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Dave's skills as an author, motivational speaker, sales consultant, TV and radio guest, time/life management teacher, and fitness coach have gained international interest. His acclaimed book “Perpetual Motivation” and his patented time management system “The Balander” continue to help hundreds of individuals and companies increase their productivity and maximize their success in today's world.

Seminars and Keynote topics:

Shock! Change Management – In a fast-paced competitive company, change is unavoidable. Great change management can make all the difference, not just as it relates to productivity, but also to profits.

Leadership Effectiveness – Effective leadership is not just a principle, it’s a quality that can be attained and developed, making one more valuable in any organization and at any level.

Perpetual Motivation – Motivation is more about strategy and focus than it is about effort. Knowing the secrets of “Legacy Achievers” will unleash one’s potential to be motivated, perpetually.

Recruit To Win – Developed over 20 years of experience and over 100,000 recruits, this seminar is to be used by companies to learn to efficiently and effectively recruit, train, and retain employees.

Time Revolution – Learn time management principles and techniques to get more done in a shorter period of time with less effort.

Speak and Be Heard – A powerful program designed to help you become the most effective speaker you can possible be.

Synergistic Negotiation – Negotiation is the axis of corporate leverage that when done correctly, creates more time, stronger business relationships, and greater revenue and opportunities.

Integrity Based Influence – Learn the advantages of effective communication styles and how it influences others to accomplish more tasks in less time and with a greater sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Creating A WInning Culture – Building a successful team environment is crucial to becoming an optimal performing company whereby individuals have a greater sense of company worth, thus becoming a greater asset and productive worker.

Event Planning – Knowing how to effectively plan events increases attendance and decreases costs while providing a vibrant, entertaining, and educational experience.

Customer Service – Learn to get everyone in the organization excited about providing an outstanding customer experience.

Executive Coaching – Enhance your day-to-day leadership skills through one-on-one or team executive coaching.


Dave Durand is a best-selling author, executive of a $250 million company, and trainer of well over 100,000 individuals in sales, marketing, and business management. He speaks not just from theory but from experience. Dave doesn’t just provide the “feel good” motivational talk — he inspires his listeners to action.

A History of Success
For the past 16 years Dave Durand has researched, observed, and coached in excess of 100,000 individuals from all walks of life—sales representatives, Fortune 500 CEO’s, secretaries, educators, small business owners, and even stay-at-home parents. From this pool of experience and data, Dave sought to find what is it that makes others more successful than the rest of the population. What he found will change your life. Dave discovered a pattern in a group of people he calls “Legacy Achievers” (highly motivated and successful people who seem to get more done in less time with what appears to be less effort). His research will show that any person in any field can get on the right path to success—and this means higher employee morale, greater efficiency throughout the work day, more time in your day, and much more!

Professional Highlights

  • Named as one of America’s top 100 minds in Leadership of 2007 (#56) by Leadership Excellence Magazine
  • Best Selling Author Perpetual Motivation (summer 06).
  • NOTE: Win the World, Without Losing Your Soul (due out April 09)
  • Successfully started four profitable small businesses
  • Author of Team Durand Coaching with team-members coast to coast
  • Monthly National Columnist on Personal Growth/business issues for the NCR
  • Radio Personality. Heard in 40 markets nationwide taking advice on business issues.

What they say about Dave:

“Dave Durand takes a new and fresh look at the real elements of motivation. This goes fare deeper than the flood of other books on that topic. A must read!”
Erick Laine, CEO/Chairman, Alcas Corporation
Former Chairman, Direct Selling Association (DSA)

“Mr. Durand’s work creates a solid foundation in which an individual can build a lifelong blueprint on how to get the most of life, both personally and professionally.”
Joseph Armetta, Senior Business Planner
Network TV and Picture Division, Walt Disney World Studios

“Just what we needed, the team loved it!”

Sue Evans, Vice President
Firstar Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In regards to Dave’s new book Win the World Without Losing Your Soul

"Durand redefines "winning" by holding  a mental mirror up to the reader. The reflection includes the reader, natural law and spiritual certitude. He challenges, inspires and guides in this worthwhile volume."
 -Margaret Farrow, Former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

“Wow.  This is a book of great depth and truth.  It contains compelling and invaluable insights for anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life.”
  -- Patrick Lencioni; President, The Table Group; author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

"Having worked with Dave for many years, I have always found his business and life perspectives to be very insightful. His book is "proof positive" of this--enjoy!"
Mike Lancellot, Retired President & CEO
Vector Marketing/CUTCO Cutlery Corporations"



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