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Educational Settings —Training & In-Service — Custom Programs
Program Evaluation-Vocational Transition - Grants Management

Industrial Organizational and Human Resources
Employee Assessment—Managerial Relations—Executive Coaching

Forensic Legal Mandates and Expert Testimony
Family — Employment — Statistical — Jury Selection

A Book by F. Felicia Ferrara, Ph.D

Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Developmental Effects Across the Lifespan

This text sheds light on a deeply hidden, yet powerfully debilitating experience of childhood sexual abuse. The author strives to accurately present information on the complex dynamics that have an impact on individuals, families, school environments, and society at large. With these dynamics in mind, the author presents a collection of varied issues that will better prepare a child care professional to work with children who have been abused.

> This text provides an historical, theoretical and research-based perspective to give
readers a store of knowledge about past and current findings concerning sexual abuse.
> The author presents age-specific developmental tasks occurring across age groups and
discusses the adverse impact from sexual abuse or exploitation on child development.
> Each chapter contains case examples that help the reader to better understand the
dynamics and concepts presented in the chapter.
> Each chapter begins with a list of objectives and closes with a summary of facts as well
as a set of discussion questions to initiate in-depth discussions on the issues at hand.


Dr. Ferrara has worked with children and adult survivors of abuse for over twenty years in CT, NY and FL. She is currently in private practice in Tampa, FL and affiliated with the University of South Florida as adjunct associate professor. She may be contacted through the Speaker Bureau presenting this information.


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