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Creating Success
Through Entrepreneurial Principles

Edward G. Rogoff, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Management of the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, The City University of New York and co-author of The Entrepreneurial Conversation and Bankable Business Plans.

Dr. Rogoff serves as the Academic Director of the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Baruch College where he has helped hundred of entrepreneurs develop their business plans, trained business counselor and organized conferences. Under his stewardship, in September 2006 Baruch entrepreneurship program was ranked 18th in the country by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has taught and continues to teach the full spectrum of entrepreneurship courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level and has been awarded for excellence in teaching.

He founded and was CEO of two media companies that owned 23 radio stations throughout the United States. Following September 11, 2001, Dr. Rogoff coordinated the Field Center’s efforts with city, state, and federal agencies to help the business community deal with the economic aftermath.


The Entrepreneurial Conversation

Conversations between people are the core force that drives each and every successful enterprise. Regardless of your job, whether it is manager, colleague, salesperson, doctor, or service rep, this program can help you and organization build success.

The ability to have an effective conversation requires great awareness, patience and skill. This program defines and presents the art of the most effective type of conversation -- the Entrepreneurial Conversation. This Compelling Program Demonstrates:

• In order to harness the power of the entrepreneurial conversation you must adhere to clear guidelines for how you think, listen, and speak.

• Think about other people's goals more than your own by researching their real issues while also being completely knowledgeable about your own.

• Listen carefully and ask questions thoughtfully so you can learn how to best work with others.

• Speak effectively so you can best be of service to others and your organization.

• The Entrepreneurial Conversation shows you how to employ the art of thinking listening and speaking so you can produce real and sometimes unexpected results in all of your business relationships. Among the topics covered are:

• The difference between a conversation and its polar opposite - a debate and why these ineffective dialogues, called old-school conversations, fail.

• How to identify crucial warning signs that your conversation is NOT entrepreneurial.

• Tactics to ensure that the other person participates in your effort to have an Entrepreneurial Conversation.

• How to use what you learn about Entrepreneurial Conversations as a power tool for effective management and sales.

Putting out Fires

Putting out Fires has been described as one of the most powerful and motivating management programs out there. Produced through a collaboration of Academy Award nominated filmmakers along with the Dean of Instruction for the fire department in New York City and a top management writer and university professor, “Putting Out Fires” is a unique training and productivity power tool vital to all industries and applicable to any organization, large or small. A management expert and a highly decorated firefighter deliver this live presentation in a customizable format that is sensational, interactive, and memorable. People attending this compelling program will learn the five crucial management lessons from firefighters and immediately will be able to apply them to their own work.

1. Planning and Practice Produce Performance
Superior performance is essential, but wanting the best and achieving it can be a very different matter. The fire department extracts superior performances because they adhere to the four P’s: Planning and Practice Produce Performance. Your organization can do the same.

2. Commitment to the Mission is Key
Firefighters say, “We run in when others run out”. What is it that makes members of the fire department risk their lives for the mission of the organization that they belong to? Participants learn how to develop that same level of commitment from the members of their organization.

3. The Unexpected “Crisis” is Manageable
Every fire is a crisis of unknown characteristics and scope. The best and swiftest response saves lives. The fire department immediately establishes a Command Center, opens lines of communication, identifies strategic options and creates a clear plan. Executing the plan demands that every firefighter know a pre-assigned role that – when orchestrated by the commander—takes the firefighters into the building and directly up against the fire. Training, professionalism, clear goals, technology, communication systems, and firefighting techniques are designed to reduce risk and turn the unexpected into the routine.

4. The REAL Meaning of Extraordinary Teamwork
Firefighters don’t do heroic things because their boss tells them to; they run into burning buildings because their buddies are next to them. Firefighters always move forward together. Structuring a cohesive team that relies on each member’s dependency on the entire group establishes a culture of mutual support and sacrifice.

5. Service and Sacrifice is Essential
The commitment demonstrated each day within the fire department is the result of training, culture, and great management. When people in any job are committed to their organization’s goals, understand its importance, are trained to deal with every situation they are likely to face, and realize that they are part of a cohesive team, then ordinary people can become extraordinary people and ordinary organizations become extraordinary organizations.

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Testimonials for Ed's Book:

"Anyone interested in selling, negotiating, persuading, or in influencing other people should not only read this book but also highlight the nuggets of wisdom on virtually every page."
-Charles Warner, Leonard Goldenson Endowed Chair
University of Missouri School of Journalism

"Rogoff, Corbett and Moffitt provide invaluable guidelines and real life examples to help you succeed. It is essential reading for women in business."
-Elisa Balabam, Founder and President, womenandbiz.com

"Not since Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People has a book enabled my sales force to improve their power of communication and their effectiveness."
-Robert Rondinella, Sales Manager, Ramsgate Leasing Systems, Inc.

"Ellie Mae Inc. has earned a place on the Inc. List of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America because we have listened to our market. Rogoff, Corbett and Moffitt reveal how everyone can build success by listening to and meeting the needs of their customers."
-Sig Anderman, Founder and CEO, Ellie Mae, Inc.



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