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What do you need? Diane offers her
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• Team Building and Productivity
• Management Skills
• Top Talent Retention
• Stress Management in the Workplace
• Motivational Work Environments
• Managing Conflict in the Workplace
• Breaking Through for Women in the Workplace

"What a breath of fresh air!  Your presentation on positioning teams for success was right on target!  Your content was informative, and your presentation style was engaging.  I can take back the information I learned and immediately apply it to our work teams.  This was time well spent, and I always appreciate hearing from the best."

Joanne F. Jones, Senior Consultant
IS Development
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


When you’re ready to increase productivity and enhance your bottom line, Diane Hanson can help you get the results you want. Diane customizes presentations and training workshops to the specific needs of your organization or audience. She provides memorable keynote addresses and training seminars that are not only inspiring but that fully engage the audience.

Diane, a nationally known expert on teams, is a high-energy presenter who draws upon her personal experience as a corporate manager, entrepreneur and business owner to provide down-to-earth examples and concrete and practical ideas to help you succeed. Her training generates positive responses, leaving the audience both enlightened and wanting more.

Diane also offers unique Beach Retreats in Dewey Beach, Delaware, that give your teams the opportunity to relax while she facilitates productive sessions. It’s a working vacation where everyone can stretch their brains while enjoying everything the beach has to offer!

Diane Hanson has been owner and president of Creative Resource Development, Inc. for the past 20 years. Prior to starting her own business, she was an award-winning sales manager. Diane has a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Master of Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a past president of the local chapters of the American Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

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Most Requested Topics:

Getting Results from High-Performance Teams:
Practical Techniques Learned from the Field
The team-based approach is gaining popularity as cross-functional and international collaboration have become a requirement in today’s business world. Many factors influence a team’s success —and they may not be what you think. Diane Hanson uses real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate the key factors that create productive teams, and provides a model for you to use in implementing successful teams in your organization.

Team Doctor: Diagnosing and Resolving Team Conflict
If your team is throwing darts at each other instead of the competition, it’s time for the Team Doctor to help you diagnose what you can do to transition from conflict to collaboration. Using real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate the key factors that create productive teams, Diane will help you evaluate your team’s support structure and take an eagle eye’s view of your organizational to find the answers you are seeking. She will also help you to implement the solutions successfully.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks:
What I Learned about Management from My Dog
What does a 7-year old cockapoo who was rescued from the local animal shelter and rehabilitated have to do with business? With the cockapoo’s help, Diane Hanson teaches basic management principles in a simple and easy-to-understand format that can help you become more effective and unleash your employees’ full potential. During this fun and interactive session Diane will share experiences with both dogs and employees — and you’ll be amazed by the similarities. You’ll surely try some new tricks you learned on your employees—just don’t tell them you learned them from a dog!

Retaining Top Talent: Keeping your Best and Brightest
Whether the economy is up or down, organizations need to retain top talent. As baby boomers retire, the challenge of recruiting and retaining middle managers will escalate. Many factors affect job satisfaction and retention of top talent and the cost of turnover is far more than most managers believe. Diane Hanson will share the latest trends and techniques in employee retention and the tremendous impact of systemic organizational development. By the end of this session you should have developed some new ideas for retention of your company’s talent.

Breaking Through – Trailblazing a Path of Success
From gender discrimination and sexual harassment to politics, how can women best cope, thrive and succeed? Diane Hanson’s keynote presentation includes war stories from her career as the first female sales representative hired by a major pharmaceutical company to the launch of her management consulting firm now starting its 20th year in business. Her talk will highlight successful strategies for women in business directly from one who blazed the trail even before the Women’s Movement.

Stress Management in Today’s Chaotic World
It’s a hectic world out there. The average person works significantly more hours and has far less leisure time that at any other time in mankind’s history. Demanding jobs, demanding families and it’s only the beginning as pressure is expected to increase even more in the future. How is a person to cope with it all? This presentation is designed to help you relax your body, calm your mind, and help you control your reactions. Learn techniques that can help you manage your stress,

Top Performance in a High Pressure World: Getting the Most Out of Your People
Competition keeps getting stiffer and customers are more demanding than ever. As the workload continues to build, how do you get the best performance out of your employees and meet the challenge of today’s dog-eat-dog world? Learn how to gain competitive advantage through effective management of your people resources while improving efficiency.

Creating a Motivational Work Environment
It’s not an easy task to keep everyone motivated and committed to their work. Managers and supervisors must constantly be aware of the many factors that can be motivational and de-motivational in the work environment. In this session you will learn how to engage the heart and minds or your employees to conquer the competition. Reach new levels of productivity and groom your employees to take on greater challenges. You will also learn methods for increasing morale and commitment to your department’s and organization’s goals.

Taming the Tempest: Managing Conflict in Today’s Workplace
Are your employees often at odds with each other or do you sometimes find yourself and
others embroiled in conflict? The resolution of conflict among employees can steal up to
20 percent of every manager’s time, costing their organizations in countless ways.
Improve your understanding of what causes conflict and how to prevent it as much as
possible. You will learn about your own conflict management style and effective methods for resolving conflict.

More Testimonials:

“Your presentation for the Philadelphia Society for Human Resource Management on the topic “Retaining Top Talent.” was informative, engaging and well targeted to meet our needs. While this was my first experience working with you, colleagues who have engaged you to provide training for their organizations referred me to you with praise for your speaking and training abilities.  Now I know why.”
Kimberly J. Togman, SPHR
Vice President, Director of Human Resources
Managers Investment Group LLC
Past Program Chair for Philadelphia SHRM

Diane’s involvement in consulting with my company was a truly rewarding and impactful experience. She brought the department together for a common purpose while providing management with the tools of leadership and team building that provided remarkable results. The department became a cohesive unit and improved revenues and production throughout the next year.

Austin Kirkbride
Director of Human Resources
Octagon Research Solutions

To meet our training challenges I look for professionals who can assess our needs and, understanding the County culture, design programs to address our needs. Diane has been a key component of our training program. Diane Hanson is a strong factor in the County of Chester’s employee professional development program and continues to be one of our most requested presenters. She has consistently brought innovative, practical, relevant, timely workshops to our employees and is a most dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic presenter.
The evaluations of her workshops have been phenomenal. They reflect the enthusiasm of the participants. Some comments include:
“Diane Hanson held my interest, she made it fun!”
“Diane was a great facilitator. I would recommend this course and Diane to colleagues.”
“Excellent content and presentation style. Diane draws from exceptional real world experience.”
“I enjoyed Diane Hanson a great deal. She was outstanding!”

Sue Currie, Employee Development Coordinator
County of Chester

Diane Hanson is featured in a new book, Masters of Success, published in December 2005, along with top authors Kenneth Blanchard (One Minute Manager), John Christensen (Fish! Tales), and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul).

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Air Products – American Homecare Supply
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Delaware Economic Development Office
Department of Defense
Devereux Foundation
Domestic Violence Center of Chester County
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