister, has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, management and training and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Freddie is a “Certified” instructor with Deepak Chopra's Center for Well Being and he coaches business leaders to improve their business with his program Creating Soul in Your Business and his golfers program Golfing with Soul by being more focused, having more fun and have more freedom.

His career started in the baking industry in Western PA and he managed the worlds largest French Bakery in San Francisco. He has worked in many industries and has marketed and sold a variety of products and services to help improve business and profits. His experiences include:

Advertising & Accounting services - Business opportunities & Business appraising
Software & Sales seminars - Business directories & Fax machines
Trade shows & Direct mail - Membership programs
Meditation classes - Seminars & Coaching
Training retreats - Golfing with Soul
Creating Soul in Your Business

Freddie trains and coaches business leaders and professionals on how to improve the bottom line and increase profits by being more focused, more calm and reducing stress.


Improve the Bottom Line & Increase Profits

Profit directly relates to employees being able to take care of customers. When you create more harmony in the workplace, employees get along together better, they're more productive, with less absenteeism, and in general nicer to be around. They also spread the word that this is a great company to work for and word-of-mouth marketing is at its peak.

Success depends on loyalty of three ingredients: Employees, Customers, and Investors. Studies show that if you keep employees loyal, customer and investor loyalty will automatically be insured. Support peoples' personal lives and they will be loyal and stay with you.

Look at your business as having soul and inspirational leadership, where the body, mind and spirit are connected. Inspiring success and a sense of purpose is expressing the soul of your business. Inspiring leadership means building quality, meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships bring the gift of understanding that there is a larger picture than just profit, like helping, and serving.

A business that builds meaningful relationships through Integrity, Service and Ethics ultimately will reap the rewards of those actions. Getting in touch with this reality can bring the awareness to take risks and break old patterns from motivating your people to inspiring your people.

Meaningful relationships bring gifts to a business. These gifts are the coincidences that come from meaningful relationships. People refer to these coincidences as synchronicity which is the coming together of seemingly unlikely events. A business that inspires vision and purpose ultimately will reap the rewards of that action through these unlikely events called synchronicity.

The first step in bringing Soul into your business is having a solid foundation of inspiration built into your business. Using the slogan, "How may I help, how may I serve?" is a good start.


Stress is typically seen as a common characteristic of life. Often, when someone talks about being stressed, they not only mention how they feel but usually identify that aspect of their environment which is causing them to feel stressed.

Stress and life-threatening illnesses such as mental health problems, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer have been increasing dramatically over the years. Doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major factor in most illnesses.

Stress has been a major factor in the lack of employee effectiveness and prevents them from providing the customer service necessary to build and keep business.


Integrity, Service, and Ethics

The challenge of any business is to create loyal customers. Customer loyalty starts with leaders being enthusiastic, proud, ethical, and value based. Then, and only then, can you ask employees to be loyal. It starts with looking at yourself in the mirror and asking, "What kind of company are we?"

Change isn't easy and when to change isn't always evident – especially when business is good. "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." Perhaps it's time for some soul-searching.

As employer, think about what you want to accomplish and address the values and benefits of increasing customer loyalty. It is said that "our Soul is in the details". If you pay attention to the right details, customers will know, and notice, and come back for more. Any aspect of your work gives your customers an opportunity to form or revise their impressions of you, positive or negative.

In today's world, service, operations, marketing, and sales share in that common goal, create loyal customers. It's the little thank you that makes the difference. Customer loyalty starts with leaders and employees having integrity, service, and ethics. Inspire employees to better serve customers. Encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

As employer, employees are your most important customers! Stress prevents employees from providing the customer service necessary to build and keep business.

Inspiring success and a sense of purpose is expressing the Soul of the business.


“Golfing with Soul” - “Meet Your Silent Caddie”

The retreat includes four workshops:
1. “Dreams and Desires Workshop” The Power of Intention & Passion
2. “Channeling Workshop” The Power of the Activated Mind
3. “Silent Meditation Workshop” The Power of your Silent Soul
4. “Golf for Enlightenment” lessons from Deepak Chopra’s book, Golf for Enlightenment

Learn the secrets that allow world-class athletes to perform at the highest level. Please join us for this unique program and “Meet your Silent Caddie”.

What people are saying!

"I was working at least one job while my business was getting started. The stress was unbearable at times. Even though my business is up and running well, stress is still a major problem. After Freddie's program I am conquering this and I am finding that my job is even more fun, more creative, and more profitable."
Cal Landau Photography

The best marketing in any profession begins from within that organization. A keynote speaker and business coach and trainer in Pittsburgh, Freddie Cecchini calls himself The Business Minister, and his tag line is "Making Life Easier". Freddie believes that creating soul in your business is running it from the heart. Freddie says that it is all about caring and taking care of your employees first.
-- Jeff Tobe, Coloring Outside The Lines.

"You are nurturing in all of the efforts you make, and loving in every task you're assigned. Thank you for serving others with passion and care! Peace and Prayers."
- Angela, Inspiring Times

"I wanted  to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Norwin Chamber of
Commerce luncheon yesterday. The 30 second spotlight has been sticking in my head and realizing how true this is. Thank You."

- Lois DeFrank, Mr.Electric

"I began using Primordial Sound Meditation in September 2000 and it has had a profound impact. Through it, I have developed more focus in all areas of my life. I have more energy, better ability to concentrate and I'm just a happier and nicer person. I would recommend Freddie and Primordial Sound meditation to anyone, especially to those who wish to make a positive change to their life and the lives of others."
- Craig McGiffm, Chiropractor


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