Donna M. Genett, Ph.D.


If You Want It Done Right,
You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!

About Donna M. Genett:

Donna M. Genett, Ph.D. is an author, international speaker, organization development consultant and president of GenCorp Consulting. Her internationally acclaimed book, If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself! The Power of Effective Delegation (Quill Driver Books) is now available in thirteen languages. Her second book, Help Your Kids Get It Done Right at Home and School: Building Responsibility and Self-Esteem in Children is groundbreaking in its application of the management parable to parenting and helping busy professionals generalize their skills to the home front.

Dr. Genett has devoted the past 17 years to making a significant positive impact on organizations and the professional lives of the people in them. The focus of her consulting practice is on enhancing performance, productivity and profitability. Her specialty areas include executive coaching, team performance enhancement, organizational structuring, strategic planning, and training. Her senior management experience makes her information highly relevant and immediately applicable.

Donna lives in California and enjoys world travel, skiing, golfing, home remodeling, and competing in triathlons.

Want It Done Right™

Few of us have ever met a leader who didn’t want to maximize efficiency and productivity in his or her organization. Likewise, we would be hard put to name a true leader who didn’t work to help the members of his or her staff reach their individual professional potential. On top of this, thoughtful leaders care about the impact the job has on the personal lives of his or her employees. But what a difficult balancing act all this presents.

Every leader—regardless if he or she manages one person or a hundred—can benefit from learning how to better strike this balance and achieve these goals.

With this presentation, attendees will learn the effective delegation skills that help ensure professional success while safeguarding rewarding personal lives for themselves and those they manage.

Effective delegation:

• enhances job performance
• relieves job burnout
• reduces errors
• improves relationships among coworkers
• fosters competency
• provides a vehicle for mentoring and coaching
• eases workloads
• builds teamwork
• alleviates stress
• elevates employee morale and retention
heightens efficiency, productivity and profitability

An added benefit to learning the skills of effective delegation is the ability to modify for the better how one receives delegated projects from his or her own boss—important to every employee at every level.

Benefits to Participants

• Be able to overcome obstacles to delegating.
• Learn the key ingredients for achieving successful results.
• Master the steps of effective delegation.
• Be able to immediately apply what was learned.
• Reap the benefits of delegating more effectively.
• Add a powerful tool to their leadership toolkit.
• Learn the art of balancing professional success and a personal life.
• Gain the tools for improving productivity, efficiency, employee retention and morale which will lead to greater profitability.

What Others are Saying

About the Book:

“The most common management style is seagull management. A manager gives you a task, disappears, and then only returns when you make a mistake—they fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on you, and then fly out. If you read Donna Genett’s book on delegating, these ineffective flights will not be necessary.”
— Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager

“Delegating well brings a multitude of rewards. Genett gives us six easy steps to master an age-old problem.”
—Patricia Crull, Chief Learning Officer, Toys R Us, Chair, The American Society for Training and Development.

“This is the core skill of effective management and Donna Genett has written a wonderful book on how to become a better delegator—immediately!”
—Brian Tracy, author, Turbo Strategy and Goals!

"Genett provides us with six straightforward steps for creating ownership in the workplace—the best way to increase both job performance and loyalty."
—Don O. Clifton, Chairman, Gallup International Research and Education Center

About the Training:

“This training took our organization to a whole new level of maturity and professionalism. All managers should go through it for the benefit of their organizations, their staff, and their own personal and professional wellbeing.”
— Lorry Leigh, Ph.D., Executive Director, Western Youth Services

“Thank you for your outstanding training session.  The training gave us more in-depth knowledge and tools than I expected.  We're all fans of your book!”
—Jean Reynolds, President, Maxon Furniture

“Your skills as a master facilitator and knowledge of the topic enhanced our understanding and provided us with immediate results.  Thank you!” 
— Alfie Treleven, President, Sprague Pest Control

“We provide a lot of training for our employees but your engaging, interactive workshop was one of the most well-received.  It had an immediate and significant impact on our manager's ability to perform their jobs better.
—Robert Holmes, President & CEO, Harbor Properties, Inc

“I found the Want It Done Right Training Program to be well organized and absolutely relevant to all organizations with people in management roles.  Dr. Genett's presentation was exceptional due to her command of the topic.  She applied the content in an easy-to-understand manner and really coached the audience on how to apply the ideas to our own individual situations.”
—Bob Thomas, President, HCC Surety Group

About the Speaker:

“Your presentation was focused, fun and powerful and it produced immediate results back at the office.”
—Joyce Riddell, President, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Dr. Genett captivated the attention of the audience from a presentation, entertainment, information and take home value standpoint. She nailed it on all the dimensions I measure for a speaker. The time was extremely well spent. I would invite her back again and again.”
—Shirley Miles, Director, Member Relations, The Center Club of Newport Beach

“What a phenomenal speaker! I have had nothing but positive feedback on the content and timeliness of the information you shared with us. Thank you for gifting us with your knowledge!”
—Joan Flynn, Administrative Analyst Senior, City of Huntington Beach, Public Works

“Dr. Genett has done excellent work with helping our MBA candidates gear up for their future responsibilities as leaders of corporate America.  The students awarded her high presentation marks.”
—Sean Gil, Assistant Director, MBA Career Center, University of California, Irvine

“Now we feel more comfortable with the whole process of delegation. We’ve already put it to work with great results. It’s so exciting to know the struggles we’ve faced with delegation can be fixed. All I can say is, “Wow!”
—Eva Veazie, VP Operations, Fullerton & Company



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