Ed Staub

A Non-Traditional Sales Expert

Ed Staub is president of Staub & Associates,a certified aftiliate of the Sandier Sales Institute. Staub has an extensive background of more than 30 years in sales management and training in the trucking and training industries. Staub is one of the first individuals' world wide to become certified in Marketing and Sales (CMS), recognized under the ISO 9000 umbrella of continuous improvement training.

Staub and the Sandier Selling System champions honest, no-nonsense sales techniques that get results and yet preserve the sales professional's self-respect. Staub teaches a system that embodies a comprehensive new approach to selling, the mastery of evolutionary techniques and a whole new attitude toward the sales process in general. Moreover, it challenges salespeople to treat prospective clients the way they want to be treated: as intelligent thinking individuals. Staub fosters an attitude of leadership and breaks all the rules that have made the sales process ineffective and demeaning. Staub's clients learn how to professionally take charge of the sales process in an adult-to-adult, nurturingly assertive manner.

Staub provides a comprehensive menu of consulting, management and training services in the areas of sales, management, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, leadership, time management, quality customer service, goal setting. conflict resolution and overall human relations skills development.

About the topics...

  • Why Sales People Fail And What To Do About It!
    Professional salespeople account for 80% & Amateurs account for 20% of total worldwide sales. Why? Because they have a systematic approach of maintaining 100% control of the selling process.
  • What you "R" Is Not Who You "I"!
    We fail to achieve anywhere near our full potential in sales and life in general because we have accepted societies messages that we only get to feel good about ourselves conceptually when we win in our roles. Not true! Staub's mission in life is to help people separate their self worth (identity) from their roles.
  • Is Your Life's Wheel Balanced or Unbalanced?
    Technology and materialism will never provide us with that total peace and stressless life everyone seeks. Staub helps us understand how to reach that goal by exercising regularly and consistently your spiritual, physical. mental and emotional muscles.


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