Fred Rewey

How to Win the Cash War
and realize financial freedom.

Fred Rewey, seen weekly on television, travels the nation teaching people "How to Win the Cash War"
and realize financial freedom.

Few people have the energy, motivation, and speaking skills to make taking control of your financial destiny as enjoyable as Fred Rewey. With a presentation comprised of equal parts empowerment, education, and entertainment, Fred Rewey is one the most sought after speakers for 2004-2005. Whether being interviewed on television, speaking at your local conference or hosting the annual ACFA convention, Fred takes a personal interest in people always moving forward in their lives. Fred’s focus is on two areas: Make more on your way to retirement and retire with enough money to do what you want. Fred has often said, “Your life decisions should not be based on your finances.” Learn from Fred Rewey how to break the cycle and be one of the few individuals who live financially secure.

Fred Rewey is widely recognized for his negotiation, teaching, and deal structuring skills. His extensive background gives him a unique perspective on all aspects of the cash flow industry.

Fred started his cash flow career in 1992 after discovering the technique of owning notes vs. property in a real estate investment class. Intrigued with this new industry, Fred spent several years learning all that he could about the intricacies of cash flow, and eventually decided to put this knowledge to the test. Using his new found knowledge and a few of the skills developed in his prior career as an actor and stand-up comedian, Fred opened his first company, Take Note Investments -- which was initially self staffed and located on his kitchen table. After brokering numerous transactions, Fred began expanding his company while simultaneously educating others through articles and presentations.

Not long after, Fred was offered an executive position with one of the country's largest institutional investors. As Assistant Vice President of Production, he helped identify and implement ways to increase production as well as create new programs for brokers. It was there he increased his knowledge in alternative cash flows such as factoring, structured settlements, lottery winnings, sport contracts and more.

Fred became a guest speaker for the American Cash Flow Institute in January 1999 and assumed the presidency of the American Cash Flow Association in January 2000.

In the years since Fred started his first business in his kitchen, he has founded or played a part in many other enterprises in more professional surroundings. These diverse companies include Exposure One, a B2C marketing firm, a company that provides Realtors with advances on their commissions, and Web-based businesses Man Inc., Cigar Secrets, and

Fred also shares his unique insights and experience with both new and experienced brokers through a variety of specialized services offered by Diversified Investment Services, Inc. This company provides personalized attention, superior service and pricing to brokers through its Master Broker and Advance Funding Programs.

As an industry leader, Fred Rewey is often sought for speaking engagements and television appearances. While traveling around the country to train new cash flow professionals, Fred always finds time to work on his golf game and compete in amateur tournaments.

Speaking Topics


Winning the Cash Flow War - Boot Camp
Limited engagements and based on Fred Rewey's book, Winning the Cash Flow War, Fred teaches you that it is a battle out there for financial freedom. In this Boot Camp presentation, Fred Rewey discusses the conflict we each face in our own "cash flow war" -- a battle to retain as much money as possible and keep losses to a minimum. You not only learn how to better take care of day-to-day finances but also how to start on a path to true financial independence. Leave this session empowered and ready to make a positive financial change.

7 Steps to Entrepreneurism
We have all heard of someone "breaking through to the other side" and finding a place in the world of self employment. Fred discuses in depth the four ways to make money - and you must be involved in at least one of these ways. Learn how to separate real opportunities from programs and scams that will just waste your money. Whether you are looking for part time income or a full time job change; learn what steps you can take now to better educate yourself for a rewarding journey to entrepreneurism.

Expanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset
If you are a corporation trying to maintain the competitive edge by empowering employees to break the mold and foster an environment that breeds innovative ideas - this is the workshop for you. Fred helps people to realize their "external" and "internal" customer needs, create a vested interest among employees, and with humor, education, and live brainstorming people learn how to tap into hidden talents and move their businesses forward.

Playground Rules - The Other 10%
Forget what you learned in school, real world marketing is won by "playground rules". This session helps you learn to discern between "theory" and "real-world-kick-butt-take-no-prisoners-winning." Separate fact from hype when it comes to the internet, branding, and marketing to your customers. Learn how your competition may be your best marketing tool if used properly and how to identify your real marketing position. If you are not aware of this information, you can bet that your competition is.

Cashing in on Cash Flow
Want a piece of the financially rewarding market that is the Cash Flow industry? Then sit back, take notes, and learn all about the major players, cash flows, and deals that you can get involved in right away. Whether you are a sophisticated investor looking to place money or someone who wants to be a "matchmaker" to earn a nice referral fee, there is a place for everyone. Fred takes you through the industry from start to finish.



Fred receives a great deal of feedback from his speaking engagements. The following quotes come from Fred's travels:

"Intense -- Serious -- Makes you want to really do well! I was very pleased!"
Dianne Holt, Beachwood OH

"Extremely professional ... helps students to focus on their life goals giving them new hope to achieve them, by empowering them through new knowledge."
Beth Petrequin, Cleveland OH

"Fred was great. He gave very important information and explained it in a way a two-year old could understand."
Sheri George, Hunt Valley MD

"Great speaker -- would recommend to anybody!"
Richard Staly, Ft. Lauderdale FL

"I very much enjoyed Fred's presentation, speaking, and communication skills. I'm still trying to picture him playing beach volleyball..."
Sharon Broms, Portland OR


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