Ellen Hester
and Florence Jean the Waitress


Experts on Life of Undeniable Purpose

Laugh While They Are Learning Heavy Duty Stuff
Florence Jean is Ellen Hester's unique presentation character. As Florence Jean takes charge of the room, her southern charm sweetens her message. She takes on whiners, procrastinators and victim thinkers. You'll even learn how to R.S.V.P. a Pity Party! She exhorts everyone to discover and to truly live their Undeniable Purpose.

What's New on the Menu for Meeting Planners
Imagine... You are attending your annual meeting. The meal is finished. You are anticipating the keynote speaker. Announcements are being made . . . and in bursts Florence Jean!

Excuse Me!
Oblivious to the announcer, Florence Jean moves around the room offering refills of coffee and having conversations with the guests. Her motherly, southern voice all but drowns out the podium. By the time the audience has figured out that Florence Jean IS the speaker, she has them in the palm of her hands.

Customized, Captivating Messages
Florence Jean is more than entertainment. Ellen works closely with meeting planners to weave a message through the character of Florence Jean into the theme of the meeting. As Florence Jean takes the podium, and transforms from Florence Jean the waitress, to Ellen Hester, the expert on Undeniable Purpose, her message developes in a deeper, more profound way. Building on the message of Florence Jean, Ellen teaches and inspires audiences to learn through her memorable stories and plain spoken humor.

Most Requested Presentations

Wipe Out Whining
Produce a whine-free workplace.
Whining destroys morale.
Whining robs productivity.
With drug-free workplaces and smoke-free workplaces, yet we tolerate the toxic environment of
whiners. Through her popular character, Florence Jean the Big Haired Waitress, Ellen Hester shows how to distinguish the difference in whining and complaining; to create your First-Aid Kit for whiners; and to renew energy in a whine-free workplace.

Finding our Undeniable Purpose™

Through Passion and Compassion Combine passion and compassion to find and fuel your purpose
Unleashed Passion drives us to achieve our goals. Invested Compassion directs our goals and feeds our passion. Florence Jean shows us how passion and compassion together are undeniable and unstoppable. This presentation demonstrates how blending what stirs your heart with what breaks your heart, creates the energy to reach personal and career goals.

Mountains Out of Molehills
Turn the tiniest idea into the tallest triumph We all know how to make mountains out of molehills. Focusing on small annoyances can create insurmountable obstacles. Florence Jean shows how the same techniques can transform tiny ideas into peak results. This presentation shows how to take the energy we use to make mountains out of annoyances and pivot the process to make grandeur out of glimmers.

In Ellen's Presentation You Will Discover

• How Unpermitted Dreams create resentments and drain energy.
• How Unleashed Passion creates powerful energy for both yourself and others.
• How Invested Compassion creates the courage to take the stand that rights the wrongs in the lives of others.
• How Automatic Excesses create deficits in time, energy and money.
• How Pointless Put-Off clutters your mind and keeps you stuck.
• How Dream Nudges bless and multiply your purpose.


Ellen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Service Administration from Mercer University. She is pursuing a Masters Degree in Management, with a concentration in Leadership, from Troy State University. Her background includes banking and health care.

Sample Clients

• Georgia Bankers Association
• Merck Chemicals
• Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
• Georgia Department of Technical Training and Adult Education
• MasterFoods
• Georgia Department of Labor
• University of Georgia
• Numerous Chambers of Commerce


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