Dr. Don Sanders


Speaker, Author, Consultant, Manager and Leader. These four titles sum up the career of Dr. Don Sanders. Examining each of these words provides insight into why Don's presentations impact audiences on both a personal and organizational level.


    Unique and Compelling. Over the past ten years Don has given more than four hundred speeches, seminars, and other presentations to groups ranging from small executive forums to large conference keynotes. His topics have ranged from Quality Management and Leadership to Change, Motivation and Process Improvement. His most recent topic, "Go For the Green—Leadership Secrets from the Golf Course" combines many of these previous topics (e.g. Leadership, Change, Character, and Motivation) in a powerful and unique presentation that appeals to golfers and non-golfers alike. Don is an exciting and dynamic speaker who reaches the audience with warmth, wit and a refreshingly new perspective. Each major point in every presentation is supported by a combined textual/graphic illustration that engages the audience and "drives home" the message.


    Creative and Practical. The author of three books on quality management (one of which was the largest selling work ever produced by the American Management Association), one book on creativity and his most recent books Go for the Green—Leadership Secrets from the Golf Course, and E-R (Employee Retention) Don's presentations are based on experience and years of research, writing and working with leaders throughout the world.


    Experienced and Results Oriented. After a fulfilling career in the academic world, Don left the University of Houston in 1986 to begin working with clients to improve company leadership, customer service and bottom line results. Since that time Don has worked with more than 150 companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies (e.g. Ford, Shell, Chevron). Today his primary client base is made up of mid range companies (annual sales of 250 million to I billion). In 1990 he helped a small Houston based distributor win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and was later featured in Peters and Waterman's video, "In Search of Quality."

Manager and Leader

    Knowledgeable and Credible. In addition to leadership positions in the private sector and the University (managing a ten million dollar project), Don formed his own company in

    1986 (Sanders and Associates) and grew the company from two employees to thirty in five years.

    These experiences allow Don to relate directly to the issues of managing and leading and to provide concrete, practical solutions to the problems faced by those in his audiences.

Go For the Green: Leadership Secrets from the Golf Course


    Meet the Need of Your Organization by Selecting One or Several Topics from the Following List:

    • Vision: Choosing and Hitting the Right Target;
    • Alignment: Ensuring the Vision is Achieved;
    • Character: Being the Leaders Your People Want;
    • Motivation: Maximizing employee Drive; and
    • Change: Commiting to Play the Course, Courage to Try and Succees;
    • Improving Processes: Seeing the Opportunities;
    • Communication: Ensuring the Message is Heard;
    • Keeping an Accurate Score: Using A "Balanced Scorecard" in Golf and Business; and
    • Playing from the Rough: Judgement, EQ and Wisdom

Each of the topics listed is a thirty minute to one hour presentation that uses golf to carry the message of leadership. You can select from any of these topics to create a program that is perfect for your audience.

Representative Client Presentation

  • Exxon: Presentation to 400 Independent Owners
  • Adia Information Technologies: Presentation to 125 "Sales Stars"— President's Club
  • Ajilon—Presentation to 400 Senior Managers—Annual Meeting
  • EVI Weatherford—Presentation to 120 Human Resource Specialists
  • Panorama Business Views—Presentation to 100 Customers as Part of Annual Customer Support Meeting
  • Houston Engineering Society—Presentation to 350 Senior Quality Engineers
  • Hollywood Marine—Presentation to 220 Managers at Annual Meeting
  • Wallace Company, Inc—Presentation to 420 Custome Salespeople—Customer Appreciation Day
  • General Dynamics—Presentation to 350 Senior Managers
  • Petroleos De Venezuela—Presentation to 140 International Managers
  • Shell Oil Company-Presentation to 230 Dock and Terminal Operators

Partial Client List

  • Adia Information Technologies
  • Ajilon Services
  • Baker-Hughes
  • BFGood rich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes
  • BFGood rich Landing Gear Systems
  • Boring-Smith
  • Briggs-Weaver
  • Chevron Chemical
  • Conoco Chemical
  • Computer Services Inc.
  • Dixie Supply
  • Dow Chemical
  • Equiva Trading Company
  • EVI Weatherford
  • Exxon
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Dynamics
  • Groth Corporation
  • Gulf Oil Company
  • Hatfield, Inc.
  • Gulf States Tube
  • Hollywood Marine, Inc.
  • Kirby Corporation
  • Mayer Electric Company
  • Metro Information Services
  • Michigan Seamless Tube
  • Petroleos De Venezuela
  • Quanex Corporation
  • Realty World
  • San Marcos Management
  • Shell
  • Stewart Title
  • Tauber Oil Company
  • Texas Association of Realtors
  • U-Tex
  • Vista Chemical Company
  • Wallace Company, Inc.
  • Warren Electric Company
  • Westlake Styrene



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