We pray to serve you with the right speaker.

Although we do not and can not control what each speaker we offer on this site (ask for others) might say or present, we do prefer speakers who are morally and ethically sound. Often, these people are Christians. There are many good and giving people in the world, many are not professing Christians. There are many great speakers in the world, many are not committed Christians.

If finding a Christian speaker is important to you, we can help.

In business, a speaker is hired to instruct and/or motivate, teach or inspire; as the client, you name the need.  Professional speakers who are Christian know what is appropriate and what is not when speaking in any situation.

In Church settings or in businesses owned and/or operated by Christians, it makes sense to screen speakers before retaining them to work with you, just as in any situation. It is your right to ask for and hire a Christian speaker who meets your criteria.

We help you know a speaker before you hire them.

Some speakers share philosophies or values that may differ or be the opposite of your organization's values. When hiring a pro speaker, phone our bureau. We put you in direct contact with any and every speaker.

It is your decision as to who you hire, we make recommendations and help arrange the details.

We save you time and money and more!

Contact us today!


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