David Hart


How can you encourage your organization to come together and work effectively toward
an inspiring vision with common goals and mutual accountability? And how can you
apply skydiving to business leadership and teambuilding?

This JUMP! Institute seminar is designed to be uniquely enlightening, engaging and inspiring.
It is for anyone seeking the tools to break out of their current routines, to look within
themselves, and their organizations, and to leap beyond their current status. Take a day to
learn and explore with our World Champion facilitators who know what it takes to drive a high
performance team. Network with and learn from other like-minded businesses and training
professionals. Increase cross-functional communication. Don’t miss this opportunity to take
yourself and your work team to a higher altitude.

Enlightening ... Engaging ... Inspiring

Landing Targets

During this interactive full-day seminar we will explore …
* Explore dimensions of leading and participating on a high performance team.
* Improve your organizational and personal visions, performance goals and action plans.
* Come prepared for self-discovery and results oriented discussions.
* Identify and explore an effective team culture for achieving results.
* Use a highly effective communication model to stimulate continuous improvement.
* Discover tools for confronting personal and organizational challenges and creating a culture
of results and success.

Who will benefit from this?
Any organization that is seeking meaningful and lasting performance increases; positive change driven by leaps in performance and teamwork. Business people at all levels will benefit. The workshop is approximately eight hours long, engaging and enlightening. It will inspire the participants to action and give them the tools to make peak performance a reality. The content is directed towards a professional audience, but holds applications for everyone in all aspects of life. This is for work groups who want to be inspired to confront obstacles and challenges, and achieve their full potential.

Steps for custom seminars
* Conduct Initial Assessment: Determine the intended outcomes from the seminar. Sometimes this is best done in a face-to-face meeting.
* Outline the organizational vision, goals and action plan. Outline the most significant challenges
and opportunities.
* Customize Content: Following the assessment, all course material is customized to ensure the content is as relevant as possible to the participants.
*Pre-Event Questionnaires: Circulate courageous questions to the participants, prior to the off-site seminar.
* Off-site Seminar: Conduct the actual off-site seminar.
* Post-Event Worksheet: Circulate the post-event worksheet to the participants to ensure results oriented goals and action steps are established and followed through on.


David Hart, a national speaker, writer, trainer and former U.S. Army Ranger, founded the JUMP Institute; which works with organizations to increase personal leadership, teamwork and effective communication so they can land on target. He is also an active member of the most ambitious commercial skydiving Team project in the world, Team Fastrax. David brings his unique experiences gained through decades of business and parachuting to each client engagement. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, David combines this experience with a solid grounding in business, having accumulated more than 20 years of experience in sales, management and marketing, including over seven years as founder and CEO of a national retail/amusement company. David has written and been the subject of various articles and interviews. He is the author of."JUMP! Leaps in Organizational
Performance and Teamwork.


David has spoken for these groups and many more:

Newark/Licking County SHRM
NACBA Northeast OH
Cincinnati Chamber
North Olmsted Chamber
Women in Business
Micro Electronics
GCHC Recruiters
Russell County Chamber
Cincinnati SHRM
Owensboro SHRM
Butler County SHRM
Springfield SHRM
Chillicothe-Ross Chamber
Youngstown/Warren Chamber
Ashtabula SHRM
Elizabethtown SHRM

Tri-County SHRM
Eastern IN - Richmond SHR
NACBA Columbus
Mid-Miami Valley Chamber
South Central IN SHRM
HRA of SE Michigan SHRM
Western KY SHRM
Wayne Area HRA SHRM
Tri-County SHRM - Jasper
HRA of Central Indiana
T2 Systems
Styline Industries
University of Tulsa
Prevention First
International Paper - XPEDX
Washington State College
Lake/Geauga SHRM
Lakeshore HRMA - SHRM
Ohio University - HR Institute

From the Press ...

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Oct. 26, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Whether one is at the open door of an airplane with a parachute securely strapped to his back or in a company setting with teammates at his side, the principles for success are remarkably similar. In his new book, 'Jump! Leaps in Organizational Performance & Teamwork, A Skydiver's Perspective' (now available through AuthorHouse), David L. Hart highlights the intriguing connection between skydiving and organizational effectiveness.

By exploring the aspects of business through a fresh lens, his commentary motivates leaders and their workforces to action. Both skydiving and business ventures aim to land on specific targets, and clearly communicating a shared vision ensures all on board land in the same place. The ability to drive innovation is not unlike the courage required to jump from an airplane and leap outside established comfort zones. This courage breeds willingness to continue after setbacks and failures.

The components of a parachute relate to colleagues from various departments and divisions. Just as the intricate parts of a parachute must work in unison, people at work must interact well together to land on target. The suspension lines connect the skydiver to the parachute, just as the suspension lines of organizations represent a healthy culture of trust, accountability, commitment, effective communication, initiative and preparation. The people who pack parachutes are the people one hires and promotes within an organization. Their performance directly affects whether the corporate parachute will open and reach its intended destination.

'Jump!' is a revolutionary take on tried and true elements of successful businesses. It stokes the fire of motivation and inspires readers to take courageous leaps. For leaders seeking meaningful and lasting performance increases and skyrocketing organizational effectiveness and teamwork, Hart's new book is a successful catalyst for change.

Hart is a national speaker, writer, trainer and former U.S. Army Ranger. He leads the Jump Institute, which uses the skydiving metaphor in seminars and training sessions that stimulate organizations to action. He is also an active member of Team Fastrax, a professional skydiving team. Hart has jumped from as high as 21,000 feet and as low as 800 feet and into major events such as NASCAR races and NCAA football games. A graduate of the
University of Cincinnati, he combines this experience with more than 15 years in sales, management and marketing, including more than five years as the founder and CEO of a national retail amusement company.


“We found great value in the content that David shared with our employees, as well as the way he was able to tie our SOAR goals in with his program. He’s exactly what we were looking for.”
Lisa Francis, Vice President of Human Resources, Universal 1 Credit Union

David set the tone for the day as the keynote speaker. He energized the participants and kept them on the edge of their seats--hanging on to every word and video clip he presented. A very creative way to apply skydiving to the hiring process and fully engage the audience.
Candy McBride, Professional Development Programs, Ohio University

“WOW! What an awesome experience! Thank you very much from each of us! You are definitely correct as you told us when we arrived---everyone will be asking how it was & we won't be able to fully describe or explain. No doubt this is something a person must just experience. When we arrived back in the office the next morning, word had spread throughout the company. People in the plant were stopping us, asking about the experience. So, once again, we want to say "THANKS!!" for an awesome experience, (Team Fastrax was fantastic!) The SHRM organization really appreciated your initial presentation; you’ve created some excitement within SHRM AND JASPER!”
Linda Goeppner, Director of the People Department, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Leaps In Organizational Performance & Teamwork
A Skydivers Perspective


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