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Donny Ingram

Donny Ingram is an author, motivational trainer, conference speaker and president of Ingram Management Group. He has had tremendous success in sales & marketing as well as training and development for both government and corporate America. He has lived and worked in many countries around the world during his 21 year career with the United States Air Force. His experiences while serving on a Foreign Military Sales team, his remarkable success in managing and motivating a multi-state sales force as well as his wit and humor are a plus for any audience. He is a highly rated instructor and speaker by all past clients. His wisdom, experience and ability to connect with his listeners have helped many to recognize their true potential and start achieving the level of success they desire personally and professionally.


Imagine everyone in the workplace performing at their full potential. Each individual recognizing their purpose and working with passion, being positive, creative, energetic and taking personal responsibility in developing excellence (PRIDE). Donny can ignite each member of your organization to identify the tools and use the methods to:

* Become more productive
* Discover purpose and passion
* Motivate themselves and others
* Communicate effectively
* Achieve every goal
* Take the 4 steps that will lead to success
* Develop and maintain a positive attitude
* Lead others with confidence

Topics Include:

Recognizing Your Potential
Sales in a Changing Environment
Success in the Home (Marriage and Family Series)
Exceptional Customer Service
Successful Business Management
Mastering Supervision
Customized Motivational Presentations

Donny is also an ordained minister with Global Church Network. He and wife Charlotte have been married over thirty-two years and have three sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren. They have observed and actively studied the marriage relationship in numerous cultures and multitudes of situations. Donny has documented the principles that every marriage can use to develop a happy, healthy and long lasting relationship. He and Charlotte have taught countless couples the secret to using these principles and achieving a marriage that produces great results. Any organization wanting to inspire their people to build and enjoy their marriage relationship should have Donny as their guest speaker. His openness, wit, wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God have helped him touch the lives of many through his personal presentations and his book.

Many are seeking success today but few are being taught that success is a by-product of excellence. We must take Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence if we expect to achieve the level of success we really want in life. In the pages of this book you’ll see how each principle is used, in our personal and professional lives, to create health, wealth and significance.


Prior comments about Donny’s training…

“Outstanding, much needed in today’s work environment as well as
our personal life.”

Lewis Culpepper, Sr. Executive, Knoxville, TN

“We need more training like this. It can be applied in business,
personal and family life.”

Larry Taffero, Executive Vice President, New Orleans, LA

“His training session is a recipe for life.”
Lisa Griggs, Branch Manager, Monroe, LA

“He has the unique ability to motivate people to reach higher levels
in every aspect of their life. His talent to open up everyone to a
positive attitude is extraordinary.”

Ernest Freyou, President & CEO, New Iberia, LA


Donny has spoken for people from these groups and more:

* Petal School District, Petal, MS
* North Louisiana Chamber of Commerce
* State of Alabama Board of HV/AC contractors
* Regions Financial Corp.
* Southern Management Company

* Petal Chamber of Commerce
* Global Church Network
* AmSouth Bank
* Union Planters Bank
* Community Bank


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