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Chris has been an ad hoc faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Business since 1986 and is a frequent presenter at national conferences and retreats. As president of Ventures In Change, Inc., Chris works with clients such as Kraft Corp., Good Year Tire & Rubber Co., Marriott Corp., General Electric, Honeywell, Harley-Davidson, Buick Motor Division and General Motors.

Chris draws upon his work, education and personal experiences to design and deliver professional development programs and keynote presentations that are highly participatory, enlightening and rich with content and humor.

His topics include:

  • Working Well Together In Teams
  • How To Influence Others And Strengthen Your Credibility
  • Effective Leadership In a Sea of Change
  • Making the Most From Organizational Change

His Master's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is in adult continuing education, with an emphasis in counseling psychology and group dynamics. He is a former course designer and director of adult and corporate enrichment programs for the Midwest and East Coast Outward Bound Schools.

Chris is a member of the Madison Area Quality Improvement Network and the College for Kids Program. He is an accomplished competitor in alpine and cross-country skiing, marathon canoeing and sailing. He designs and builds custom boats and furniture and enjoys the art of bonsai.

Making The Most From Organizational Change

    People don't mind change as much as they mind being changed. Having some choice in the matter can make all the difference. It can turn resistance into commitment and frustration into excitement.

    By understanding a few of the principles surrounding the change process we can anticipate and benefit from change instead of becoming its victim. By broadening our perspective we enable ourselves to turn potential threats into creative opportunities for professional growth and greater organizational effectiveness.

    • Explore ways to anticipate change, respond positively and help you and your organization thrive because of it.
    • Identify strategies that can maximize the benefits you can gain from organizational changes.
    • Discover the single-most valuable trait that all good change agents possess and how you can rise to a leadership role by adopting it.
    • Understand the full power of imagination & internal dialogue in creating a vivid self-fulfilling vision of the future.
    • Clarify the underlying psychology of change and how to deal with it confidently and enthusiastically.

"Chris, your program was terrific! It made a lasting impression on all the Firstar bankers." Londa J. Dewey, President; Firstar Banks

How to Influence Others & Build Your Credibility

    Influencing skills are now a vital part of almost any job. Your personal power and career success will be the result of small but significant behavioral differences which, when taken collectively and applied at the organizational level, will give you clear competitive advantages. You often do not need formal authority if you have the skills necessary to influence others positively and build a foundation of trust and credibility.

    • Learn and practice important techniques that you can use immediately to establish trust, credibility and rapport with key people in your organization.
    • Discover how you can communicate a convincing and trustworthy professional image.
    • Learn and practice how to structure your language to be more convincing, less threatening or more persuasive. And at the same time boost your professional effectiveness.
    • Discuss how to solidify your reputation and command respect from others.
    • Apply the top three techniques that all highly influential people use to get more of what they want from others.

Exellent presentation! Chris involved the entire audience and his message was very relevant and thought provoking. We can begin applying what we have learned immediately back in the work place." Blake Elllngton, Director of Safety, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Leading Effectively in a Sea of Change

    Sharpen the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for leading, following and thriving in a team oriented culture. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to generate more commitment and inspire higher levels of performance. You will practice and learn how to assertively communicate your ideas, concerns and requirements as a leader and address the skills necessary to become a more effective and influential follower. At any organizational level, being an effective and inspiring leader is a formidable challenge. And as the pace of world change hastens new technologies, methods and requirements, good leadership will be in great demand.

    • Gain deeper insight into how to generate more commitment and higher levels of performance from your direct reports.
    • Learn how to communicate your values and vision assertively; inspiring action from others.
    • Discuss and practice three concrete actions you can use immediately to increase your credibility and power as a leader.
    • Explore recent empirical research about the leadership traits and values most desired by employees and how this can impact your effectiveness as a result.
    • Deepen your understanding of your personal leadership style; your strengths and areas for growth, and how you can use them both to strengthen your leadership position.

"We were most fortunate to be led by such an experienced and in formed person as Chris. Our entire executive team is now clear on what must be done to advance our corporation in the right direction." Dan L. Carricato,Exec.VP.,Mariott Corp.

Working Well Together in Teams

    The successful organizations of today realize that the quality of all their hardware, software and services depends first on the quality they have built into their "humanware"; people's collective willingness and ability to work effectively in teams toward a common and inspiring goal.

    Developing productive teams is now a clear prerequisite to organizational success. Developing group skills and awareness is a learned and practiced discipline which, when adopted, help enable organizations to not only survive, but thrive in the ever expanding, competitive global marketplace. Don't get left behind.

    • Discover ways to build a climate of trust and support instead of fear within your teams, encouraging participation, commitment and creativity.
    • Learn the three critical elements necessary for team success and how to apply them to any group endeavor.
    • Identify the essential behaviors and attitudes required for healthy group interaction and decision- making.
    • Develop greater understanding and tolerance for group diversity and how to use this dynamic to the team's benefit.
    • Learn how to address conflicts constructively and keep the team focused on the goal when it gets stuck.

"Chris is a fantastic and engaging speaker. Not only was he entertaining but he clearly benefited our team with his content and insights. This was easily the best session of the entire conference" Kathleen Thomas, Marketing Director, Eastman Kodak Co.


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