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Conor Cunneen is an acclaimed and award winning speaker on Strategy, Marketing, Leadership and Motivation. He is current holder of the coveted Chicago Toastmasters Humorous Speaker of the Year.
His new book Why Ireland Never Invaded America – An Insightful Humorous Look at Corporate Strategy has been described as “James Joyce meets Tom Peters.”

Conor offers a Brand Promise for all speaking engagements – Q.C.H.E.

Quality in all his dealings with client
Content which is well researched and well rehearsed
Easy to work with

Recent testimonials include:

"Conor -You did a terrific job at the conference on Tuesday. I just wanted you to know you were the outstanding speaker on the day - and received rave reviews". -Steve Warshal.

"I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today " -Timothy Malloy.

Conor stresses that these types of accolades do not just happen. He has studied the communication process in some depth and as part of his Brand Promise of QCHE, each of the above presentations would have been fully rehearsed at least eight times following numerous hours of development.


Why Ireland Never Invaded America
• A humorous, penetrating look at corporate strategy and business development. This keynotes features penetrating insights and observations on the success of Starbucks, JetBlue, McDonald’s, Ryanair, Harley-Davidson. Conor’s new book featuring much of this detail Why Ireland Never Invaded America – An Insightful Humorous Look at Corporate Strategy will be published early 2005 and is expected to be a publishing phenomenon. It has already been described as “James Joyce meets Tom Peters.”

Capturing the Guest

• This speech expands on the speech which Conor delivered to win the coveted Chicago Toastmasters Humorous Speaker of the Year Award. This looks at customer service and the guest experience including of all places San Quentin Penitentiary

The ER Factor: Drivers of Corporate Health

• E (Execution) of a R (Relevant) strategy is critical for business growth and health. This well researched presentation shows how you can learn from such companies as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, JetBlue, Dell, Ryanair and many others

The Gift of the GAB - 1

• A humorous thought provoking keynote on Goals, Attitude, Behavior

The Gift of the GAB - 2

• The art of communication - Painting Pictures with Words

Get out of that Bed and SHEIFGAB the World
• Eight building blocks to GET and KEEP you motivated during good times and bad


Testimonials - Conor Cunneen

"Conor Cunneen's energy is contagious! He is very real and down to earth; his presentation is speckled with with humor and war stories, not to mention his jolly Irish accent!" 
Diane Kubal, President, Fulcrum Network, Inc.

"Would love to attend an all day seminar of yours" - 

 S Whisensell, Chicago

"Fantastic program - thank you"
- D Deth, Deerfield

"You were absolutely outstanding and are an excellent communicator"

- R Reshew, Lombard 

"Wow! Excellent. Powerful with humor. Eye-opener"

- G Parish, Lombard

"You light up a room"
- J Dooley, Presenter JobTalk AM1530 Chicago

"Conor was outstanding. Everyone raved about him.... a dynamic speaker with a warm, friendly and humorous approach to delivering a solid message"
- N Wajler, College of Dupage

" In my 19 years with Toastmasters, that was the best ice-breaker (speech) I’ve heard. Best presented and organized. An advantage the Irish seem to possess, a natural facility with language".
Distinguished Toastmaster Naperville Chapter

"Conor, as you know I am no stranger to public speaking. I have been studying and working in the area for years. I am a student of Zig Ziglar and Denis Waitley to name two. They both like you are informative and entertaining....It is fair to say that your presentation is on a par with Zig Ziglar's. Do you realize that even with the tornado sirens going off, no one moved until you were done speaking. True."
Thomas F Cunningham, General Manager, Exodus Technology Services, Inc.



Background includes General Management Ireland, Marketing Director UK, Vice-President Marketing USA. Conor has worked with Heineken, Nokia (disposable products) and Unilever Bestfoods. He has a demonstrated ability to build high performing teams across different cultures, which have generated record results and been referenced in internal company case study material. He has worked in general management and senior marketing positions in Ireland, UK and United States.

Research has indicated that how you communicate with people is based on 3 elements.

Content is 7%
Voice Tone and Projection is 39%
Body Language is 55%
And the reason we tell you this??

Content: Having spent more than 20 years working for Blue chip companies – Heineken, Nokia and Unilever Bestfoods, you can be sure Conor’s material and knowledge is top class – So the 7% is covered.

Voice Tone and Projection: Conor has been told that he has an Irish brogue that "would charm the mane of a donkey", (he is still trying to figure that line out), so he scores good marks on this criteria.

Body language – How many Irishmen do you know who hide behind a bushel. Conor’s warm open style has engaged audiences – large and small – in the United States and many countries in Europe.

And for those you wondering why his math is so poor, the 101% you get when you plus 7+39+55 (you did notice that didn’t you) is based on a comment from erstwhile Scandinavian Airlines boss Jan Carlzon who believed that it wasn’t essential to be 100% better than competitors on one thing, but it was important to be 1% better than your competition on 100 criteria, the ‘moments of truth’ or touch points between you and your customers. Conor’s speaking engagements provide that extra per cent.

"You are a natural public speaker"
(It is easier to be ‘natural’ when every presentation is rehearsed at least half-dozen times – Conor Cunneen)


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