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Doug is the Founder and Executive Director of Orphan World Relief, Doug works to provide financial support and raise awareness of orphanages, orphan relief efforts, and at-risk children worldwide. Additionally, Doug works as a communications consultant for a large Fortune 100 company and teaches English at a local college. A communications professional by trade, Doug’s background includes employee communications, adult education, adoption, orphans and world missions.

Born in Iowa, Doug was adopted as an infant and raised largely in the central Ohio area. He successfully located his biological mother and her family when he was 30 and subsequently his biological father has his family when he was 40.

In 1998 he experienced his first mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine. That experience made a strong impact on his life and started the thought processes that later made Orphan World Relief a reality.

In 1999 he adopted a 13-year old boy from the foster care system in the United States. Through this experience he learned both the joys and trials of adoption. (His son tragically died at age 22.)
He has led mission trips to various parts of the world and trained others to be effective leaders and mission team members. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Presentation Topics

Orphan & Adoption Issues

Orphans Around The World – Today there are almost orphaned 150 million children worldwide. While the numbers seem overwhelming, the reality is, it takes so little to make a big difference in the world.

Making the Adoption Choice – A couple or an individual who decide to adopt a child will be making a permanent and life-long change. Loving a child is not enough specifically if that child is older and has been tossed about through the foster care system locally or put in an orphanage in another part of the world. Adoption isn’t for everyone, but it could be the right choice for you.

Searching for Biological Family: A Success Story – At age 30 Doug located his biological mother and her family. At age 40 he made contact with his biological father and his family. Doug has taken his family tree and created a forest. Not all searches go so well. Doug has spoken to a number of groups about his search and living life with a much larger family.

Life Direction

Your Soap Box: Finding Your Passion In Life – This presentation is great for the high school or college student getting ready to graduate or anyone looking for their unique mission in life! You probably won’t end up a millionaire, but you’ll likely be much happier!


Single & Divorced – Divorce is never easy. After leading divorce support groups for over seven years, learn how to support a growing population of hurting people in the world whether they’re part of your local Church, your co-worker, or next door neighbor.

Missions & Evangelism

World Missions: Being an Effective Leader – After leading mission trips to different parts of the world, Doug has learned from his own mistakes and the mistakes of others. The desire to lead a team of people is not enough. Learn some practical steps to becoming an effective mission trip leader.

Sharing Your Personal Testimony – Doug’s personal testimony is full of drama and emotion. But many people don’t have earth shattering experiences. Everybody has a story to tell. Learn to tell yours.




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