Dr. Dana Lightman


With the development of the POWER OPTIMISM Programs, Dr. Dana Lightman is accomplishing her mission: to release and increase the optimist in each of us.

About Dana Lightman:

Dana is a psychotherapist, coach, consultant, and educator with 20 years of experience. Earning her doctorate in Behavioral Science, she specializes in the area of positive psychology, bringing her expertise to a wide range of audiences at conferences and conventions, corporations, hospitals, non-profits and universities. She has taught and lectured at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Arcadia University. Dana is a member of the National Speakers Association, an Advanced Toastmaster, and past president of the Professionally Speaking chapter of Toastmaster's International. She has studied dramatic presentation techniques at the Walnut and Wilma Theaters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dana has appeared in numerous publications as well as on national radio and television.

Dana and her POWER OPTIMISM™ Programs are Unique.

As an expert in positive psychology, Dana’s mission is to release and increase the optimist in each of us. Her highly successful presentations reflect her unique blend of talents and expertise. So, what do you get when you combine an actress, an educator and a professional speaker? Answer. A skilled presenter who delivers a performance that is not only moving and entertaining, but also content-filled and practical. Dana Delivers Results!

The POWER OPTIMISM™ programs are suitable for audiences of all sizes and professions. Dana has been sought after by corporations, non-profits, professional associations, government agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, wellness centers and women’s groups.

Dana designs the program to fit the group, ensuring that audience members leave feeling uplifted and renewed, taking home insights and strategies to create success and well-being in any aspect of their lives.

Most Frequently Requested Keynotes:

There's No Such Thing as Difficult People

Want to make your life less stressful by getting rid of people who drive you crazy? Now you can. The trick is to take charge of your reactions to difficult people, preventing their troublesome behaviors from triggering your "hot buttons." POWER OPTIMISM teaches you the attitude you need to neutralize negativity and the tools you need to manage your reactions, leaving you feeling calmer and more tranquil.

In this program, participants learn:

* How to stop being a victim to other people's behavior
* Why reinterpretation works and how to use it
* The role of "emotional flooding" and two easy steps to turn the tide
* Practical strategies to choose beneficial reactions

In this interactive program, participants experience a fundamental change in perspective. By shifting their focus from difficult people to themselves, participants gain a sense of control as well as a sense of humor.

Depressed, Stressed or Blessed: You Choose

Even when you are feeling down or stressed, you can choose thoughts and actions that will put you on a new course towards joy and contentment. By learning how to replace negative patterns with positive practices, you become an active creator of the positive experiences in your life. POWER OPTIMISM teaches you how to overcome disappointments, manage difficulties, and tap into hope - all powerful influences in perceiving life's blessings.

In this program, participants learn:

* Why personal dissatisfaction stems from negative perspectives and interpretations
* How to shift stressors into blessings by shifting your attitude
* Ways to recognize negative patterns and release them
* Specific strategies to choose thoughts, feelings and behaviors that generate positive outcomes

Knowing that you can intentionally choose your thoughts, feelings and behaviors is a powerful antidote to depression and stress. Participants feel energized and leave with a "can-do" attitude when it comes to creating success and well-being.

Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone and Land in Your Life

If you stay in your comfort zone too long, you will eventually experience rust out - a debilitating case of apathy, ineptitude, and insecurity. You don't have to be a born risk-taker to reach for new challenges, exciting adventures, and daring exploration. And when you do, your life starts to really take off. Whether at home or in the workplace, you can learn how to take intentional risks that place you on your growing edge, ensuring you the opportunity to unleash your full potential.

In this program, participants learn:

* How to benefit from your comfort zone and when it's time to move on
* How to release thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in your comfort zone
* How to identify and take advantage of your growing edge
* Specific steps to take risks that are intentional and productive

Participants acquire the tools they need to live a life filled with meaning and vitality. This fun-filled presentation inspires participants to cultivate an optimistic attitude in the face of fear and anxiety, giving them motivation and confidence to create the life they want.

Take Charge of Change By Choice

Did you know that a new term has been coined to describe the kinds of changes that are occurring in today's world? The word is raplexity , meaning rapid and complex change. In trying to manage this raplexity, people are finding themselves on a downward spiral of stress, powerlessness, and uneasiness. Discover how to turn that downward spiral into an upward one with POWER OPTIMISM.

In this program, participants learn:

* The change cycle and how to make it work
* How negative patterns sabotage the change process and what to do about them
* Steps to move from the "no control" zone to the "control" zone
* The notion of "choice points" - what they are, how to find them, and when to use them.

Participants leave the keynote excited about change, loaded with a new understanding and practical strategies to increase and enhance their flexibility, adaptability and persistence. They have the tools to stay on an upward spiral of energy, mastery and confidence.

What People are saying:

Just wanted to say how much I LOVED your talk at the AAUW Convention [American Association of University Women] in DC last weekend. I found it very motivating... and just what I needed! Two days before, I had come to the decision to quit my corporate job of 30+ years and go back to get my masters degree in library science. I am turning a 'bad work situation' into a wonderful personal opportunity... and I want to be able to keep up my optimism with this new challenge! Your POWER tips will be very helpful in the days to come!
----- Workshop Participant, Wilmington DE

Many thanks for the superb presentation you gave for the Pennsylvania Library Association. Comments from the attendees proved consistently positive (how appropriate) with many asking for more information in a longer session.
---Betsey Maylen, Program Co-Chair

Wow! You knocked us out at the Symposium last week. Your many insights are still ringing in my head. ....and we talk about it with everyone else here.
-----Bernadette Gallagher, Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, Ambler, PA

Many thanks for your wonderful presentation on POWER OPTIMISM at our Annual Meeting. Your spirited encouragement for each of us to raise the bar both personally and professionally was very well received. Your style and sense of humor was so real and allowed for audience participants to really connect with your message! Let's hope as we move forward in our effort to collaborate more successfully that we all take your advice to step out of our "rust zones!"
----- Linda Bean, Interagency Council, Norristown, PA


Selected Clients Include:

*American Association of University Women (AAUW)
* Siemens Medical Solutions
* Morgan Properties
* Keller Financial Network
* Strong Bodies/Strong Minds Conferences
* Change of Heart Program - Chestnut Hill Hospital
* Super Cuts Hair Salons
* Pennsylvania Library Association
* Small Business Administration (SCORE)
* Women of Vision Appreciation Evening
* Temple University Medical, Dental, Pharmacy Schools
* Pennsylvania Medical Group Management Association
* Doylestown Hospital Health and Wellness Center
* Pine Road Elementary School
* Professional Opportunities With Women Helping Other Women
* Bredenbeck's Bakery

* Empowering, Supporting Encouraging Women (St. Louis, MO)
* Central Pennsylvania Hematology and Medical Oncology Associates
* Career Women on the Move Conference
* American Business Women's Association
* The Wellness Place (for the Cancer Community)
* Pennsylvania Library Association
* A Day For All Women Conference
* Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund
* Create a Life that Tickles the Soul Conference
* Women's Resource Network
* Holy Redeemer Hospital
* American Business Women's Association
* Adoptions from the Heart


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