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Daniel believes that his main purpose as keynote speaker, seminar/workshop facilitator or lecturer is to add value to the lives of those in attendance. In every presentation, he strives to encourage, entertain, and better equip others to be winners in the workplace and in the home. He wants people to feel free to laugh, cry or simply have a good time during his presentations. Daniel believes that it is his job to give people the tools they need to transform their lives, but they themselves must choose to utilize those tools.
Daniel understands that he can’t control what a person does or doesn’t do with the tools and skills that he will provide them during his presentation. He also knows that everyone will need and receive something different from his presentations that only they will benefit from today, tomorrow or sometime in the future.


Dr. Daniel Bowers is an inspirational speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to his audience.  Daniel’s passion, humour and life lessons engage his audience and makes him a highly sought after keynote speaker, lecturer and workshop facilitator. He and his wife Heather have been married for over 35 years. They currently reside in Manitoba, Canada.

The second oldest of 12 children, Daniel was one of the five children whom his mother chose to give up to the State of Pennsylvania to raise. He, along with three other brothers and one sister, became wards of the State of
Pennsylvania and were never again to live with their family. Instead, Daniel was sent to live in a state run institution with several hundred other children. When others said that he would never amount to much, he vowed to prove them wrong. Daniel determined at a very young age that he would never allow life’s circumstances to stop him or prevent him from succeeding in life. He came to Canada on his own at only 19 years of age.
Daniel holds 2 doctorates, a Ph.D. in Christian Counselling and Doctor of Ministry in Theology. He is an ordained Baptist minister, has served as the Director of two counselling centres and has worked as a professional counsellor since 1994. He served as a Baptist pastor for over 16 years. He is currently employed as a Senior Academic Advisor in a mid-western Canadian university and has been at the university for the past nine years. He teaches a writing course to first year undergraduate students, which covers such areas as: research writing, critical thinking, time management, stress management and problem solving.
For nearly 30 years Daniel has been recognized as someone who inspires, motivates and entertains those in attendance at his workshops or seminars. For several years he hosted his own TV program entitled “The Restoration Factor”.  He also wrote a newspaper column for a number of years entitled “Dear Dr. Dan.”
Daniel received his “Certification in Higher Education Teaching” in 2004 from the University of Manitoba, which is located in Manitoba, Canada. For the past eight years, he has taught a three credit hour writing course at the university which deals with student success issues.
Daniel determined at a very young age that life was full of choices, and that he was going to choose to be a winner. Drawing on his background in teaching, counselling, ministry, business and public relations, Daniel brings a refreshing approach to age-old questions concerning the human condition.
Some sample Presentations By Daniel Bowers

Workplace and Life Issues:

The Winning Side of Losing: Four Powerful Steps to Help You Claim the Winners Prize

Everyone struggles with loss. Using convincing personal stories and object lessons, Daniel challenges others to use their life experiences to step out from the crowd and not be afraid to fail in life or in business. He shows others how to be a winner, even when they lose in life. It is his  belief that winning is as much about how you travel down the road of life and the decisions you make a long life’s road, as it is about the rewards, you receive along the way. In this workshop, you will learn four powerful steps that you can use to help clam the winner's prize whenever you are faced with a loss in life.

Boundaries in the Workplace and in Your Personal Life: Five Essentials for Maintaining a Healthy Self-Image
We are all accustom to using and respecting boundaries in our life. We see a yellow light, and we slow down. We see a red light, and we stop and when we see a green light, we go. We obey signs that tell us not to enter a building or to please be quiet while we are in the library. We use fences to mark the boundaries of our homes and walls or portable panels to mark the boundaries of our workspace, bedrooms, offices, buildings, etc. But what about our personal boundaries?  How can we tell when others have trampled our personal boundaries or how we can develop and maintain healthy boundaries in the workplace and in our life? In this workshop, you will learn five essentials for maintaining a healthy self-image in the workplace and in your personal life.

International Student Success Issues:

The Asian Invasion: We Want Them in Our Colleges and Universities, But What Do We Do With Them Once We Get Them There?
The word is out, international students sitting in our college and university classrooms and seats help us to pay our bills. We recruit and encourage them to travel thousands of miles to come to our college or university campus to complete their degrees, while we often don’t have a plan as to what happens once they get there. Questions have to be asked like: What is the impact on the international students themselves by bringing them to our campus? What about our faculty and staff members or our own students?  In this workshop, you will learn how to achieve success by bringing international students, faculty and staff members and their fellow students together as one remarkable working unit, with each group working independently and together towards one common goal – academic success for everyone involved.

Four Keys to Helping International Students Succeed in a North American College or University Environment
It doesn’t take an international student long to recognize that a North American academic environment is different from the schools and classes that they had back in their home country. The teaching styles are different. The equipment used in the classroom is different. The students themselves are different, and they act and behave differently. The academic language and learning materials are different and most of all, the language is different. Most international students struggle in their new academic environment. In this workshop, you will learn to help your international students succeed as you learn four keys that you can use to help international students succeed in a North American college or university environment.

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