Emmet Robinson

How to Keep Your Customers Forever
Entertaining Seminars by Emmet Robinson


Just because you sold 'em once, what makes you think you can do it again? Making the sale is only part of the total transaction. Keeping the customers is where the real profits are! In this enjoyable series of highly informative modules, you'll learn how to do both!

Based on 36 years of daily experience in profitable business operation, these lighthearted, interactive seminars offer  easy,  simple, detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to boost your bottom line by keeping your customers forever.

  • All seminars include a mixture of solid information, humor and audience participation.
  • The presentation style is entertaining, interactive, challenging, thought-provoking and fun, with activities based on program content.
  • Seminars include detailed printed information as an aid to retention.
  • Selected programs also include prize to encourage participation.

Who should attend?

Business owners, managers and professional salespersons:

  • Who offer products/services of substantial dollar value
  • Who have repeated, direct, personal contact with customers or clients
  • Who depend on repeat/referral business for career and income growth
  • Whose personal incomes are directly related to customer/client satisfaction and retention

About Emmet Robinson

Emmet Robinson's speaking career began as a natural extension of working in his recording studio, narrating and producing  educational and promotional audio programs for Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, General Electric, Gulf Oil, DuPont, Mutual of New York Life, Otis Elevator, Sears, Sun Refining, Unisys, and many others. About 15  years ago, he began writing the original programs that became his current seminar series.

Emmet travels nationwide, offering a broad variety of entertaining and informative sessions to a wide range of audiences. His  popular book, "How to Prosper in Business Regardless of the Economy, "is now in its third printing, and another book is underway. His articles are frequently featured in state, regional and  national publications.  He also offers 14 original educational audiotapes and writes a national newsletter.


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