The only word that describes Donell Edwards is, eclectic. He has over a decade of experience in retail and outside sales, he was a successful radio announcer for 7 years, he enjoyed a very rewarding career with  one of the largest corporations in the world, IBM, where he won numerous awards and managed a staff of 11 people, and has been a business owner and entrepreneur.

    Donell also trained other  speakers for one  of the largest organizations in America, with a membership of almost one million people, for over 15 years.

    As a result of Donell 's diverse experience, he is able to see things from a variety of different  perspectives, which makes his speeches very different. Donell speaks from the heart on such topics as:

    • Motivation on Steroids; The ABCs of Self-Motivation
    • How to Bounce Right Back Up When Life Knocks You Down
    • Why Can't We Live Together; Eradicating RacismIn America
    • Make It Happen; Transforming Adversities Into Opportunities

    Donell welcomes the challenge of preparing new topics and customizing them for his audiences. He is an outstanding researcher, and enjoys the task of finding facts and statistics to develop new speeches, and to update existing speeches with the most current information available.

This is what some of Donell's clients say about his speaking:

    "Donell was one of the most knowledgeable speakers we've had yet."

    "I appreciated the depth of your research which revealed surprising data..."

    "I recently had an opportunity to observe Mr. Edwards facilitating a diversity training workshop. I was very impressed with his  ability to capture the audiences' attention..."

    "l recently had the opportunity to review the evaluations..., and according to them and the remarks..., you were an  outstanding presenter..."

    "A charismatic speaker, Donell keeps the attention of his audience..."

    "he makes every respective member of the audience feel that he is talking to them personally..."

    "My colleagues continue to compliment me on selecting you as our speaker..."

    "Donell gives keynote addresses and conducts workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics, including topics selected by his clients.


    Donell is very concerned about improving race relations in America, and in January his television program, The Multi-CulturalZone was launched. Donell is the creator, producer, and host of the program.  Donell works on the program with a panel consisting of an Asian Pacific-American professor, a  Hispanic government official, and a White youth services director. The mission of the program is to combat racism and promote multiculturalism using knowledge and information as tools. The program discusses many of the  problems of race from a multicultural vantage point, rather than a one-sided outlook. The program also provides  a wealth of information about other cultures, including the achievements and contributions of  African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific-Americans, and Native Americans, and the impact these ethnic groups have made on the success and greatness of America. Efforts are underway to televise the program  nationally. As the producer of The Multi-CulturalZone, and especially working with a  multicultural panel of experts, Donell is more aware of current racial and multicultural diversity  issues, and is well informed to speak on a variety of multicultural diversity topics, and deliver racial diversity  coaching and training.


    Donell has been  enrolled in Coach University, the largest. oldest, and most respected training organization in the  coaching industry for the last 3 years. Donell is one of only a very few speakers that have specialized training as executive coaches. Donell is very proud of his work as a coach because he enjoys helping people. What  is a coach? Coaching synthesizes the best of psychology, business, philosophy, spirituality, and finance to benefit the corporate executive, professional, business owner, and entrepreneur. Coaches help clients to find  out what they really want out of life, and then help them achieve it. Coaching is for anyone that wants more time and money and less stress in their lives. Donell combines many elements of coaching into his speaking,  which adds even more variety to his speeches. Donell works with individuals seeking personal development, corporations with employee growth and development, as well as employee performance issues. Donell also offers  individual and group coaching for business and corporate employees and executives struggling with racial diversity problems.


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