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Do you long for a quiet, unhurried moment in the company of friends?

Welcome to Cynthia's Centuries of Style, where lush bows grow on trees, flowers bloom from velvets, satins and chiffons and hats of enduring beauty await the opportunity to grace and enhance a lady's lovely countenance.

Professional Speaker and Designer, Cynthia Lundeen, has been captivating audiences with her gracious and delightful signature program, "The Art of Wearing Fine Millinery" as well as many customized programs based upon the genteel art of hat wearing.

Whether you are hopelessly romantic, supremely sophisticated, efficient and businesslike or a combination of many moods, there is a program to suit your personality and to make your event successful and memorable.

With an exceptional range, Cynthia can relate hats to the interests of many organizations. While ideally suited to historical societies, art museums, cultural institutions, ladies' groups, afternoon teas, literary societies, country club and fund-raising events, Cynthia has also made unexpected connections, creating business oriented programs and a program for dog lovers. The business oriented programs can serve to inject light heartedness and humor when included in seminars with otherwise serious subject matter.

Through customization, she can create a program to fit your needs, whether lush and lavish or with a budget in mind.

Cynthia is a past first prize winner of the Kentucky Derby Hat Contest at Churchill Downs and her original hat designs have also appeared on American Greetings birthday cards. As owner of Cynthia’s Centuries of Style, she is dedicated to the creation of fine millinery and bridal headpieces for women and fine hats for gentlemen. With an emphasis on custom creations for private clients, Cynthia’s creations have also been shown at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Her background includes a Bachelor of Science, having graduated summa cum laude, and a passion for the arts, which led her to fashion school where she earned a 4.0 in the millinery program. She is also past Regional Director for the Cleveland Chapter of The Fashion Group International.

Cynthia has been the invited guest speaker for numerous organizations on the topic of millinery and fashion, including The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Western Reserve Historical Society, Lawnfield, The President James A. Garfield National Historic Site, The College Club of Cleveland, the Cleveland Opera League, The Columbus Cultural Arts Center, among others. Her millinery designs and presentations have been the subject of numerous feature articles in various publications, including The Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper and Currents, the society newspaper.

Reviews and Expressions of Thanks:

"Her repartee was lively, humorous and informative as she advised, "A hat should enhance, not hide, a woman's beauty."

"It was when she learned millinery, or hat making, that Lundeen found her calling…. But it's Lundeen's philosophy about sophistication and romance that makes it art."
-The Plain Dealer

"We received many complimentary remarks about your program…thank you for helping to make our fundraiser a big success!
-William L. Bird, Executive Director
Lorain County Historical Society

"What a marvelous program! Several members have called and written to tell me how delighted they were and how much fun they had…people have inquired about similar programs for their groups. You were wonderful."
-Pat Fernberg, Program Chair
Jane Austen Society of North America, North Coast Chapter

"Thank you so very much for a wonderful presentation and a splendid fashion show. Your passion, enthusiasm and sense of humor were all greatly appreciated.
-Deirdre Vodanoff
The Cleveland Museum of Art

"You presented a beautiful and informative program that educated and entertained. You helped widen our museum audience… and brought media coverage to the event and the collection… we wish to extend a deep and heartfelt thank you for a wonderful and successful program."
-Sue Berry, Curator of Costumes and Textiles
The Western Reserve Historical Society

"Your presentation to our Guild was interesting and exhilarating!"
-Grace Yamamoto
Fairmount Guild, Presbyterian Women


Choose from one of the following entertaining and informative programs, or request a customized program created especially with you and your organization in mind.

The Art of Wearing Fine Millinery
Have you ever wondered what happened to the world of gallant gentlemen sporting top hats, fedoras, bowlers and boaters? Mysterious ladies in fine millinery with exquisite veiling seem now only to exist in the shadow of memory or a favorite photograph.

Yet there is no article of apparel more powerful than the hat to transform us or transport us, to delight us or enchant us.

"The Art of Wearing Fine Millinery" includes a presentation of striking visuals gathered from historic source materials with commentary both informative and humorous, as well as live modeling of Cynthia's couture millinery creations. The program reveals that anyone can wear a hat, once a few secrets are learned to choose a hat that is just right for you.

Whether you are hopelessly romantic, supremely sophisticated, efficient and businesslike, or a combination of many moods, there is a hat to suit your style, flatter your face and express your personality.

Come, journey through Cynthia's Centuries of Style, immerse yourself in the experience and emerge transformed, not as someone else, but as a more complete, expressive and beautiful you.

The Victorian Woman's Guide to Business and Millinery Style Show
While a surprise to many, the Victorian Age heralded the entrance of women into the world of business and entrepreneurship. This was particularly evident in the delightful field of millinery. From historic millinery trade journals and other sources, millinery designer Cynthia Lundeen of Cynthia's Centuries of Style, will show that Victorian business women faced the same issues as business women today. Learn how Victorian women addressed issues of time management, interest rates, financing, dealing with suppliers, training staff, conduct of a woman in a "man's world" as well as the Victorian concept of "dressing for success." Learn also how millinery propelled the great designer Coco Chanel (of Chanel No. 5 perfume fame) into a household name still known today for taste and quality. The presentation will be followed by a Millinery Fashion Show of Cynthia's couture creations spanning the Victorian Age to the present time.

Hats to Wear While Walking Your Dog
This program reveals a most astonishing secret. It seems that man's best friend, has also long been woman's best friend, and is a great arbiter of taste and style.

While most people are familiar with "working dogs" as sheep herders, guard dogs and seeing eye or service dogs, millinery designer Cynthia Lundeen has stumbled upon a treasure trove of images depicting our canine companions working successfully in the fashion industry as designers, stylists, advisers, quality control and marketing experts.

The charming and amusing visuals are shown through a PowerPoint presentation, followed by live modeling of Cynthia's couture millinery creations, showing that everyone can experience the joy of wearing a hat while walking their dogs.

Hats in the Time of Jane Austen
Jane Austen, whose novels of social satire, comedy of manners and insight into the human condition have made her one of the best loved authors of all times. Her observations and commentary extended to the fashions of the day and this program explores the exquisite and varied hats and bonnets influenced by the political climate of her time. While she was British, the effects of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era reverberated throughout Europe, and though the times were tumultuous, the hats were beautiful. A presentation of visuals from Jane Austen's lifetime, 1775 through 1817, depicts a stunning array of hats, including wide brimmed picture hats, sumptuous turbans with feathers and charming bonnets. The presentation is followed by a fashion show of original couture hats designed by Cynthia in the styles described, each lovingly created by hand and finely finished using time honored millinery techniques.


Cynthia quoted in the Media:

"Women have worn headdresses for thousands of years, going back to the Egyptians and Romans. It's only in the last few decades that we've forgotten that."
-The Tribune

"…women in the 1940s were portrayed as being both chic and intelligent. Because of the war, women were in very responsible jobs. These women were about brains and style."
-The Plain Dealer

"Too often, when it comes to fashion, women think they only have a choice between boring and ridiculous, but there is a stylish alternative. A hat is like a nice piece of jewelry - it serves to adorn."
-The Plain Dealer


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