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Adversity- Your Superball for Success: Bouncing Back After Adversity

Dr. Doug Lewis is a proven winner but like so many others he has experienced many adversities in his life, and as a result he can share with you how to overcome adversity through his inspirational message. He can deliver a Keynote spec or seminar up to 1 day. His adversities have included:

Surviving Cancer – the surgery, the following treatments, the stigma, the aftermath

The Year from Hell- Job downsizing and subsequent search resulting in substantial
downward changes in income and lifestyle
Unexpected passing of a close family member
Studying and taking the Bar Exam
Divorce and resulting single parent caregiver status of a young minor child
Near financial Bankruptcy
All in one 10 month period!

Through it all he has acquired considerable heightened understanding of people and himself, has acquired numerous additional education and skills, and will motivate your audience to overcome obstacles present in their life!

Healthcare- “It Is What It Is”…The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of our Healthcare System.

Dr. Doug Lewis KNOWS Healthcare! He has seen many trials, tribulations and triumphs through his 30 years plus of experience in various administrative and clinical positions and as a patient in the healthcare system. His wealth of experience, insight, and empathy are powerful forces in his ongoing interactions with patients, vendors, healthcare providers, legal and regulatory personnel and organizations. His expertise spans a wide gambit of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative and diagnostic experiences working in long term, acute, palliative, and homecare venues, medical and legal/compliance arenas, healthcare education and promotion, and of course as a patient himself.
Dr. Lewis’s ongoing experience as a healthcare provider, administrator, and consultant serves him well as in viewing the system from both a patient and provider perspective. Dr. Lewis’s advice can HELP YOU develop strategies to navigate your way through our complicated healthcare system.

Time Management- “Waste Not, Want Not!”

Our lives always seem to revolve around our abilities to use our time wisely and are routinely oriented around Zeitgebers (Time Givers) such as a clock. Dr. Doug Lewis too leads a very active and diverse life juggling many personal, professional, and proprietary interests and commitments. As with so many people in our society, he has found that developing heightened proficiencies in Time Management skills and planning are paramount to maintaining this delicate balance, be it entrepreneurship, academic ventures, public speaking, clinical practice, law practice, his musical pursuits, and organizational ownership among others.

Doug will enlighten your audience and share his honed skills in using best practices (and secrets) in successful managing one of everyone’s most precious commodities in this world…their time!

Change- Being a Chameleon and Not Just an Afterthought in Your Environment

Successful people don’t rest on their laurels. Adaptability and flexibility are cornerstones to achieving success in the long haul. Just as a chameleon can change his skin color to adapt to their environment, successful people must also use strategies to adapt to their changing environments. Dr. Doug Lewis is the epitome of “Change” and being the ultimate “Change Agent.” Though his career, he has had to “Reinvent” himself in many ways as well as functioning as a “Change Agent” for several organizations. Change does not come easy for people and is even more difficult for organizations to grasp and handle. How do YOU deal with change? Dr. Lewis uses his very diverse knowledge base, experiences, and his unique outlook on the Human Condition to describe and highlight what works and doesn’t work when having to adapt to a continuous changing and demanding environment. He will guide you in understanding how to turn the perceived adverse consequences, upheavals, and your weaknesses into a recipe for success!

Life Balance- Is Your “Life In the Balance?”

Life is the ultimate balancing act. Given everything we must do, life can become very unbalanced and one-sided quickly without really understanding the essential need for balance. Dr. Doug Lewis also knows a little about having a busy life. He maintains an extraordinarily busy life with professional pursuits as an attorney, clinical healthcare provider, administrator, university professor/faculty mentor/student advisor, organizational owner and entrepreneur, consultant, public speaker, and musician among others. Trying to maintain control over a very chaotic and hectic schedule can be maddening if not borderline insanity! So how does one maintain some order over their life without going over the edge? It is essential to keep a realistic attitude and balance in life to maintain one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Doug has become very proficient in maintaining balance between his professional and personal ventures and will share his thoughts and practices to your audience to assist them in developing strategies to better achieve that most essential need for life balance!

Law- Making “Legalese” a Useful and Practical Language For All

Listening to individual speak an unfamiliar language and one not understanding the concepts they are conveying can be distressing if not threatening. But what can you do when that unfamiliar language involves terminology and concepts from our own legal system, often referred to as “Legalese?” One of Dr. Doug Lewis’s greatest interests is helping others understand and navigate the legal system to maximize their own benefit. He is a licensed attorney, but particularly enjoys teaching and instructing others in the academic and professional world along with assisting individuals and businesses in learning how to use the legal system to assist and protect their interests. Doug’s knowledgeable but easy and non-threatening demeanor allows program attendees to feel more comfortable in learning about the legal system, its principles, and procedures that can often intimidate those suddenly thrust into dealing with the system. Join Doug in enhancing your knowledge when the dreaded “Legalese” threatens to impair your ability to work with or understand your way and rights in our legal system!

Leadership: Are Your Indians Ready to be Chiefs?

Are most leaders born that way? Or do they possess “innate” traits that must first be cultivated and developed? How do organizations know which of their “Indians” have what it takes to be a future “Chief?”. Dr. Doug Lewis has spent many years gaining experience in honing his skills, qualities, and knowledge rising through business hierarchies to various leadership positions and levels. These qualities have made him a recognized leader in a number of professional fields and personal endeavors. Your audience will marvel how Doug has hurdled many roadblocks and broadened his horizons with a desire to “Lead” others. Doug’s modest demeanor tempers his burning desire to lead through educating others and in leading by example. This model of success is a winner for attendees to hear and be motivated to become “Chiefs” in their own right!

Risk and Safety – Managing Your Risk is Risky Business!

Are you familiar with the sayings “No Risk, No Reward”, Pay to Play”, and “Cost/Benefit”? All of them infer that risk inherent in every part of our lives. However, no one wants or can realistically live their lives “in a bubble” and avoid total risk. The key is to minimize our risk while not “missing out” on life events. One must understand their risks and be safe but effective in managing and effectively dealing with it. The busier our lives and the more pressures and commitments we juggle, the greater our risks! Dr. Doug Lewis is an expert at managing his risks and assisting others in recognizing and managing theirs. His experience as a Certified Risk Manager working in the business, healthcare, and industrial arenas has given him considerable insight on the multiple levels of managing risk both on a personal and professional level. Doug can help you maximize your benefits while limiting your “costs” to make your personal and professional lives “less risky!”


Doug Lewis has over 30 years of experience in a variety of areas, including healthcare, business, law, and the academic arena.

Doug has earned several graduate college degrees in addition to his undergraduate degrees, including his Ph.D and MHSA degrees in Health Services Administration, his Juris Doctorate in Law (J.D.), an MBA in Finance and Management, an MAHSS in Hearing and Speech Sciences, and his Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D). Dr. Lewis is currently a Lead Faculty Member for several universities, including the undergraduate and MBA programs at the University of Phoenix, Franklin University, South University, Grand Canyon University, and American Sentinel University in addition to teaching in the MSN program at American Sentinel University.

Professional Licenses, Certifications, and Registries

* State Licensure as an Attorney, Nursing Home Administrator, and Clinical Audiologist
* Certified Compliance Professional (CCP)
* Certified Healthcare Financial Planner (CHPF)
* Certified Healthcare Risk Manager (CHPRM)
* Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)
* ABA Board Certification in Clinical Audiology
* Certification of Clinical Competence (CCC-A)
* Certified Subacute and Nursing Home Administrator
* Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (Sleep Disorders)

Professional Memberships

* American Bar Association
* Ohio State Bar Association
* Columbus Bar Association
* American Health Lawyers Association
* Society of Ohio Healthcare Attorneys
* Healthcare Financial Management Association
* American Society of Healthcare Risk Managers
* National Association of Healthcare Quality
* American Health Information Management Association
* American College of Healthcare Administrators
* American College of Healthcare Executives
* American Academy of Audiology
* Ohio Academy of Audiology
* Academy of Dispensing Audiologists
* Ohio Hearing Aid Society
* Association of Polysomnographic Technologists
* Human Resources Association of Central Ohio


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Norvell Hearing Aid Services
earSmart, Inc.
International Hearing Society
Ohio State University Alumni Association
Asian Festival (Columbus, Ohio USA)
Ohio Northern University
Philippine American Society of Central Ohio


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