Ernie Wendell

Had there been no grandparents, some one would have created them. Therole they fill in our society, especially today, is as precious as life itself, Grand parents are our wellspring of wisdom, guidance and affirmation.

GRAND Stories
Compiled & Edited by
Ernie Wendell
Illustrated by Timothy E. Wiegenstein

GRAND-Storieshonors the grandparent grandchild relationship and the powerful bond between them. These stories tug and draw on our every emotion, and, like bridges, cut across time and even con tinents to deliver their messages of hope and encouragement.

There are 114 GRAND-Storiesin this book. each falling into one of four special ories "A Smile or Two," "Faith and Courage," "Life's Moments," and Portraits." Stories in "A Smile or Two" suprxrt the notion that laughter really is the best medicine. The stories in "Faith and Courage" remind us that every family has as times of testing and triumph. "Life's Moment? describes those events that are life's turning points, stories that are beacons in time, cherished and never forgotten. Portraits? paints with words the indelible image of memorable characters.

Never before has there been a more opportune rime to honor grandparents and their influence in our lives. Ernie Wendell has certainly captured the essence of such a tribute in this book.

Ernie Wendell grew up in Chicago where he worked in his grandparents' bakery. He began his military career in 1947 and retired from the Navy in 1968. Ernie then embarked on a new career in Sales, Marketing and General Management, which lasted until 1995, when he retired as general manager and CEO of a manu facturing company in North Carolina.

Not satisfied with his role as a retired company executive, Ernie set into motion a third career as an active professional speaker and seminar leader. These activities led to the writing of his first book, Stepping-Stones to Success, which was published in 1998.

Ernie is a past national president of United Methodist Men. White holding that office, Ernie developed as a keynoter and promoter of men's ministry within the church. Today he is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Carolina Speakers Association.

Ernie and Mary Ellen, his wife of 46 years, are grandparents to seven youngsters ranging in age from nineteen years old to less than six months. When asked to do a Grandparents' Day program at a granddaughter's school, Ernie became intensely interested in the rote of grandparents in today's society. That curiosity, and a genuine fascination for the subject, led to the compilation and editing of this book, GRAND-Stories.

Ernie is now actively engaged in establishing Grandparents Universal , an organization dedicated to preparing grandparents to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Tim Wiegenstein, an award-winning illustrator, is also a middle school guidance counselor. He and his wife, Barbara Andrew, live in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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