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Dan Kline

Daniel Kline - Speaker, Author, Consultant.

Kay Marshall Strom - Writer, Speaker

Daniel E. Kline

Daniel E. Kline is an internationally recognized speaking professional and member in good standing of the National Speakers Association. His popular presentations draw from his more than 30 years of experience as a public speaker, writer, creator-owner of two retail stores, and manager of a large, California-based division of the federal government. In 1997, Dan and his wife, writer Kay Marshall Strom, founded Kline, Strom International, Inc., a Santa Barbara-based speaking, training and consulting firm. KSII, national in scope, specializes in workplace communication issues such as writing, speaking, people-managing, team-building, and leadership.

Dan's relaxed, easy style and sense of humor win audiences over to difficult subjects such as resolving anger, criticism, and conflict; sexual harassment; and dealing with negative people in negative situations, as well as to how-to's such as grappling with the confusing rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation; and lighter but nonetheless valuable seminars like "Can You Get Everything Done-and Still Have a Life?"

His audiences frequently comment on his powerful stage presence, commitment to values and principles, and their surprise at how these topics can be informative, educational and entertaining all at the same time! Dan has received overwhelmingly outstanding evaluations from the more than 100,000 people he has addressed in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Great Britain, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Poland, Kuwait, Australia, Malaysia, China, and Japan.


Mastering Communication in the Work Place

Easygoing, articulate, knowledgeable, warmhearted, witty, and wise. Dan Kline is a skilled and entertaining speaker who knows how to connect with his audience.
Time and again Dan's seminar and training course attendees are astonished at how much they learn despite having had such an enjoyable time. It seems almost like cheating.
That, of course, is what mastering communication in the workplace is all about--not cheating, but how to get past the stress and find the joy in successful and productive relationships with fellow workers, regardless of their positions within the company or organization.

Dan tackles the complexities of workplace communication in a variety of subjects, each of which can be customized--compressed into one or two hours, or expanded to address your company's or organization's particular needs. Full day or multiple day seminars may be created from a selection of these and other themes. Complete keynote-to-seminar details and additional topics are available from Dan.

Management Communication Skills - Select topics

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: What it is, what it isn't. What to do, what not to do.
Building 21st Century Leaders And Teams: Getting excellent work under difficult conditions.
It's Easier To Pull A Rope Than Push It: Effective leadership, communication, and positive motivation for yourself and others.

Interpersonal Communication Skills - Select topics

The Lemming Syndrome, or, "This Way To The Cliff": Staying positive in a negative environment.
There's A Reason We Have Two Ears And One Mouth: Listening--and problem solving--with your eyes and heart as well as your ears.


Kay Marshall Strom

Kay speaks at seminars, retreats, writer's conferences, and special events throughout the country. In addition, her writing and speaking are drawing her to a variety of countries and cultures around the world. Most recently she trekked through India, China, and North Africa, conducting interviews for a book on Christian women who suffer and serve in the hardest places on earth.

Of Kay's thirty published books, three have been book club selections, ten have been translated into foreign languages, and one has been optioned for a movie. Her writing credits also include numerous magazine articles, short stories, two prize-winning screenplays, books and stories for children, and booklets for writers.

Some of Kay's most requested topics are:

It Is Well with My Soul: How to Keep From Becoming Overwhelmed by Life
Becoming a Woman of Prayer
How Can I Love the World When I Don't Even Like the Woman Next Door?
The World at Your Door: The Power of an Advocate

Dan and Kay's most popular marriage workshop is:

Happily Even After! : Building a Marriage that Will Survive Life's Storms


Dan and Kay's latest books, used in our marriage relation seminars:

The Savvy Couple's Guide to Marrying After 35

Based on interviews with a wide variety of couples and professionals as well as on their own experience, Kay and husband co-author Dan Kline dispel many of the myths of later marriage

Hand in Hand: Devotions for The Later (and Lately) Married

Co-written with husband Dan Kline, this book offers thoughtful reflections, scripture passages, and heartfelt prayers that will inspire, encourage, and equip married couples… especially those who came together later or lately.


What they're saying behind Dan's back:

"Exceptional. Entertaining. Inspirational."

- Bob Macko, City of Tallahassee, Florida

"Dan was so inspirational, and made attendees feel so comfortable, that he was able to bring out a past incident that [none of us knew about]."

- Mary Wilson, City of Paramount

"Outstanding seminar!!! Dan is an exceptional speaker, and the whole seminar could not have gone better. Thanks!!! I can't thank you enough for making everything work!!! I couldn't recommend Dan more highly!!!"
- Jenny Miller, McBride Electric "How To Avoid Hiring Lemons, Nuts and Flakes"

Testimonials for Kay

"Thank you for your superb presentation. I felt like I had known you for years!"
-- Lisa B.

"PCC has mailed me a compilation of the evaluation forms from the Writers' Forum, and you were the record setter. You and Dan were both informative and energetic, and that's the combination that works at the Forum."
-- Meredith Bruckner, Pasadena City College

"Kay not only presents her topics in an outstanding way, but she opens her heart and soul as well. She is not afraid to let you in on her real life, joys, and struggles. Her humor, warmth, honesty and ability to connect enables the heart of her message to stay with you long after the event is over."
-- Rachel Johnston, Pastor of Women's Ministry, Bayside Covenant Church


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